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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 24 Recap

Seeing He Congrong coming down from the stairs, Maria immediately went over to hold him, smiled and introduced him to the group’s new director. Few people know the origin of this young man, and they are also indifferent. On the contrary, Dujuan can’t help but take a few photos with his mobile phone, seeing He calmly and handsome.

Zhao Xiankun sent the guests out. When he returned to the hall, he accidentally saw Wu Hongmei in thin clothes, standing at the door shivering with cold, so he gave her a cashmere jacket to keep her warm. Wu Hongmei took it with trepidation and felt the unprecedented warmth. As a result, she went home that night and talked to her boyfriend about making up a wedding and buying a house, but quarreled over the price of a cashmere sweater.

Zhang Xiaobei accused Wu Hongmei of withdrawing money all day long and simply throwing her cashmere coat to the ground. Wu Hongmei hurriedly washed it and dried it carefully with a hair dryer. He didn’t expect the coat to be defective. The next morning, Wu Hongmei came to the group nervously to deliver her coat, but she was scolded by the secretary of the chairman. Fortunately, Zhao Xiankun heard the news and asked, but did not take the matter to heart, but instead returned to the office with a few words of comfort.

During the Chinese New Year, Wu Hongmei took a bus back to the small county town many times. Compared with Su Xiao, who was favored by her parents, her experience was even more regrettable. Born in a patriarchal family, not only did she have to make money to supplement her household, but her parents took the down payment that she had worked so hard to save to buy a house.

Hearing this news, Wu Hongmei was both surprised and sad, but what made her most desperate was that her parents had written her brother’s name in the purchase contract, and she had not even planned to give her the room she deserved. Wu’s mother believed that Wu Hongmei worked in Shanghai all year round and had too little time to return. Moreover, his daughter would marry sooner or later, and only his son could pass on the line.

Because Wu Hongmei was rebutting his mother’s point of view at this time, Wu’s father was angry that he would sell the new house in the spring of next year, forcing Wu Hongmei to apologize quickly. Even Wu Hongmei’s younger brother thinks she is stingy, and the family is like a vampire who is extremely greedy and squeezes almost all of Wu Hongmei.

Since Su Xiao and Xia Ming fell in love, the two have been like glue, especially if Xia Ming can’t see Su Xiao for a while, he can’t wait to fly to her right away, and even run to her in the name of delivering a courier. Su’s mother didn’t know that her daughter was in love, and wanted to introduce Su Xiao to her blind date. Even though Su Xiao repeatedly stated that she had a boyfriend, she still thought she was deliberately making excuses.

For a few days in a row, under the arrangement of his mother, Su Xiao met one blind date one after another, and every time he reported to Xia Ming by phone, until Xia Ming came to visit with a big bag and a small bag.

Seeing such a handsome and successful man, Su’s mother was so happy that she hurriedly called to inform the Seventh Aunt and Eight Aunts to come to the staff. Even if Xia Ming faced the Su family’s repeated questions, he could respond freely, and praised Su Xiao in front of the elders. Everyone was very satisfied with this prospective son-in-law.

After the New Year, everyone continued to work. He Congrong was late on the first day of work, but he didn’t care at all. Instead, he kindly called Zhao Xiankun as Uncle Zhao, which obviously had a good relationship with him. Since Xia Ming tactfully rejected Zhao Xiankun’s invitation, Zhao Xiankun refocused his attention on Su Xiao, and then notified Maria to go to the personnel department and personally transfer Su Xiao to the headquarters as deputy chief economist. Originally, Maria wanted to talk to Wang Yang, but Zhao Xiankun did not expect that Maria would directly issue the appointment letter.

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