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The Bond 乔家的儿女 Episode 9 Recap

Qiao Simei disliked that the small workshops were all old ladies, no one would talk to her and refused to go, and said that they would find a great job in the future to scare them to death. Qiao Yicheng still ignored Qiao Erqiang and went out to sleep with the bedding. Qi Weimin and Chang Xingyu were admitted to the same university as graduate students. The old lady from the binding factory talked about trivial matters, Qiao Simei interjected in the principle that ugliness is the principle. Qiao Zuwang put on airs again, criticizing the children for selling the factory to foreigners.

Qiao Yicheng has already graduated. Qiao Zuwang heard that the unit he hadn’t assigned was just about to be anxious, so he heard Qiao Yicheng say that he was admitted to the TV station and will report tomorrow. Qiao Erqiang gave Qiao Yi a deal for living expenses, explaining that he and Ma Suqin were really innocent and nothing. Qiao Yicheng only died early when his mother died, and Qiao Erqiang has some Oedipus complex. Qiao Erqiang corrected that he was not an Oedipus complex, but he simply liked Ma Suqin’s appearance.

Qiao Zuwang showed that his son was admitted to the TV station and once again won the envy of his neighbors. Qiao Sanli, Wang Yiding, and Qiao Erqiang bought a suit for Qiao Yicheng as a gift for him to enter the unit. Although Qiao Simei has no money to buy a gift, she sincerely congratulates her eldest brother. In 1990, Qiao Yicheng formally joined the job as a journalist, and began to work for it all his life. Joe Yicheng, who joined the job on the first day, did not go well, because he was overweight and was driven off the elevator, and he stepped on the white paint.

However, as a newcomer, Qiao Yicheng, who scored the highest in the recruiting test, was selected for an interview with Song Qingyuan. The task was to help Song Qingyuan keep the machine in his hand and did a very good job. Song Qingyuan changed his view of Qiao Yicheng. Qiao Yicheng accidentally helped an aunt who sells vegetables, but he didn’t know that this person was Ma Suqin.

In the name of researching new things, Qiao Zuwang must watch the news while guarding the TV. After coming home from get off work, Qiao Yicheng saw Qiao Erqiang squatting at the door to drink, and said a few more words, wine is not a good thing, don’t drink like Qiao Zuwang and drank his head. Qiao Erqiang raised his head, but still didn’t tell him about losing his job. Seeing her husband looking for someone from a distance, Ma Suqin hurriedly hid with the child, and the next door sister Xu helped her fool away. Sparrow said that Niu Ye was back, and took Qiao Erqiang to his house with him, thinking about Qiao Sanli. Niu Ye is now in business, and Qiao Erqiang has lost his job and wants to follow along.

Wang Yiding also bought a refrigerator for Qiao’s family. Qiao Yicheng heard that Qiao Sanli hadn’t settled down with others, and advised her to make it clear as soon as possible if she didn’t like it. Stopping losses in time is better than being ambiguous. Qiao Sanli stomped her feet in a hurry, but she was actually willing, but she felt a little awkward. Qiao Zuwang went to play cards again after eating. Speaking of Uncle Li, Qiao Zuwang snorted.

He did too many bad things! Qiao Yicheng and Song Qingyuan were in the news together, and when they met a female reporter who kept blocking the camera, Song Qingyuan almost didn’t quarrel with others. After the end, Qiao Yicheng ran back to find the microphone case, but the female reporter did not expect it to be found. There was a logo on the microphone. Losing it was considered a major accident. In order to express his gratitude, Qiao Yicheng agreed to invite the other party to dinner, and the two exchanged names. She was called Ye Xiaolang.

Aunt Wu’s son is about to divorce, and Qiao Simei is also chatting at home and was educated by Qiao Yicheng. Today is the Double Ninth Festival, and Qiao Yicheng has put on airs again. Right now he is suspended from his job, and he lives with the conscience of these children. Qiao Yicheng rolled his eyes and asked him to count. Qiao Zuwang felt that the TV station was rich, so he opened his mouth and asked Qiao 10% to be one hundred and five. Qiao Yicheng ignored him, and the meeting ended after a few people were set for the money. Niu Ye opened a clothing store and let the sparrow eyes look at the store together, and Qiao Erqiang was responsible for delivering the goods to the store.

Qiao Yicheng said to invite Ye Xiaolang to dinner, and also called Song Qingyuan. Ye Xiaolang apologized to them. In fact, she deliberately took the microphone cover last time. Because Qiao Yicheng and Song Qingyuan said that she felt that she was underestimated, so this time she had dinner. Song Qingyuan was not polite, and crackled a lot. Qiao Yicheng wanted to close the bill secretly, but Ye Xiaolang hurriedly stopped when he found out.

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