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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2021) 天龙八部 Episode 30 Recap

Azi stayed in the palace for a long time, and felt bored. He was very happy to hear that Qiao Feng would take her out for hunting. Because Qiao Feng was unwilling to fight the siege, he took a few entourages, and a group of people drove westward to the wilderness. Although Azi seemed to be in good health, she was injured so badly that her arms were weak. Can’t pull the bow at all.

Seeing Azi’s depressed mood, Qiao Feng promised to find a good doctor. If it can’t be cured, she can also teach her the method of resting her internal strength, which will definitely be effective. While they were talking, a group of Liao soldiers came from a distance. The crowd was clamoring and singing, and they were very happy. Many prisoners were tied to the horse, most of them were women and children crying. There were also a few men wearing Song costumes.

Dozens of prisoners looked flustered and knelt on the ground. Only one young man claimed to have something important to report to Qiao Feng. Before everyone could react, I saw the young man sprinkling quicklime towards Qiao Feng. Fortunately, Qiao Feng dodged and subdued him with one move. He unexpectedly learned that this person was actually You Tanzhi of Juxian Villa.

The battle of Juxianzhuang at the time is still vivid. When Qiao Feng thinks of You Tan’s loss of relatives, he will inevitably have the idea of ​​seeking revenge, which is reasonable. Qiao Feng ordered the threshing soldiers to return to the palace to receive the reward, but he released the captives and told them to stay away from the border in the future to avoid being captured.

Seeing the refugees drifting away, Qiao Feng cut off the rope of You Tan’s wrist and turned away. You Tanzhi fell to the ground and wept bitterly. Not only was he annoyed that his skill was not as good as Qiao Feng, it might be difficult to avenge her. At the same time, he was obsessed with Azi’s beauty and worried that she would be coerced by Qiao Feng. Just when his thoughts were numb, he suddenly saw a martial arts secret book not far away. It was the Yi Jin Jing book that Qiao Feng had just dropped. Even if You Tanzhi didn’t understand Sanskrit, he still guessed that this book is very important to Qiao Feng. Maybe Useful in the future.

As everyone knows, Xiao Feng is righteous, but he can’t blame the past, but A Zi hasn’t lost his anger, so he deliberately turned back and ordered his entourage to catch You Tan without letting Qiao Feng know. The entourage knew that Qiao Feng was very fond of Azi, and immediately responded, pretending to tidy up the girth of the horse, and stopped behind the hillside. When Xiao Feng and his party walked away, they turned their heads to catch You Tanzhi.

A long time ago, Azi had known many new and interesting methods of torture, including the Khitan people’s favorite “release the kite”. In order to vent his breath for Qiao Feng, A Zi let the room tie You Tanzhi to a kite, and then he was led by his entourage until he was dying of torture. Then he had a good time and brought him back to the mansion for treatment.

When You Tanzhi woke up, he found himself in a cell, and his whole body was in pain. The Khitan soldiers escorted You Tanzhi to see Azi, but he didn’t expect him to be so greedy for Azi. Apart from impulsiveness, You Tanzhi grabbed A Zi’s feet and kissed wildly, making A Zi scream in fright. The Khitan soldiers hurriedly pulled him away when he saw it, and gave him a violent beating.

After that day, Azi ordered the creation of an iron mask for You Tanzhi. The mask was burned red with fire, and it was immediately covered on You Tan’s face. White smoke immediately rose and the flesh and blood became blurred. In the next few days, You Tanzhi gritted his teeth and resisted the pain, because the mask was firmly inlaid and welded, and it was difficult to take it off by any means.

At first, Azi thought that You Tanzhi had died because of this, and she was uninterested, but she was happy to learn that he was safe from life, and she simply informed the room that You Tanzhi was summoned to the palace and lied to him that the reason for making the mask was To protect him from being recognized by Qiao Feng. You Tan believes that it is true, and is even more grateful to Azi for his kind heart and fantasies to be favored by this woman, and die without regrets. At this time, Qiao Feng was visiting, and Azi named You Tanzhi Tie Chou, fabricating his identity as an iron head from Gaochang Kingdom in the Western Regions.

Qiao Feng is busy with military affairs and has no time to manage the origins of the iron head man. Instead, today he will host a banquet in honor of the Song Dynasty inspector Shen Yaochen to discuss the details of the border peace treaty between the two countries. Originally, Qiao Feng planned to let Mo Ge to attend the meeting, but Mo Ge revealed to him that this person was an internal respondent who was bought by the ancient flower of Nie Lu, so Qiao Feng decided to attend the appointment in person.

Shen Yaochen was drunk in the banquet, and he couldn’t stop talking. Qiao Feng thought that the son of General Han was defeated and died because of his betrayal of his military affairs. He couldn’t help but get angry and pierced him on the spot with a dagger. palm. Yi Yekun made a fuss, begging Yelu Hongji to punish Qiao Feng severely, and even other ministers also agreed.

When A Zi had nothing to do, he practiced with Shenmu Wangding. First he grabbed giant centipedes from the wild, used spices to attract the centipedes into the Wangding, and then used them to invigorate the blood. You Tanzhi accompanied him throughout the whole process and was amazed. I never thought that Azi asked him to stretch his hand to the urn, and then nourish the centipede with human blood.

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