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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 29 Recap

Qiu Yanzhi returned to the shogi camp. The more she thought about it, the more something went wrong. She couldn’t figure out what You wanted to save her, and she couldn’t understand the right phase. Qiu Yanzhi felt that You were similar to each other before, but she couldn’t remember where she met him. pass. Qiu Yanzhi asked Yan Xiu about the progress of the matter, and learned that Shen had taken poison and committed suicide. Jiang Ding would not talk nonsense in front of Qiu Ziliang for the time being, because his son was in Yan Xiu’s hands, and the only person Yan Xiu could not worry about was Yuan Xing.

Yuan Xing had a chance to escape during the civil strife. He wanted to escape Heng’an City as soon as possible, but he was still blocked by Qiu Ziliang at home. Yan Xiu had replaced all the subordinates around Yuan Xing and was ready to attack him at any time. Qi Yan invited Qi Chen to treat Cheng Ruoyu’s injuries, and also prepared Cheng Ruoyu’s favorite cherry bi Luo. Cheng Ruoyu casually said that she liked Han Yue’s cherry bi Luo, but Qi Yan didn’t ask much.

When Qiu Yanzhi returned to Wang Yang’s old house, he couldn’t help but recalled the beautiful past of playing with his sister when he was a child. Although the scenery in front of him is still the same, it is already different. Qiu Yanzhi has mixed feelings in his heart. Yan Xiu hurriedly reported to Qiu Yanzhi of revenge Ziliang’s return. Qiu Yanzhi forcibly pulled herself away from the good memories, and she went to see Qiu Ziliang for the first time.

Qiu Ziliang sent a right car to Zhenwu secretly and found a secret letter from Cheng Xi to Zhenwu. Qiu Ziliang ordered Yan Xiu to catch Cheng Xi as soon as possible. When he learned that Yuan Xing was seriously injured and unconscious, he rushed over to see what happened. Qi Yan found out that Qiu Ziliang had not come in the morning.

Li Deyun reported on the situation of the Shencai Army’s civil unrest. He also drafted a list of officials who took over the Shencai Army. Qi Yan said that Qiu Ziliang’s supervision was unfavorable, causing the Shencai Army to lose six generals. For this reason, he immediately decreed that Qiu Ziliang was removed from the position of General of the Shencai Army, and Han Ding took over him in charge of the Shencai Army. Other officials arranged according to Li Deyun’s list.

Qi Yan succeeded in seizing Qiu Ziliang’s military power and eradicating his gang members. Qi Yan felt more relaxed than ever. After Qi Yan’s meticulous care, Cheng Ruoyu’s injury gradually improved. Qi Yan sent someone to make his favorite Sophora japonica leaf cold wash, to share with Cheng Ruoyu, and casually talked about the origin of this bowl of noodles. When Qi Yan was a child, he often ran out of the palace. Emperor Xian asked him three questions. If there is no money, Quan Heren should stop being naughty. Emperor Xian cut down a locust tree and returned to the palace and made a bowl of locust leaves for Qi Yan. , Qi Yan had never eaten this kind of noodles since the death of Emperor Xian.

Notices were posted on the streets and lanes of Heng’an City to apprehend Shi Yuan and Cheng Xi, and people stopped to watch. The Qiuyan Zhixiu faction strictly investigated Shi Yuan’s whereabouts, and then checked the purpose of the right car’s return. Qi Yan and Cheng Ruoyu lay side by side on the dragon couch, and the two of them treated each other frankly, complaining to each other, and finally fell asleep. In the middle of the night, a man in black with a mask suddenly broke into Qi Yan’s bedroom.

Cheng Ruoyu spotted the assassin, but was unable to move. He was so scared that he called Qi Yan up loudly. Qi Yan and the assassin made a big fight, but they were assassinated twice by the assassin. Dao, Qi Yan took off the assassin’s veil and found that the person was Shi Yuan.

Qiu Ziliang came afterwards, Qi Yan fainted to the ground because of his injuries, Qiu Yanzhi learned of this, and immediately took Yan Xiu into the palace. The imperial doctor examined Qi Yan, but he was powerless. Qi Yan was already unable to return to the sky, and could live up to ten days. Cheng Huaizhi was heartbroken and punched and kicked Shi Yuan.

Qiu Ziliang hurriedly stopped Cheng Huaizhi and let Shi Yuan describe the whole process of the civil strife in detail. Shi Yuan invited his colleagues to drink, Yuan Xing did not come to participate, and other colleagues were not allowed to go to the appointment, Shi Yuan went to Master Yuan Xingxing to inquire about the crime, Yuan Xing’s entourage instigated them, two people fought, Shi Yuan turned around and saw Yan Xiu. I think he looks a lot like the person who is picking things up, but that person has a big beard.

Qiu Yanzhi brought a fake beard and put it on Yan Xiu himself. Shi Yuan determined that Yan Xiu was the one who was picking things up next to Yuan Xing. When Cheng Ruoyu saw that Qi Yan was dying, Qiu Ziliang ignored his life and death. Cheng Ruoyu lied that he sent Yan Xiu to provoke the incident and asked Qiu Ziliang to send someone to rescue Qi Yan as soon as possible.

Qiu Yanzhi stood up to defend Yan Xiu, and brought three guards with big beards so that Shi Yuan could identify the person who was picking up the matter from the four. Shi Yuan could not recognize him, but he clearly remembered that person’s voice. Qiu Ziliang asked Yan Xiu and the four of them to repeat what they said that day. Shi Yuan felt that Yan Xiu was very similar to the other person. Yan Xiu repeatedly explained that he was practicing at the shogi camp on the day of the incident. The pawns can prove that Cheng Ruoyu took a bite. He insisted that he was the one who provoked civil strife.

Qiu Ziliang dispelled his suspicion of Yan Xiu and wanted to kill Shi Yuan. He publicly exposed that Shi Yuan received a bribe from Cheng Xi and then assassinated Qi Yan in the middle of the night. Shi Yuan accused Qiu Ziliang of sending him to assassinate Qi Yan, and Qiu Ziliang ordered Shi Yuan to beheaded to the public. . Cheng Ruoyu prayed to heaven, hoping that Qi Yan would wake up as soon as possible. Qi Yan woke up in a daze. He realized that he was short in time and was unwilling to die like this. Qi Yan called an eunuch and asked him to write a ghost. According to a will, Cheng Ruoyu was sealed as a beauty, and she was given a thousand hectares of fertile land. Once Qi Yan dies, Cheng Ruoyu can leave the palace to marry others.

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