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Good and Evil 百灵潭 Episode 2 Recap

Chun Yao brought Han Sheng back to Bailingtan and asked why she had no shadow, and Han Sheng also asked that Chun Yao had no shadow. Chun Yao saw that Han Sheng was injured and had the mark of the book of residence, it was clearly not a mortal. Ordinary birthmarks are not so powerful. It is better to call Han Sheng to tell the truth, that is the mark of their book of Bailingtan. But Han Sheng didn’t know what Chun Yao was talking about, his face was blank. Chun Yao insisted on seeing Han Sheng’s past clearly, so he held her hand to examine the past. Unexpectedly, he could not find out the past but messed up all the original books of Wansu Pavilion.

The peacock demon Kong Lan called Chun Yao or killed it. Forget the death and cold life, she is an ominous person, but Chun Yao did not do that, and asked Han Sheng to clean up all the books in the Wansu Pavilion, otherwise she would be destroyed. After going out, Chun Yao and Kong Lan were both surprised that they had never seen a demon able to hide the book by themselves. Kong Lan felt that there was only one possibility that she was a creature that shouldn’t exist. Chunsheng feels that Hansheng’s life experience is a mystery and must be determined.

Chun Yao carefully inspected Guan Die, who was married to Nanyuan Kingdom, and found that Han Sheng was an ominous person, but she had a very unusual vision. Could it be caused by the mistake of the person who wrote the book. At this moment, Sime Xingjun went crazy to play with Chun Yao, telling Chun Yao that his thousand-year catastrophe was about to come, but he still didn’t know what the disaster was, and asked Chun Yao to pay attention to whether there was anything abnormal in the nearest Bailingtan.

Things, as long as he collects Qisu Books, he will be able to return to the immortal home. Don’t make mistakes at this time. However, the Spring Demon asked Si Ming Xing Jun to do his own affairs first, and if Tian Zun found out that he was going down privately, he would be beaten back to the gossip board, and he was scared that Si Ming Xing Jun quickly slipped away.

The Spring Demon went to Ghost Yuan and saw the Kunlun Mirror stolen. Wuyin knew from a glance that Bai Fan took the Kunlun Mirror while paying her respects to her husband Liu Yunsu. She had an obsession in her heart, and she could see Liu Yunsu in the Kunlun Mirror. But what the Spring Demon is most afraid of is that the white fan will be ruined by changing his fate against the sky. The Spring Demon wants to go out to find the Kunlun Mirror, so that Kong Lan and Wuyin must guard Bailingtan well.

Just when Han Sheng was packing up the Suo Yao Shi, he accidentally opened the Suo Yao Shi. The name of Han Sheng was written in the Suo Yao Shi. It was a surprise for both Han Sheng and Chun Yao. Chun Yao watched Suo Yao Shi appear. Unusually, the angry spring demon grabbed Hansheng’s hand and told her not to pretend to be a mortal, but to kill her.

In order to save her life, Han Sheng told Chun Yao that she saw the white fan at this time, so Chun Yao grasped Han Sheng’s wrist and saw that the white fan was at an old woman’s house, as long as the old woman with the birthmark on her face was willing to be destroyed for ten years and be ordered. Can give her a beautiful face. Chun Yao called Han Sheng to use it for him in the future, so that it would be guaranteed not to kill her.

Chun Yao took Han Sheng to look for the white fan. Han Sheng always kept thinking about it on the way. The annoying Chun Yao warned Han Sheng not to be too wordy. She was just a mortal in Bailingtan, even if he didn’t. There are many little demons who will kill Hansheng. Han Sheng knew that those little demons were drinking blood and running away was the best policy. Soon, the little demon reported that the Spring Demon had escaped in coldness, and the Spring Demon hurriedly led people to catch up.

Han Sheng Wu rushed into a beautiful room, and Chun Sheng arrived at this time, telling Han Sheng not to be fooled. It looked beautiful there, but in fact it was extremely dangerous. He would be killed by his breath as long as he moved around. Han Sheng is always a mortal. If he doesn’t breathe, he quickly goes to consciousness. Chun Yao hurriedly used the immortal energy to input Han Sheng. Unexpectedly, Han Sheng came and slapped Chun Yao. It was Han Sheng’s first kiss, the spring of anger. The demon wants to kill Hansheng.

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