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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2021) 天龙八部 Episode 29 Recap

Qiao Feng heard that the Liao Emperor had made him an official and wanted to take Azi away without saying goodbye. It can be seen that Brother Yi was in jail, and he couldn’t bear to just leave. Now, the Nanyuan King has issued a false edict and made his emperor’s uncle the emperor, and even framed Yelu Hongji for tampering with the emperor’s edict and stealing the great treasure.

That night, Qiao Feng was walking outside the camp. He heard the officers and soldiers quietly talking about the fact that their parents, wife and children were in Beijing. Some people thought about their family members and suddenly cried. The rest of the officers and soldiers in the camp were in the same situation. They were very sad. Yelu Hongji knew that the situation was critical, and he should not be allowed to worry.

However, most of the soldiers rushed out of the camp and took refuge in rebellion. The Privy Councilor of the North Court planned to apologize with death, but Yelu Hongji blocked him and stated that it was not his fault. In a few moments, there were people who fled in succession. Yelu Hongji let the other party leave, and never blamed him. Qiao Feng witnessed the whole process beside him, lamenting the benevolence and righteousness of Emperor Liao, and promised to accompany him to fight through the siege.

Nerugu launched a mutiny, the army surrounded the camp and forced Yeluhongji to slay himself in public. Several Liaos will protect the monarch, holding hands and standing side by side in a wall, resisting the sharp arrows with flesh and blood. Such loyal and brave men will cry forever. There was no way out of this trapped beast situation. Yelu Hongji was unwilling to have any more wounded, and promised to let go of the situation and stop by himself, hoping that Nerugu could let these men of the Liao Dynasty go.

Seeing Yelu Hongji walking outside the door, his life was handed over to the enemy, Qiao Feng gathered his palms and severely wounded the rebels, took the opportunity to kill Nerugu, and escaped the talisman from his father, ordered all the enemy troops to lay down their weapons and listen to the imperial decree. . Just because the emperor and uncle had been captured by Qiao Feng, no one dared to act rashly. Yelu Hongji was overjoyed when he saw this, and immediately persuaded the emperor and uncle to surrender the emperor and uncle to successfully recover the rebels and save them from death.

When the rebellion was over, Yelu Hongji praised his merits, and publicly named Qiao Feng as the king of Chu, the official residence of the king of the southern court, supervised the rebels, and returned to Beijing. Qiao Feng had no intention of coveting Juelu. He wanted Yelu Hongji to take his life back, but he unexpectedly knelt down and said frankly that if Qiao Feng didn’t respond, he would give his hand to the throne.

Because Yelu Hongji treated each other with such politeness, Qiao Feng couldn’t shirk, but he responded to the other’s kindness and followed the army back to Liao. The officials of the Southern Court welcomed Xiao Feng into the Chu Prince’s Mansion. Qiao Feng was half a life impoverished, and how he used to live in such a mansion made him feel quite uncomfortable, and at the same time he felt a little more responsible.

Azi saw that Qiao Feng was loved by the generals of the Liao army, and was very happy. Qiao Feng wanted to be good in the Central Plains at the beginning, but he just complained and slandered, and became the most evil person in the rivers and lakes. Now when he came to the Liao State, Qiao Feng was knelt down and praised, and Azi believed that he should no longer consider the life and death of Song Dynasty, but rather sit firmly in the position of King Chu and live comfortably.

While Qiao Feng asked Mo Ge for advice on government affairs and military affairs, Azi went to the garden to wander alone, and suddenly heard the maid discussing Qiao Feng’s right and wrong in private. She was angry and knocked them to the ground directly, and poisoned them. Fortunately, Qiao Feng stepped forward to stop him, saving the two people from being killed in vain, and even reprimanding Azi for not changing his nature. However, Azi was fighting the injustice for Qiao Feng, and he was reprimanded by him. She felt aggrieved and ran back to the room crying.

At the celebration banquet, Yelu Hongji named Azi the governor of the Liao Kingdom and called Yi Yekun, the head of the Five Kingdoms. Unexpectedly, Yi Yekun once conquered the Song Dynasty with Nerugou, and was fortunate to see Qiao Feng led a martial arts master to attack the Liao Camp and capture the former King of Chu alive, causing hundreds of thousands of troops to return without success.

Even though Qiao Feng was born in Khitan, he grew up in the Central Plains, so everyone present complained a lot about this. Yelu Hongji glared at the table and ordered everyone not to arbitrarily discuss Qiao Feng’s life experience, let alone make a fuss about his life experience, otherwise his nine clan will be punishable. Qiao Feng was grateful for Yelu Hongji’s defense, and he also understood why everyone was jealous, but he really didn’t want to attack the Southern Dynasty and the Liao and Song dynasties.

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