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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 28 Recap

Qiu Yanzhi brought Cui a bowl of tea and wanted to poison the tea. Cui was busy verifying that he had no time to drink tea. Qiu Yanzhi had to suggest to Cheng Ruoyu that Cheng Ruoyu immediately understood and was in a hurry. She yelled, and Cheng Xi rushed in when she heard the news. The Cui family had already checked and reported to Qiu Ziliang that Cheng Ruoyu had been pregnant for two and a half months. Qiu Ziliang still didn’t believe it.

He sent someone to the door of life and death to intimidate the imperial physician. Shen Lao and Cui clan told the truth, the imperial physician and Cui cried out on their knees and begged for mercy. Old Shen confirmed that he was not mistaken and was willing to choose to die. Qiu Ziliang ordered all three of them to be executed.

Qiu Ziliang sent someone to bring Cheng Ruoyu a bowl of Soothing Soup, which was actually an abortion medicine, claiming that Cheng Ruoyu was not worthy to give birth to Qi Yan, and Qi Yan stood up to intercede for Cheng Ruoyu and insisted on keeping his own child. Qiu Ziliang did not After buying it, Qi Yan threatened and intimidated him, and Qi Yan had to agree to feed Cheng Ruoyu and drink the medicine himself.

Yan Xiu came to Shi Yuan’s house and found that his whole family had been destroyed, and Yuan Xing was also killed. He hurried to the camp of Shencai Army. Qi Yan took the bowl of tranquilizing soup and fed Cheng Ruoyu to drink it himself. After Chou Ziliang’s people left, Cheng Ruoyu spit out all the soup in his mouth on the square towel. Yan Xiu came to negotiate with Jiang Ding and asked him to pass false news to Qiu Ziliang, and promised to let him be the general of the talented army after the incident was completed. Jiang Ding only wanted to get his son back.

Knowing that Cheng Ruoyu had drunk the Soothing Soup, Qiu Ziliang pressed Cheng Xi bitterly, and Cheng Xi suspected that all this was carefully planned by Qiu Yanzhi. The spies hurriedly reported to Qiu Ziliang that Zhenwu’s troops had indeed set off. Qiu Ziliang wanted to kill Cheng Xi. Cheng Xi suddenly held Qiu Yanzhi. Qiu Ziliang asked Cheng Xi to release Qiu Yanzhi and promised to give her the whole body. Cheng Xi was determined. Quit, Qiu Ziliang had to let Cheng Xi and Qiu Yanzhi leave. In accordance with

Yan Xiu reported to Qiu Ziliang on time according to the time calculated in advance by Qiu Yanzhi. He claimed that two hours ago, the Shencai Army had a civil unrest. Qiu Ziliang’s cronies Yuan Xing and Shi Yuan were both injured. Only Jiang Ding was the only one who was struggling to support him. Qiu Ziliang calmed down in the past, but Qiu Ziliang has not responded yet. Qi Yan hugged Cheng Ruoyu, who was unconscious, and hurried to take Cheng Ruoyu back to the palace. Li Deyun led Zhaoyi Army to escort him in time and urged Chou Ziliang to calm the internal strife of the Shencai Army. Qiu Ziliang learned that all his confidants were all. When he died, he had no time to take care of Cheng Ruoyu, so he had to let Qi Yan take her away.

Li Deyun escorted Qi Yan and Cheng Ruoyu back to the palace. On the way, he briefly reported to Qi Yan the whole process of the disintegration of the talented army. Cheng Ruoyu admitted that all this was carefully arranged by Qiu Yanzhi, and Qiu Yanzhi sent people under the guise of Shiyuan. Yuan Xing’s family was killed in name, Yuan Xing led troops to destroy Shi Yuan’s family. Cheng Ruoyu was worried about Qiu Yanzhi’s safety, Qi Yan determined that Cheng Xi would not kill her, but the chess camp would be messed up for a while. He could take the opportunity to control the talented army and put Liu Misha back to Zhenwu. Qi Yan firmly believed that it would be in October. Everything was done within days, Li Deyun wished him success in advance, and Qi Yan worried that Qiu Ziliang would not let go.

Cheng Xi locked up Qiu Yanzhi. Qiu Yanzhi was not afraid to expose that Cheng Xi was the third person behind the scenes. Cheng Xi confessed. Qiu Ziliang came to the camp of the Shencai Army, saw Jiang Ding standing alone there, and learned about the whole process of the civil unrest from him. Qiu Ziliang went through the matter and concluded that this was a series of tricks used by Qi Yan. He didn’t. Be willing to admit defeat.

The Right Phase came and forced Cheng Xi to release Qiu Yanzhi. Cheng Xi resolutely refused to do it. She and Right had turned their faces and knocked Right Phase to the ground. Thanks to someone who came to the rescue in time, the Right Phase took the opportunity to save Qiu Yanzhi. Go, Qiu Yanzhi doesn’t believe that You will meet Cheng Xi in order to save her. Right shows that he has never coveted the throne, but just wants to get rid of the eunuch.

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