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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2021) 天龙八部 Episode 28 Recap

When Duan Zhengchun returned to Dali, he explained the situation to the emperor’s brother. He wanted to come to Kang Min and outsiders to murder his husband, and made a fuss about Qiao Feng’s life experience. Sigh. Duan Yu didn’t want the righteous brother to bear such a grievance, and couldn’t bear it, so he wanted to go to the Central Plains to clean up his guilt.

With the consent of his uncle and father, Duan Yu revisited the old place, recalling that he and Qiao Feng were drinking in this pavilion, and lamenting that things are wrong in the present. It happened that Xu Zhu passed by, and Duan Yu invited him to talk to him about the world’s unsatisfactory things. One wanted to be a carefree idler, and the other wanted to be a pure monk with six roots.

The two started chatting, and with light work, they walked through the city market, headed all the way to the city gate, and came to the outskirts, shouting happy. However, the more Duan Yu understands, the less he knows how to investigate, and even put it down. Fortunately, he was raised by the virtual bamboo, and immediately opened up, and hurriedly bowed to the other party. Xu Zhu was sincere and frightened. Afterwards, he mentioned that Shaolin was planning to hold a martial arts conference, and invited the world’s heroes to announce the truth about the murder of Deputy Ma’s gang leader, and returned Qiao Feng’s innocence.

The Khitan messenger room was ordered to come to the Jurchen camp and presented thousands of gold and silver as well as thousands of cattle, sheep and horses according to the previous agreement. Everyone was overjoyed. That night, Xiao Feng asked the tribe to kill sheep and cattle to entertain far-reaching visitors. The next day, he took some gold and silver silk and satin from the gifts and returned them to the messenger and other people.

Azi recovered from his injury, and in order to allow Qiao Feng to continue guarding himself, he begged the doctor to keep it secret and not to disclose the matter. In the blink of an eye, half a month later, Qiao Feng saw that A Zi hadn’t improved for a long time, and he was worried. Hearing that the Jurchen clan had a strange cure, he decided to go up the mountain alone to hunt bears.

Let’s talk about the beggars in the Central Plains who help the dragons without a leader, and the position of the leader is vacant. The whole crown is clear of greed. He was originally trying to win people’s hearts and promote him to the top. Unexpectedly, Duan Yu suddenly visited and brought a letter from the Duan family in order to make the truth known to the world. . Even though he knew that Quan Guan Qingxin was cunning and was not a good person, Duan Yu insisted on sending the letter, nothing more than to shame him in public, even if he was bold enough, he would not dare to conceal the content of the letter.

Within the Jurchen clan, Qiao Feng has not been seen for several days, and A Zi feels disappointed. A Gu Da can’t bear it, and simply tells the truth. Because of this, Azi ignored everyone’s obstacles and insisted on looking for Qiao Feng. In the end, accompanied by A Gu Da and others, he finally saw Qiao Feng in the mountains, knowing that he was unscathed and killed a black bear.

Originally, Qiao Feng was angry with Azi’s lie, but he still doesn’t repent, but he thinks that she is a little younger and has experienced miserable childhood, which calms her anger. Unable to help Azi begging to be coquettish, Qiao Feng reluctantly agreed to take her out to relax, and traveled west for a long time. When the two of them looked around, unexpectedly found that a Liao military camp was erected in front of them.

Seeing Qiao Feng in the room, he was overjoyed, and quickly invited him and Azi into the central account and gave him a warm hospitality. With the emergence of Yelu Hongji, Qiao Feng learned that the eldest brother he had just worshipped was actually the emperor of the Liao Kingdom. He did not know that Yelu Hongji was also planning in his heart how to bring such a rare general in a century to his command. With the help of this person, the grand foundation of Daliao’s unification of the world must be even more powerful.

There was a big feast in the tent of the day, and the Khitan people respected the women, and Azi was among them. The civil and military officials of the Liao State toasted to Qiao Feng one after another, thanking him for his kindness. After a few drinks, Yelu Hongji took the opportunity to propose that Qiao Feng should be sealed off. When Qiao Feng refused, he heard the sound of a horn from outside the account, and the newspaper rushed towards Yelu Hongji to report to the King of the South Court of the Ming Dynasty. Both have been arrested. For a while, everyone was in an uproar, Yelu Hongji ordered to prepare for the war, and ordered the Privy Envoy of the North Court to set up roadblocks, and everyone else contacted the nearby tribes to raise food and grass.

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