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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 25 Recap

It is obviously not in line with the HR work process to directly issue the appointment letter without the personnel consultation. Moreover, Maria believes that Su Xiao’s qualifications and abilities are not sufficient for this important task. However, Zhao Xiankun was resolute and ignored the ideas of others. Maria had no choice but to arrange for Wu Hongmei to issue a letter of appointment.

When Zhao Peng learned that Su Xiao was about to airborne the group, he hurriedly went to Wang Mingyu to discuss countermeasures. He should have been in the position of deputy chief economist, but now he is halfway through Cheng Yaojin. In addition, Zhao Xiankun’s approach is obvious. Don’t leave a way for yourself. Wang Mingyu comforted Zhao Peng to wait patiently. He was sure that the paratroopers would not stay long.

The news quickly reached Tiancheng, and colleagues talked a lot about it. Unexpectedly, Su Xiao came to the company for two years and jumped three levels in a row, which is really beyond everyone’s expectations. After Wang Yang learned of the incident, he was furious. He turned back to the office and called Zhao Xiankun to ask about the situation. However, the other party refused to answer, and he vented his anger at the locker.

In private, Wang Yang talked to Su Xiao and asked her opinion. Su Xiao clearly expressed her position. Not only did she never want to go to the group headquarters, but she would never leave Tiancheng, because she was very grateful to Wang Yang for his kindness. Moreover, Su Xiao is in the company like a fish, how could he suddenly participate in the intrigue of the group? Even Xia Ming reminded her that if she chooses to go to the Yinghai Group, it means that she will face all kinds of intertwined relationships, and at least half the effort will be spent To coordinate the conflicts between various subsidiaries.

At this time, Su Xiao received a call from Maria, inviting her to have lunch together. In fact, since the annual meeting, Maria has begun to curry favor with Su Xiao, so when facing her invitation, Su Xiao directly rejected the appointment letter by defensively. Even in Maria’s view, the biggest advantage of the group over Tiancheng is that it can mobilize more resources, and it is also conducive to Su Xiao’s core competitiveness in the workplace.

It happened that Su Xiao was so “not knowing how to promote”. She values ​​the comfort of nature and has her own ideas. Maria returned without success and complained in front of Zhao Xiankun that Su Xiao was a stinky stone in the pit, which was not worthy of such treatment, but Zhao Xiankun wanted this stone to sit on, and Maria naturally had nothing to say.

Fortunately, under He Congrong’s order, Maria thought of using the group’s human authority to forcefully issue a transfer document to Su Xiao, requiring her to report to the group within three days. Su Xiao was helpless, so she could only meet with Zhao Xiankun for a detailed discussion. Wang Yang sent her to the group headquarters and waited for the news in person downstairs.

Zhao Xiankun’s first sentence when he saw Su Xiao asked her at what price she should sign an annual steel supply agreement with Baosteel. Su Xiao suddenly realized that he walked out of the group building in a low mood, and narrated this sentence to Wang Yang verbatim. On the way back to the company, Wang Yang was both angry and helpless. He had to admire Zhao Xiankun’s greatness.

Seeing Su Xiao packing things in the office, Du Juan felt very reluctant to give up. Colleagues came to see him off, feeling that Su Xiao was already at the top of the power, because the words of the chairman obviously meant that she would become vice president. Economists, then can decide the fate of the entire company in the future.

Xia Ming drove to pick up Su Xiao and support any decision she made. That night, Su Xiao struggled to sleep, either ironing his suit or applying a facial mask for skin care. Until the end, he simply called Dujuan home and followed her to do her homework in advance to learn about the information of each core figure in the headquarters.

Before Su Xiao went to work, Wu Hongmen personally arranged an office for her, and sat at the desk to feel the charm of this position while everyone was not paying attention. Su Xiao came to the group dressed up, Maria waited at the elevator entrance, greeted her with a smile, and held a welcome ceremony for her to introduce the group’s senior leaders one by one. Except for the late chief engineer Hu Changhai, almost everyone is kind and enthusiastic, but Su Xiao knows that they are at odds with each other.

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