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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2021) 天龙八部 Episode 27 Recap

At this moment, Star Retriever had no room to fight back, or even unable to escape. Before he could plead, suddenly saw A Zi shot again, and in a flash, he was swallowed by flames, and the screams were endless. When all the seniors saw this, Qi Zan Azi’s skill was superb, and regarded her as a master sister, a disciple of the constellation sect.

Although Qiao Feng had seen a lot of brutal scenes in the rivers and lakes, he was unacceptable for acting viciously like A Zi. Thinking of this, Qiao Feng didn’t want to let Azi go with her anymore, and resolutely abandoned her, but she was sitting on the ground and pretending to cry. At first, Xiao Feng ignored it and took control of his own steps. However, he was left alone because of the situation, especially when he saw Azi’s eyes closed and his breath weak, it was inevitable that he was a little worried.

Just as Qiao Feng stretched out his hand to take the pulse for A Zi, she never thought that she would do a trick, and a poisonous needle was shot from the cuff. In a hurry, Qiao Feng gathered his life skills and slashed away. As a result, he shot Ah Zi more than ten feet away and was seriously injured and unconscious. This scene seemed familiar, and Qiao Feng was both surprised and annoyed.

The apprentice went out to call the doctor, and Xiao Feng watched by the bedside to take care of him. He accidentally found the wooden tripod inside Azi’s bag with a poisonous centipede inside, so he threw the centipede into the fire. After checking Azi’s pulse, the doctor lamented that her situation was in crisis, and she might not be able to recover. At this time, a housekeeper hurried to seek medical advice, trying to find Laoshan’s life. Qiao Feng heard that this would save people a moment or three more, so he paid to buy the last two wild ginseng.

Since mountain ginseng grows in the bitter cold land of Changbai Mountain, it is not an ordinary medicinal material. To save Azi, Qiao Feng took the road to the northeast to find it, ignoring the danger in the mountains. At that time, the sky was freezing and the ground covered with snow for several feet. It was extremely difficult to do. Qiao Feng walked for dozens of miles, but there was no trace of mountain ginseng. Instead, the roar of the tiger attracted his attention.

Wanyan Aguuda is a member of the Jurchen tribe. This time he went up the mountain to hunt and almost lost his life. Fortunately, Qiao Feng rescued him, and he admired his ability to kill tigers with bare hands. Knowing that Qiao Feng wanted to use mountain ginseng to save people, Aguda invited him to take his sister back to the tribe for treatment, which was regarded as repaying his life-saving grace.

After a few months in a hurry, winter comes to the end of spring, and Azi takes ginseng every day to nourish her injuries. Qiao Feng interacted very well with the Jurchen people, and gradually adapted to the vast forest and hunting and grazing. Only on the topic of the battle between the Liao people and the Song Dynasty, the Jurchen people maintained the same view. That is, taking advantage of this battle, will only increase the casualties of the war, and make Qiao Feng feel depressed, and cannot bear the people into dire straits.

On this day, Aguda led more than a dozen tribesmen to go hunting in Beishanling, and invited Qiao Feng to go with him. The tribesmen chased their prey, but unexpectedly they encountered Liao soldiers with bows and arrows in their hands. The leader was the Daliao Emperor Yelu Hongji. With the order of Yelu Hongji, dozens of sharp arrows were shot one after another, and many people of the tribe were killed by the arrows.

Qiao Feng took off the Greatcloak and fought off arrows for A Gu, and overturned the Liao soldiers with his own power, and successfully captured Yelu Hongji and brought him back to the Jurchen camp. The Khitan elder questioned Yelu Hongji’s identity, but he still refused to disclose it. Instead, he respected Qiao Feng and expressed his willingness to donate fifty taels of gold, five hundred taels of silver, and thirty horses.

Aguda’s uncle Polasu thought that he could be so arrogant that he must be a nobleman in Liao, so he increased the ransom to ten times. Originally, they were going to bargain all over the sky, how could they know that Yelu Hongji didn’t hesitate and responded readily. The crowd in the tent were astonished and hardly believed their ears. Knowing that he was a hero, Qiao Feng simply took the opportunity to let him go on the grounds of competition.

Because of Qiao Feng’s heroism, Yelu Hongji admired him and missed his kindness at the same time. The two admired each other, cherished each other, and simply became brothers on the spot. Yelu Hongji learned that Qiao Feng was both a Khitanese and wanted to ask him to return to Liao to share his wealth, but Qiao Feng tactfully refused, saying that he was accustomed to freedom and did not want to be restrained.

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