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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2021) 天龙八部 Episode 23 Recap

Wisdom Disc sat on the futon with his knees on his knees. On the surface, it looked like he closed his eyes and rested his mind, but when Ah Zhu stretched out his hand to reach the end of his nose, his breathing had stopped prematurely and he had passed away. When Qiao Feng saw this, he was speechless. After he bowed to his knees, he saw the paintings and calligraphy burned on his own. It wrote: “The Khitan of the Han people is also illusion and true, grievances, honor and disgrace, turned into dust.”

The two of them walked out of Zhiguan Temple and led their horses to the outskirts. All kinds of feelings came out spontaneously. They only expressed their opinions about the behavior of Master Zhiguang. Ah Zhu thought of the paintings and calligraphy in the Zen room, and more or less understood why the eminent monk would rather not reveal the identity of the leader to the outside world, because she knows that there are endless grievances, so instead of entanglement, it is better to let go.

Seeing Qiao Feng’s sad face these few days, Azhu knew that he was tired of the life on the edge of the rivers and lakes, so he might as well go to graze outside Yanmen Pass and ignore it from then on. Even if Qiao Feng is such a rough man, he still understands the meaning of Azhu’s words, and was moved by it. He took her into his arms and promised each other forever.

Abbot Xuanci and the other high monks returned to the temple, took off their hats, revealing their true faces, and with a solemn expression. They blamed themselves for not checking the truth before, conjectured Qiao Feng, and even attempted to jointly kill him. However, Qiao Feng is bright and neat. Unlike people like them, who knows that the other party is not the real perpetrator of the tragedy, they also want to frame it. It is entirely to prove that the Khitan people are cruel and like to kill. In this way, the Central Plains Martial Arts can kill Qiao. The evil deeds of Feng’s parents became a matter of course.

Now that the truth has surfaced, it has not yet been made known to the world. Instead, many rumors point to Qiao Feng, and the black hand behind the scenes is at large. It is precisely because Xuanzai was the elder brother who took the lead in that incident. He knew that his sins were serious and that many innocent people died tragically. He really didn’t want to continue to escape, so he decided to tell the world the truth in order to look and listen.

On the other hand, Qiao Feng was dressed as a five-bag disciple of the Beggar Gang at this time by Azhu. As for Azhu himself, it was Elder Yi Rongcheng Bai who took him to Xinyang to visit Kang Min, hoping to reveal his identity as the leader. Azhu is good at speaking and is good at tempting Kang Min, but she does not know that her decent manner has become the key to exposing her instincts.

When Kang Min saw that his former lover was so born, he was full of nonsense, and instantly he knew that someone was pretending to be Elder Bai, so he calculated his plan and deliberately stated that the leading brother came from the southwest, which meant Dali Zhennan King. When Qiao Feng heard these words, he couldn’t help but feel very heavy.

But Azhu thinks that this kind of bloody hatred is more than one end. If you can avenge this hatred, you don’t have to worry about the morality of the spring breeze on the rivers and lakes. However, even if Qiao Feng’s martial arts is noble, there are top-notch martial arts in the martial arts, and it is rumored that the Duan Clan of Dali’s Six-Medition Excalibur is extraordinary, and even Murong Bo admires it.

Because of this, Azhu gave the Yi Jin Jing she stole from Shaolin to Qiao Feng. If Qiao Feng can practice this, any mediocre martial arts will turn decay into magic. However, the scriptures were full of Sanskrit, and the two of them couldn’t understand at all. Fortunately, Qiao Feng didn’t mind the gains and losses.

As the voice just fell, and suddenly heard the footsteps outside the door, a Dali warrior roared and smashed in a frantic manner, suspecting that he had been tricked by others. Although the samurai was in a trance, he did not lose his martial arts, and Qiao Feng forcibly subdued the opponent and pulled him into the inn lobby, patiently comforting him.

Under Qiao Feng and Azhu’s inquiries, the samurai intermittently told the general situation and urged them to go to the Xiaohu Jingzhu Forest to report to the Lord’s bulletin. Following the directions given by the store, Qiao Feng led Azhu to search along the road, and finally saw a fisherman by the lake being teased by a purple-clothed girl. The young girl was young, lively and lovely, with a vicious heart, so angry that the fisherman yelled, restrained and could not move.

Upon hearing the news, Duan Zhengchun shot and clasped the girl’s joint points and asked her to release the fisherman. The girl was invincible and begged for mercy again and again. She did not expect to take advantage of everyone’s precautions, launching a hidden weapon backhand, and the poison fed on the needle was very powerful. Seeing the blood sealed her throat, she immediately gave her life. Seeing the girl’s fierceness, Duan Zhengchun was annoyed and hit her directly into the lake, but thinking that her life was at stake, he called his mistress Ruan Xingzhu to come and save others.

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