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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2021) 天龙八部 Episode 26 Recap

Kang Min threatened Qiao Feng as his eldest brother and forced Qiao Feng to hold himself in his arms. Seeing Kang Min’s progress, Azi went one step further and immediately rushed into the room to mock her and even picked up a mirror from the table. Kang Min looked in the mirror and was shocked to see that his face was full of blood and dust, and all kinds of ugly gestures were concentrated in the facial features. He was no longer the peerless beauty before, and died instantly.

With her death, all the clues to lead the eldest brother were cut off, even if Qiao Feng was unhappy, thinking that she was Ah Zhu’s younger sister, there was nothing he could do. Just because of the hard hatred, and thinking of Ah Zi’s stubbornness, his master Ding Chunqiu was notorious, so he didn’t want to have more entanglements with the other party, so he decided to go to Saibei alone to keep his and Ah Zhu’s agreement.

In Yanziwu, Li Qingluo came uninvited and wanted to forcibly take her daughter away. However, she had made up her mind to stay by her cousin’s side and mustered up the courage to rebel against her mother for the first time. In fact, the main reason why Murong Fu approached Wang Yuyan was the book collection in Langhua Yudong. If he married his cousin, he would surely be dowry by the entire Manduo Villa.

The four ministers cast their favor to Daliao, and tried all kinds of tricks, but it was a pity that the king of Chu did not respond. Obviously, it was hopeless to cooperate with Liao. Nowadays, there are Shaolin Beggars in the Central Plains Wulin, the reputation of the Duan clan in Dali spreads far, and Murong Fu introduces outsiders. It is difficult to do anything. Therefore, if you want to use external forces, you can only start with Xixia and Tubo. Deng Baichuan believes that both countries have it. The princesses of school age have not yet been married, but they can consider marriage.

Qiao Feng walked for more than ten miles, and Azi followed all the way behind him. The two entered the restaurant, but at different tables. Seeing Qiao Feng order wine and meat, A Zi ordered three servings of food, one for Qiao Feng, one for the empty table next door, and one for himself.

After a while, a man with a fierce appearance and strange appearance lifted the curtain into him. He was startled when he saw Azi, and then he was delighted. Through the communication between the two, Qiao Feng knew that this man was called the Lion-nosed man, who was Ding Chunqiu’s apprentice, brother Azi. As the bartender made a joke and was tragically poisoned by Azi, Qiao Feng was annoyed at seeing her, and became a little bit disgusted with her.

The Lion-nosed Man ordered Azi to hand over the Shenmu Wangding. Unexpectedly, Azi would ask for help from Qiao Feng. Originally, Qiao Feng ignored Azhu’s dying request. He had no choice but to help and repelled the Lion-nosed Man. Suffered hard. The matter was over, Qiao Feng got up and went out, but Azi perseveringly followed behind, even playing the flute to attract fellow seniors, in order to let Qiao Feng solve her immediate troubles.

Just as Qiao Feng expected, several men of different shapes competed to show up. Although they had similar relationships, they did not have the same friendship. Qiao Feng didn’t know what this was, but one person said he missed his mouth and mentioned Ding Chunqiu’s Dafa. A Zi lied that the Shenmu Wangding had given it to Qiao Feng. As soon as he said this, the four of them looked at Xiao Feng, and their faces were angry, and they attacked him one after another.

In an instant, Qiao Feng easily evaded the attack. Before Azi could react, he saw that he was several feet away and inserted the opponent’s steel rod into the stone, frightening everyone. Qiao Feng asked Azi to return the things to the teacher. It was obvious that she was stubborn and full of lies, which was very disappointing. Seeing Qiao Feng turned and left, Azi’s martial arts lost to several senior brothers, so he could only get hold of it.

When Qiao Feng returned to the inn, he heard a conversation from a disciple of the Star Sect outside the door. Seeing that Ding Chunqiu’s first disciple picking stars wanted to do something on A Zi, Qiao Feng hid behind the stone and resisted A Zi with internal force, letting her make moves according to her own way. After three or two hits, the star picker was wounded, and the same people saw the wind and the rudder. A moment ago, they praised the big brother, but at this time he was scolded with blood.

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