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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 27 Recap

Qiu Ziliang detained Cheng Ruoyu and taught her well. Cheng Xi wanted to continue to intercede for Cheng Ruoyu, but Qiu Ziliang was forcibly sent away. Qiu Yanzhi rescued Liu Misha and sent him to the palace. Qi Yan was overjoyed. When he learned that Cheng Ruoyu had sacrificed himself to rescue Liu Misha, Qi Yan went to the enemy to save people without saying a word.

Qiu Ziliang spoke harshly to Cheng Ruoyu, Cheng Ruoyu did not show weakness, and sneered at him. Qiu Ziliang knocked her to the ground in a fit of anger, and forced her to ask her bitterly. Cheng Xi and Qi Yan were conspiring, Cheng Ruoyu refused to answer. Qiu Ziliang asked the rightist to use the torture of breaking the bones to wipe out Cheng Ruoyu’s martial arts.

Qiu Ziliang didn’t believe that Cheng Xi was sincere, and suspected that she and Qi Yan had a conspiracy, and Cheng Xi didn’t want to explain too much. Qi Yan aggressively led people into the enemy’s house, Qiu Ziliang ordered Cheng Xi to kill Qi Yan with his own hands to show his loyalty. Qiu Ziliang wanted to stop Qi Yan, but he directly broke into the hall and kicked the rightist away. Qiu Ziliang ordered Cheng Xi to kill Qi Yan, and Cheng Xi had to follow up.

Qi Yan asked Qiu Ziliang Xingshi about his crime. Qiu Ziliang insisted that Cheng Ruoyu trespassed into his home and attempted to assassinate him. Qi Yan admitted that he had sent Cheng Ruoyu to kill the traitor Cheng Xi, and then picked up Cheng Ruoyu and left. Cheng Xi drew his sword to stop them, forced Cheng Ruoyu to pay for the three girls in Ziyi Ju, and asked Li Rong to lift the bodies of the girls. It was the first time that Cheng Ruoyu saw Cheng Xi so ruthless, and she was very sad.

Both Qiu Ziliang and Cheng Xi demanded that Cheng Ruoyu be sent to the Dali Temple for trial. Cheng Ruoyu claimed to be pregnant with Qi Yan’s child. According to the Daxing Law, she had to wait for her to give birth before accepting sanctions. Everyone present was shocked.

It turned out that all this was carefully designed by Qiu Yanzhi. Qiu Yanzhi asked Cheng Ruoyu to go to the enemy’s house to save people, and sent Yan Xiu to take advantage of the chaos to rescue Liu Misha and give it to Qi Yan, and then let Qi Yan go to the enemy’s house. To save Cheng Ruoyu, Qiu Yanzhi came up with the amulet of pregnancy for Cheng Ruoyu, and worried that Qiu Ziliang would kill Cheng Ruoyu, and Qiu Yanzhi would let Cheng Ruoyu expose Cheng Xi’s conspiracy.

Cheng Ruoyu insisted that Cheng Xi pretended to take refuge in Qiu Ziliang, in order to provoke Qi Yan and Qiu Ziliang’s hatred. When they both lose, Cheng Xi seizes the opportunity to seize the throne and become the emperor. Ziyuan pretended to be Liu Misha and killed Wang Lin, and then rescued Liu Misha from the chaos. Cheng Xi wanted to borrow Zhen Wu’s power to kill Qi Yan, Qi Yan, Qiu Ziliang and Saddle King at the ceremony for the canonization of the emperor’s brother, and finally ascended the throne as the female emperor. .

Qiu Ziliang had originally doubted Cheng Xi’s purpose of taking refuge in him, but now facing Cheng Ruoyu’s accusation, he doesn’t trust Cheng Xi even more. Cheng Ruoyu also revealed three things that Cheng Xi did. Cheng Xi was drugged by King Saddle. Zhenwu’s troops were already on their way to Beijing, and Cheng Xi was still holding an ascension ceremony on the stone steps under Danfengmen. After loading the gunpowder, Qiu Ziliang sent someone to confirm it immediately, and Cheng Xi gritted his teeth with anger.

People from the Qiu Ziliang faction soon brought news. King An’s illness still needs further investigation. Zhenwu’s troops are unable to be sure for the time being, but he found gunpowder and organs under Danfeng’s gate. Qiu Ziliang ordered Cheng Xi to be arrested. Cheng Xi Struggling to death, it is revealed that Cheng Ruoyu is not pregnant.

Qiu Yanzhi was also sleepless all night. She had been looking forward to dawn and thinking about the smooth implementation of her plan, and her excitement was beyond words. Qi Yan settled Cheng Ruoyu, sent someone to call Cheng Huaizhi, and asked him to bring the living records of the respect room. He wanted to give the child in Cheng Ruoyu a legitimate reason. Qi Yan worried that Cheng Ruoyu would not pass the test. Cheng Ruoyu had already prepared for this hurdle.

Cheng Ruoyu guessed that Qiu Ziliang would find Mr. Shen to get Cheng Ruoyu’s pulse, so he asked Yan Xiu’s tutorial on Ruoyu’s movement to cause the pulse to be disordered, causing the illusion of happy pulse. Cheng Ruoyu sent someone to buy the wife, regardless of Qiu Ziliang. She will send someone to adjust the package in advance if she finds a stable wife.

As expected by Qiu Yanzhi, Qiu Ziliang went to see an imperial physician, and Shen Lao and Wenpo Cui Shi examined Cheng Ruoyu’s body. Qiu Yanzhi arranged everything and immediately sent Yan Xiu to provoke Shi Yuan and Yuan Xing’s hatred, and completely destroyed the talented army. Qiu Yanzhi was uneasy and personally supervised the whole process of Cheng Ruoyu’s physical examination.

Cheng Huaizhi brought Qi Yan’s daily life record. It stated the time when Cheng Ruoyu was in bed. Cheng Xi still didn’t believe it. The doctor found out that Cheng Ruoyu had been pregnant for two months. Qiu Ziliang sent someone to call Shen Lao. Shen Lao discovered that Cheng Ruoyu had been tortured to smash her bones, so he fed her an analgesic pill. Cheng Ruoyu transported her according to the method Qiu Yanzhi taught her in advance. Gong, Shen Lao confirmed that Cheng Ruoyu was pregnant for more than four months. Cheng Xi didn’t believe it, and Qiu Ziliang sent Cui to verify his body.

Cheng Xi wanted to follow Cui’s inspection, but Qiu Yanzhi firmly refused to agree. When she learned that the adjustment plan had failed, and now it was the real Cui, Qiu Yanzhi actively asked to supervise Cui’s inspection.

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