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One and Only 周生如故 Episode 11 Recap

Yang Shao said that he would not hurt Shiyi, Zhou Shengchen can follow, and when he arrives in Nanxiao safely, he will let it go. Zhou Shengchen’s mind was on Shiyi. He warned Yang Shao that if Yang Shao dared to hurt Shiyi, he would personally take Yang Shao’s life, whether it was the water from the south of the Yangtze River, the desert to the west, or even the Yincao netherworld. After that, Zhou Shengchen followed Shiyi all the way and Yang Shao settled down on the way.

He watched Zhou Shengchen’s follow along the way, only that he could see that Zhou Shengchen had a good time in his heart, but Shiyi had a special identity, and he was destined to be a prince when he was born. Concubine, Shi Yi confessed that she has no marriage contract now, and only a teacher-disciple relationship with Zhou Shengchen. Seeing that Zhou Shengchen hadn’t eaten all day and night, Shiyi asked Yang Shao to give him all the food he gave to Zhou Shengchen.

Zhou Shengchen followed Yang Shao all the way south across the river, Xiao Yu called the scout army to guard the river, as long as Yang Shao made any movement, they were ready to fight the river. On the other side, when Yang Shao arrived in Nanxiao, he released Shiyi and returned Shiyi to Zhou Shengchen. Although he saved Liu Changshan on this trip, he only paid back the kindness of recommendation that year. He turned his head and gave the second prince Xiao Yan. The news was revealed to Liu Changshan, who was forcibly exchanged for Liu Changshan’s talisman.

Liu Changshan spread the news that Zhou Shengchen was staying in Jiangling City. Now that the city gates are closed, Zhou Shengchen only took Shiyi to go to the foothold of his deceased. The two of them were misunderstood as a couple by passers-by. Shiyi only secretly smiled. I am delighted that her relationship with Zhou Shengchen was misunderstood. Half an hour later, the two came to the academy on the top of the mountain. Zhou Shengchen saw his old friend Long Kanghuan’s Huanyu. The Long Kanghuan’s had a catastrophe that year. The reason why Huanyu escaped was because of Zhou Shengchen’s rescue. So it became the turn of the year.

Huan Yu prepared meals for Zhou’s birthday. Watching the scene of the two people playing and singing, Huan Yu saw through and didn’t say anything, and only asked his disciples to prepare a room for the two of them. On the other side, Liu Hui knew that Zhou Shengchen was in Nanxiao. He wanted to send his troops to Nanxiao, but was stopped by Xie Chong. He analyzed the current situation and believed that Nan Xiao would not embarrass Zhou Shengchen, but would send Zhou Shengchen safely. Go back to North Chen. Also worrying about Zhou Shengchen was Xiao Yu and his party. They were very anxious at the riverside. Xiao Yan understood Emperor Nan Xiao and knew that Emperor Nan Xiao would not embarrass Zhou Shengchen, and Zhou Shengchen was afraid that he would be very comfortable enjoying Nan Xiao Zhi. Row.

Huan Yu said that there was only one guest room left in the academy, allowing the two to be alone in a room. Shiyi was a little embarrassed about this, but because the academy had no vacancies, she had to accept being alone with Zhou Shengchen. Sleeping on the bed, Zhou Shengchen fell asleep on the floor. At night, Shi Yi was worried that the two were found, but Zhou Shengchen comforted her. Emperor Nan Xiao would not embarrass them, because Nan Xiao was unwilling to go to war because of this.

The next day, the two of them lived a rare leisurely life. The disciples of the academy learned that Shiyi was a disciple of the Tong family, and they came to ask questions about teaching. Huanyu also asked Shiyi to discuss with the disciples, which is also beneficial to the disciples. After that, Shi Yi watched the disciples in the academy learning archery, and she also went forward to try it out. Zhou Shengchen rarely had time to accompany Shi Yi, and only stepped forward to hold Shi Yi’s hand tightly and teach her to shoot. The arrow hit the bullseye, and the two smiled at each other. Shi Yi hurt his shoulder due to archery. Huan Yuwei brought the medicine to Zhou Shengchen. He said that the medicine should be rubbed with the palm of his hand, so that Zhou Shengchen should take the medicine.

Although Liu Zixing’s engagement with Shiyi is no longer, Liu Zixing is still thinking about Shiyi. He can’t understand why Shiyi would rather leave the honorable princess instead of doing it, and instead want to be with Zhou Shengchen.

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