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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 26 Recap

Su Xiao has been promoted to three levels and has now joined the group as the deputy chief economist. At the age of nearly 29, he has become the youngest senior manager in the company. Zhao Xiankun knew that many veterans in the group were particularly unconvinced, so he held a meeting to introduce Su Xiao to everyone through video, hoping that all the directors present could take good care of her and let her integrate into the big family of Yinghai as soon as possible.

On the other hand, Tiancheng Company, since Su Xiao left, colleagues have lost their backbone, and many things have become quite tricky. Wang Yang was depressed and unhappy all day, and even the project meeting couldn’t get enough energy. He even asked Du Juan to take away Su Xiao’s poster to avoid seeing things and thinking about people.

After the welcoming ceremony, Su Xiao returned to the office and happened to see the Shanghai Bund through the window. She never dreamed of standing in this position. Faced with everything in front of her, Su Xiao felt very strange. She took advantage of the right mood and took the initiative to send a video chat to Xia Ming, showing off her achievements to him.

At this time, Zhao Peng took the initiative to say hello to Su Xiao, seemingly enthusiastic on the surface, but he made a small calculation in private. Wu Hongmei came to the rooftop to watch the scenery alone, recalling that he and Su Xiao were both good friends and went out to work hard together, but the results were quite different, and it was inevitable to be a little bit disappointed.

Just as she sighed with emotion, she suddenly heard female colleagues discussing Su Xiao and Israel’s attendants. That’s why the chairman was so confused and tried to promote her. Mother Wu called her daughter and complained that she didn’t send money to her home. She even taunted Wu Hongmei again because of the purchase of a house, thinking that she had turned her elbow away. Even if she couldn’t marry a wealthy family, she would have to find a big money instead of helping her boyfriend. Subsidies down payment.

When she hung up her mother’s phone in a hurry, Wu Hongmei felt more pressured and seemed to be unable to see the way forward. Especially when she was chatting with Su Xiao, she became more aware of the gap between the two. Hu Changhai looked down on Su Xiao from the bottom of his heart, and even felt that she used the induction ceremony for the official position in such a deputy position, which was a shame to Winhai Group, and it was also a disrespect for the old executives.

Xu Zhiping and Su Xiao handed over their work, so that she could get acquainted with the main responsible matters as soon as possible, including the 8 million surplus balance that Tianke Company owed. Even though Xu Zhiping was thinking about Su Xiao, he actually raised a problem deliberately, Su Xiao knew this was a hot potato, so he still took it down.

That night, Su Xiao came to Xia Ming’s house for dinner and chatted with him about 8 million. As a result, they had differences in the rules of use. Xia Ming prefers to take shortcuts, and Su Xiao is biased towards conservatives, so this date is not a pleasant one. However, Huang Lilin was particularly dissatisfied with Su Xiao, especially seeing her on an equal footing with herself. Xia Ming believed that instead of letting Zhao Peng sit on the position of deputy chief economist, it would be better to let Su Xiao take over, otherwise Tianke’s situation would be even more difficult.

Wu Hongmei was exhausted and went back home from get off work, but Zhang Xiaobei was still playing games in front of the computer and buying cheap gruel for dinner. Although she didn’t complain about it anymore, she still felt uncomfortable. Zhang Xiaobei mentioned buying a house, and now he is short of the money in Wu Hongmei’s hand, but when he learned that the money was used by Wu’s parents to buy a house for his younger brother, he lost his temper on the spot.

Su Xiao repeatedly studied the situation of Tianke, and she suggested to Xu Zhiping that the 8 million owed money should be converted into loans. However, Xu Zhiping insisted on going through the process and reminded her to do her job well. Huang Lilin came uninvited. At first, he apologized for what happened before, but later came to the point and asked Su Xiao to leave Xia Ming.

Originally, Su Xiao thought that this matter was completely turned over, but Huang Lilin was still holding on to it, and even uttered abusive words, saying that she had met a lot of young girls with ordinary family background and ambitious, and she was among these people. Delusion rises to the sky in one step. In order to get Su Xiao to submit, Huang Lilin threatened him with 8 million. He even got more excited and fainted. Su Xiao was so scared that he hurriedly informed the emergency personnel, and the entire group of employees were watching with curiosity.

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