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Good and Evil 百灵潭 Episode 3 Recap

On the way to find the white fan with Han Sheng, Chun Yao saw the imperial list posted on the street and was looking for Han Sheng, so Chun Sheng gave Han Sheng a bracelet to hide, but he unexpectedly broke the bracelet at the gate of the city. The prototype, the guards are about to hold Hansheng, the angry spring demon scolds Hansheng for being really unlucky.

Han Sheng was a little hungry and told Chun Yao to take him to a restaurant to eat. Han Sheng’s food appearance was not like a princess at all, and it was uglier than a court lady. Just when they were having a meal, a celestial master appeared outside the window. It was a disciple of Lingtai Shanjia Lantian Master named Bufan. He performed magic spells on the people on the street. When he found the evil spirit in the spring monster, he shot and wanted to capture it.

The sword was about to pierce the spring demon’s throat and was blocked by the spring demon’s spell and bounced back, after which the demon spirit disappeared for no reason. The owner of the restaurant hurriedly came forward to explain that the extraordinary navigation is still shallow, so that everyone should not be offended. Although Bufan was not reconciled, he still apologized to Chun Yao and left. However, the spring demon found that the demon-like spirit of the white fan was near the restaurant.

Han Sheng was anxious to go to the bathroom, and saw the bride in a room that was extremely ugly. At this time, a white fan appeared. As long as she was willing to exchange ten years of life in the New Year, she would be able to give her beauty. When the white fan was casting spells on the bride, he found that Hansheng was outside the door and wanted to catch her. At this time, the spring demon rushed to collect the white fan.

Unexpectedly, the mark of Hansheng’s injury blocked the spring demon’s spell, and the white fan took the opportunity to run away. NS. The Spring Demon didn’t know why that happened. It was Han Sheng’s own decision. Han Sheng had no choice but to commit suicide with the Spring Demon’s sword. Unexpectedly, he could not die. As long as the cold and vivid hands, the Spring Demon would be extremely uncomfortable, and the Spring Demon had to call Han. The health assistant followed him to find the white fan.

Bufan was looking for a monster in a brothel, and he found a prostitute with a wicked look and wanted to take it away. The old bust told Bufan to spend money to take the girl away, but Bufan had no money. At this time, a white fan appeared, and Bufan knew that she was also a monster. The spring demon also appeared when she was about to do it. In the woods, the Spring Demon caught up with Bai Fan and asked what she had done to tell her husband Liu Yunsu, but what happened to Liu Yunsu was not what Bai Fan heard.

Chun Yao asked Bai Fan to tell him where he heard it, but Bai Fan said that Si Mao had seen it with his own eyes. After speaking, he had to start with Chun Yao and show off his unique skills to kill Chun Yao. But Chun Yao didn’t want to kill her with Bai Fan. When Bai Fan escaped, he left a sentence: The Spring Demon who forgot to remember on the bank of the river may one day Chun Yao will end up like a Bai Fan.

After Bai Fan escaped, Si Mao showed his ability to laugh at Bai Fan’s inferior Chun Yao, and asked Bai Fan to take out the Kunlun mirror to look at Liu Yunsu. Now he is waiting for Bai Fan to rescue him. Bai Fan looked at Liu Yunsu in the mirror, tearful, and must save his husband. Just work.

Bufan abducted Hansheng as a monster, and Chunyao caught up with Hansheng and left Hansheng without much effort. This called Bufan very angry and helpless.

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