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Good and Evil 百灵潭 Episode 4 Recap

After the spring demon left with Hansheng, he roasted the prey and ate it together. Hansheng saw that the spring demon was injured and had blood stains and thought that the spring demon killed the white fan. The spring demon told Hansheng that the wounded blood was that he was scratched by the white fan. Some distressed Chunyao helped to wrap a bandage to stop the bleeding. This action caused Chunyao’s cold heart to produce a trace of warmth.

Bufan took the Kwai’er caught in the brothel to chase the white fan, but now Kwai’er doesn’t have the demon-like spirit on his body. It’s a bit strange that Kwai’er’s fan talked when Bufan went to fetch Kwai’er with water. Kwai’er will give her what she wants when she goes to the river. Bai Shan told Kui’er that as long as she was willing to give her ten years of life, she would be able to give her a beautiful look. Kui’er agreed to Bai Shan’s request, and at this time Bufan appeared again to fight against Bai Fan, and Bufan used the master’s magical weapon to force Bai Fan. Withdrawing, I didn’t expect that Bai Fan would use a secret trick to confuse the extraordinary, making Bufan almost violent lust with the white fan.

When Chun Yao and Han Sheng were eating, they heard the people on the street talking about the presence of monsters in Yang Mansion, so Chun Yao took Han Sheng to Yang Mansion, where they met Zhao Xiao, and her beauty would become as long as midnight. The monster’s appearance would not disappear until dawn, and she and Yang Gongzi just got married and their husband was unconscious. The Spring Demon can rescue Young Master Yang, but it can’t help Miss Zhao. After interrogating Ms. Zhao, Chun Yao learned that Bai Fan had been looking for a woman who wanted to be beautiful, so Chun Yao hoped that Hansheng would trick Bai Fan into showing up and catch her.

Bufan’s mind has been unsettling because of Bai Fan’s temptation, even if he is meditating and chanting mantras, but when the bell rang on his body, he knew that Bai Fan was doing evil again. When Bufan arrived, he saw that Bai Fan was casting a spell on Kuier. He was beautiful, but Bufan was once again confused by Bai Fan, and he felt pity and admiration for him. At this time, there was an illusion that his master told Bufan to know how to keep his mind, and Bufan knew that he was in the illusion of Bai Fan. However, in the past situation where Bai Fan appeared in front of him, the scene of Blink and Liu Yunsu with Liu Yunsu was shown in front of Bufan.

At that time, the white fan was going to bring Liu Yunsu into the Ghost Yuan. Liu Yunsu didn’t want to break the precept, but Bai Fan insisted on entering. Liu Yunsu had to agree to her. Just when the two were about to enter, Si Mao was about to appear in the Ghost Yuan. The attack was injured. Fortunately, the Spring Demon arrived in time to stop Si Mao’s attack, and Bai Fan fainted. Liu Yunsu was seriously injured by Si Mao’s attack. After that, Bufan saw Bai Fan’s hope that Liu Yunsu would come back from the dead. Bufan told Bai Fan not to believe what she saw. It was all fantasy, but Bai Fan drove Bufan away. She must resurrect Liu Yunsu to understand her wish.

Han Sheng pretended to be an ugly girl and went to his subordinates to pray for being a beautiful woman. The white fan really appeared. To help Han Sheng get his wish, the spring demon rushed to the angry white fan to tell him not to be nosy, and the two met again. At this time, Hansheng wanted to escape, but the mark on his wrist was always there. Even if he ran away, he would be found by the spring demon. So Hansheng rubbed the stone to wear off the mark, but the spring demon suffered. No matter what, seeing Han Sheng’s chest pain in Grinding Mark had to stop, the white fan took the opportunity to escape, and the spring demon meditated to heal his injuries.

Han Sheng watched the Spring Demon vomit blood and felt distressed. Chun Demon went back. The Spring Demon asked Han Sheng to reach out and remove the mark on her hand. Han Sheng felt that Chun Demon was still a little considerate. However, Han Sheng wanted to know the story of the White Fan from the Spring Demon. Was it true that the Spring Demon that the White Fan said before killed Liu Yunsu, so the Chun Demon told Han Sheng the story between them. Both Bai Fan and Liu Yunsu are attendants of the Spring Demon, and they have been with the Spring Demon for almost a thousand years.

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