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The Bond 乔家的儿女 Episode 8 Recap

In the end, Qiao Yicheng paid to buy a TV for his family, and the family gathered in front of the new color TV. Qiao Sanli was on the night shift today. Qiao wanted to pick her up all the time, but she didn’t expect Qiao Sanli to say that she was given away. It was her former classmate named Wang Yiding. Qiao Yicheng pondered, and asked Qiao Sanli to call Wang Yiding for dinner.

The family has never invited a classmate, Qiao Simei has become a true saying, just call it as the target. Qiao Sanli and Wang Yiding mentioned this matter, and Wang Yiding shyly agreed. There are chickens and fishes at home. Qiao Zu saw it and thought that someone had a birthday, but Qiao Simei said that it was Qiao Sanli’s boyfriend.

When Wang Yiding came to Qiao’s house, he repaired the roof and the shelves. Qiao Zuwang and Qiao Yicheng were very satisfied. Qiao Zuwang felt that there was a long-term job in the family, and Qiao Yicheng asked Qiao Sanli to do a good job, but he must get married at the age of late marriage. Qiao Simei complained that Qiao Yicheng was eccentric, and turned to pick Wang Yiding’s appearance. Wang Yiding buried his head in eating, Qiaozu Wang Luoli asked a lot about his family situation, and shook his head again when he heard that he had a younger brother.

While eating, the front door of Qiao’s house was kicked by Ma Suqin’s husband, and when he smashed something and lifted the table, Qiao’s house was smashed and smashed. When he looked up, he saw Qiao Erqiang picking up the wine bottle and smashed his head. Ma Suqin’s husband was taken away by the police, and Qiao Yicheng and Wang Yiding sent Qiao Erqiang to the hospital. Qiao Zuwang pointed at the door and cursed the street, Qiao Sanli and Qiao Simei were still crying after being frightened.

Wang Yiding stayed busy all night, accompanying the bed and going through the hospitalization procedures. Rumors and talks say that Qiao Erqiang is corrupting, and Qiao Simei does not understand why he finds an old woman to be corrupt. Qiao Sanli tells her not to talk nonsense. Qiao Erqiang is an honest person. Qiao Zu saw her boil the chicken soup and cursed a few words, took the bowl and took the chicken away. Qi Weimin and Wei Shufang came to see Qiao Erqiang, Qiao Simei crackled and said everything, and Qiao Yicheng and Qiao Sanli couldn’t stop them either. The ugliness of the family should not be publicized, but Aunt Wu told Wei Shufang about it, and Qiao Yicheng reacted a little too much.

There was constant talk and talk in the streets and lanes of the neighborhood, and Qiao Yicheng went to the hospital again with a stern face, Qiao Simei secretly gave Qi Weimin’s money to Qiao Sanli, but I didn’t dare to give Qiao Yicheng about this. Qi Weimin was afraid that the two girls would be scared at home, so he planned to send Wei Shufang back to have a look. Qiao Yicheng became strange again. All the chairs in the hall were broken. Wang Yiding made a few new ones himself, and went to the hospital to help Qiao Yicheng without even eating. Qiao Zuwang was left without pay in the factory. He didn’t care about Qiao Erqiang’s injuries these days, let alone ignore him when he was discharged from the hospital today. After eating, he took the rope and went out.

Qiao Yicheng asked Wang Yiding to send the things back first. He and Qiao Erqiang still had something to do. Qiao Zuwang ran to the factory director’s house and wanted to hang himself. The factory director took a thicker rope and hung it on the suspension beam to hang himself with him. Facing Qiao Yicheng’s questioning, Qiao Erqiang never said a word, only saying that Ma Suqin treated him well. Qiao Yicheng sighed. The young man was confused for a while and he could understand, and persuaded Qiao Erqiang to forget her. On the contrary, Qiao Erqiang firmly decided to be with Ma Suqin. Qiao Yicheng became anxious and scolded Ma Suqin as not a good thing. Qiao Erqiang, who has always been not anxious, suddenly got anxious and didn’t allow Qiao Yicheng to say such things to Ma Suqin. They weren’t messy, it was love!

Qiao Zuwang took the rope home and saw Qiao Sanli, Qiao Simei, and Wang Yiding guarding outside the door, saying that he was waiting for the eldest brother and the second brother. Qiao Yicheng came back with a foul face, but Qiao Erqiang was not seen behind him. When Qiao Erqiang returned to the factory, the big master told him kindly that he didn’t know who saw Qiao Erqiang and Ma Suqin go skating together, wrote an anonymous letter and sent it to Ma Suqin’s husband. Ma Suqin and her husband mentioned divorce, but they were beaten up in the hospital for several days. In the end, she also mentioned to the factory to resign and return to her hometown in Northeast China.

Qiao Erqiang lost his job, Qiao Zuwang played sideways at home, cursing and knocking over Qiao Simei’s bowl. Qiao Yicheng couldn’t help but broke out. Qiao Zuwang never cared about his children since he was a child, Qiao Erqiang was hospitalized and never cared about it, Qiao Simei went to Beijing alone, and he didn’t worry about it. Qiao Sanli did not care about the night shift. Qiao Erqiang It should be beaten or scolded, but Qiao Yicheng is more qualified to control him than his dad! Qiao Zuwang cursed and went back to the room, and Qiao Simei dared to cry.

Qiao Erqiang ran to Wei Shufang’s house, and did not go home at the moment. Wei Shufang did not wait for him, and cooked a table of good dishes to celebrate Qi Weimin’s admission to NTU as a graduate student. Qiao Yicheng called Qi Weimin out to ask Qiao Erqiang’s whereabouts, as if he was about to hit someone. Qi Weimin kindly persuaded him, but Qiao Yicheng complained that Qiao Erqiang had lost all the face of his family, and even said rudely, which made Qi Weimin abusive. Qiao Erqiang couldn’t find Ma Suqin everywhere, and finally returned home. Qiao Yicheng found a job in a street binding factory for Qiao Simei, and while instructing Qiao Simei, he scolded Qiao Erqiang for violating the situation. When Qiao Simei said a word, the children were amused again.

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