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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2021) 天龙八部 Episode 24 Recap

Ruan Xingzhu hugged the girl back into the attic, and inadvertently found a golden lock piece from her body. His face changed drastically. Especially the girl’s left shoulder was engraved with a paragraph, which is Azi, the daughter of Ruan Xingzhu and Duan Zhengchun. Seeing Ah Zi lying on the couch, stiff, already dead, Ruan Xingzhu was in grief and complained that Duan Zhengchun had never fulfilled his father’s responsibilities and would kill his biological daughter as soon as he met.

Seeing this, Qiao Feng stretched out his hand to take Azi’s pulse, and immediately saw through her use of tortoise-breathing power to hide from the sky. A Zi was clicked on by Qiao Feng’s laughing point. Seeing their daughter wake up, Duan Zhengchun and Ruan Xingzhu rushed forward to recognize her. They were guilty of leaving behind a pair of daughters, and they did not expect that their little daughter would worship the old demon in the stars.

Because Azi had no one to take care of him since he was a child, he has developed a wayward and arrogant and very scheming. As a father, Duan Zhengchun, because of his guilt, has not been investigated. Originally Duan Zhengchun rushed to the Central Plains to investigate the tragedy on the order of the emperor’s brother. He took the opportunity to visit Ruan Xingzhu, who was living in seclusion on the shore of Xiaojing Lake.

Qiao Feng found that Azhu’s eyes were red, but he did not know that she was sad because of her life experience. The four guards showed up one after another, but the four evil men followed behind. Even though Duan Yanqing rarely showed up in the Central Plains, the martial arts knew that he was proficient in the Duan Family’s Yiyang Finger, and he had practiced a wicked martial arts. The so-called combination of good and evil, even masters like Monk Huang Mei were defeated, so Duan Zhengchun was self-conscious I know it’s not his opponent.

Among the four guards, Gu Ducheng and Fu Sigui were injured one after another. Chu Wanli was humiliated by Azi fishing nets and died early. Because she is the daughter of Duan Zhengchun, this shame is destined to be unable to wash the snow for life. Yanqing fought to death and was seriously injured and killed. A Zi didn’t take it seriously, but sneered at the side. Duan Zhengchun was furious when he heard the words, and slapped her backhand with a palm.

Now that he both grieves the death of Chu Wanli, and feels that there are women like this, ashamed of the ministers, Duan Zhengchun wants to kill Duan Yanqing to no avail, and is in danger. Qiao Feng learned that the man in front of him was actually the Duan Zhengchun he was looking for, and was shocked at the moment, so he took the man from Duan Yanqing. Duan Yanqing has long heard of Qiao Feng’s fame, and no longer loves fighting, leading the wicked people to leave Xiaojing Lake.

Ruan Xingzhu didn’t know the reason, but knew that Qiao Feng saved Duan Zhengchun and hurriedly thanked him. However, Qiao Feng thought of the tragic death of his parents outside Yanmen Pass, and saw his enemies reunited with his wife and daughter today, with hatred from his heart and unwilling to speak out in public, so he vaguely asked whether Duan Zhengchun had made a big mistake.

Duan Zhengchun mistakenly thought that Qiao Feng meant Azi, and regretted that he was too abusive at the time, involved in such a fate, and even claimed that he was ashamed of his virtue, and there were too many ridiculous things in his life. Whenever he thought about it, he was very disturbed. Because of this, Qiao Feng even believed that he was the eldest brother who took the lead. In his anger, he asked Duan Zhengchun to meet on the Qingshi Bridge at the third watch tonight.

Azhu knew that Qiao Feng was avenging his blood, but he was unwilling to witness the tragic death of his father, especially facing the dilemma between relatives and lovers, and finally decided to let her resolve this grievance. That night, Azhu made an excuse to ask Qiao Feng to help him make ginger soup, and took the opportunity to notify Duan Zhengchun to cancel the meeting.

When Qiao Feng entered the room with a soup bowl, Azhu filled the room with candles and leaned forward to kiss him on the cheek. Qiao Feng was overjoyed. He hadn’t noticed A Zhu’s strangeness. He didn’t know that A Zhu had already prepared a human skin mask. When the time came, Yi Rong Cheng Duan Zhengchun went to Qingshiqiao.

Ah Zhu went to the appointment with tears, willing to pay off with his fate, and was seriously injured by Qiao Feng. As the mask fell, Qiao Feng was shocked to see A Zhu’s true capacity, and his thoughts were lost. He tried to infuse A Zhu’s body with true energy, but it was a pity that he had only used his full strength with that palm. Azi hid by the lake to witness the whole process, especially when he heard Azhu ask Qiao Feng to take care of herself before his death, tears burst into his face, and at the same time, he was deeply saddened.

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