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One and Only 周生如故 Episode 12 Recap

It was time for Zhou Shengchen to take the medicine, and the two of them moved a step closer to each other. Shi Yi only smiled at the corner of his mouth, enjoying Zhou Shengchen’s medicine for her. Later, Zhou Shengchen and Shiyi came to the lake to see Huanyu. Huanyu talked with people in the pavilion in the lake. Shiyi thought he was talking with his wife. As soon as he entered the pavilion, he knew that Huanyu’s wife was dead. Before his death, his wife said that she would always be with Huanyu, and this last thought became Huanyu’s concern for the rest of his life. Huanyu did not set up a card for his deceased wife, just as she was by her side every day.

An old man visited the academy, and Huan Yu and Zhou Shengchen knew that the emperor was the emperor of Nan Xiao, and only asked his disciples to put down the gauze curtain and talk to the emperor of Nan Xiao over the curtain. The Emperor Nan Xiao mentioned that Zhou Shengchen strayed into Jiangling City. He didn’t ask for anything else, but only hoped that Zhou Shengchen could hand over Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan didn’t know the intention of Emperor Nan Xiao. Xiao Yan had already crossed the river alone, ready to rescue Zhou Shengchen. Feng Qiao was unwilling to let Xiao Yan venture into danger alone, and only accompanied Xiao Yan all the way.

Zhou Shengchen refused to hand over Xiao Yan. The Emperor Nanxiao was angry. The people around him said that the Beichen garrison was on the riverside. The people in the city had already rumored that the two countries were going to fight. Now, only Zhou Shengchen should be sent back to the north as soon as possible. Chen is the right way. Zhou Shengchen did not want to be handed over, and the Emperor Nanxiao had no steps. The two stood against each other and it was time to resolve it. She raised the issue of the book collection of the Luo family.

The book collection of the Luo family is extremely valuable. She has a manuscript of the collection in her hand, which is hers Pretend, at this time, she is willing to donate half of it to Nan Xiao and hide it in Longkang Academy. Hearing Shiyi’s words, Huan Yu was quite excited, and he agreed to Emperor Nan Xiao, as long as he could accept the book collection of the Chu family, he would go out and become the prince and prince. Now that the time is so sincere, Emperor Nanxiao no longer reluctantly, only accepted the matter.

The Emperor Nanxiao learned that Xiao Yan was on the river bank. He came to find Xiao Yan excitedly. He was very surprised that Xiao Yan had been shaved, and Xiao Yan had always been keen on him and refused to go back to Nanxiao with him. Xiao Yan was determined, and the Emperor of Nan Xiao no longer forced Xiao Yan, and only let Xiao Yan come and go free, thinking that he would figure it out someday. Later, Xiao Yan returned to Beichen.

The soldiers of the Nanchen Palace had been deployed on the riverside. Looking at Xiao Yan who was depressed, Feng Qiao also mentioned her father who was addicted to gambling. Suddenly, he ran away for fear of being beaten to death, only to meet Zhou Shengchen and his senior brothers. She has escaped the previous days, and now she has put everything down and enjoys her current life. Feng Qiao hoped that Xiao Yan would also let go of the past and start a new life.

Zhou Shengchen and Shi Yi are about to cross the river to Beichen tomorrow. Zhou Shengchen knows that Shi Yi likes Nan Xiao, but they shouldn’t stay here for a long time. In order to make Shiyi happy, Zhou Shengchen took Shiyi down the mountain to play together, and Huan Yu was also with him, and the three of them were going to listen to the piano and tour the lake together. Nanxiao is a place of elegance and elegance. Zhou Shengchen heard the tunes in Louzhong, but he didn’t want to hear them at times, so he hurriedly asked people to change the repertoire. The son of Hou Mo Chen at the restaurant was interested in Shiyi. When he learned that Shiyi was not yet married, he asked Shiyi’s identity. Shiyi hesitated to know whether he wanted to know his identity.

Zhou Shengchen had already answered Shiyi. She was from Nanchen Wangfu, Xizhou. Hearing Shiyi’s identity, Master Chen did not shrink back. Instead, he wanted to invite Shiyi to drink a glass of fine wine. Zhou Shengchen was a little jealous in his heart, and only asked Mr. Chen to share the fine wine with you. Seeing that Zhou Shengchen maintains the timeliness as above, Huan Yu couldn’t help teasing. After listening to the piano from the restaurant, Huan Yu once again matched the two of them, letting them go boating on the lake to be alone.

On the small boat, Zhou Shengchen and Shi Yi swim the lake together. Zhou Shengchen stood on the boat to watch the scenery. The Smoky Woman invited Zhou Shengchen to drink on the big boat. Shi Yi was jealous. She only stepped forward and took Zhou Shengchen’s arm. Zhou Shengchen only spoiled him. The land is left to the time. Afterwards, the two paraded together and drank chrysanthemum wine together. When Zhou Shengchen saw Shiyi, he was very fond of the wine, and he only gave Shiyi the wine pouch that he had drunk a few sips. Shiyi continued with joy in his heart.

Zhou Shengchen took Shi Yi back to the academy, and Shi Yi inquired about the music from the book boy in private, only to realize that the song Zhou Shengchen did not want her to listen to was erotic. In the academy, Hou Mo Chenyue learned of Shiyi’s identity, he came to plead guilty, and showed his admiration to Shiyi. Shi Yi only refused. Although she did not have a marriage contract, she already belonged to one person and had decided.

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