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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2021) 天龙八部 Episode 22 Recap

After analyzing the known clues, Qiao Feng decided to ask Elder Xu first. After all, Master Zhiguang traveled all over the world, and Zhao Qiansun wandered indefinitely. It would not be easy to find them. When Ah Zhu saw that Qiao Feng was going to take her with her, he was naturally overjoyed. At the moment, the two of them turned south, bypassing Yanmen Pass from the mountains to the small town, and found a guest shop to rest.

Considering that Qiao Feng made too many enemies, Azhu suggested that he drink as little as possible. Qiao Feng readily agreed and pretended to rush on the road with Azhu until the end of the day, and finally entered the city. However, before seeing Elder Xu, he heard that he was brutally murdered and died in a terrible state. The disciples of the Beggar Gang believed that it was Qiao Feng’s work, and discussed that Elder Xu’s spiritual position was set in an abandoned garden in the west of the city. Many heroes and heroes went to pay homage one after another.

Just as Qiao Feng and Azhu were walking towards the abandoned garden, they suddenly found Po Tan passing by, Zhao Qiansun followed, and the two of them entered the alley with their front and back feet, looking strange and seemingly weird. Qiao Feng followed quickly and came to the secluded abandoned courtyard. He stood by the window and listened to Zhao Qiansun showing his love to Po Tan, and even wanted her to sing to herself.

Unexpectedly, Tan Po was moved, and she readily agreed. Just about to speak, Qiao Feng stepped in and tapped the acupuncture points of the two men, mocking the shameless couple, and even called for someone to come and have a look. In order to protect her reputation, Tan Po wanted to reveal the identity of the leader, but because Zhao Qiansun begged so hard, she kept silent.

Qiao Feng knew that it was useless to force it any more, so he simply took a jade hairpin from Tan Po’s head, jumped out of the cabin and returned to Weihui City, and came to where Tan Gong had settled. Using Yuchai as an exhibit, Qiao Feng informed Tan Gong of the matter of Tan Po and Zhao Qian’s private meeting, and threatened him that if he did not reveal the name of the leader, he would make the matter public and discredit everyone.

Tan Gong took care of his wife, but he only obeyed Qiao Feng’s request, provided that he saw Tan Po first. As everyone knows, at this time, Tan Po and Zhao Qiansun died of unfavorable fate, with a large block of bruises on their chests, which were obviously hit by heavy palm strength. Tan Gong mistakenly thought that Qiao Feng had killed Tan Po, and because he had lost his force to Qiao Feng, he simply slammed his head against the window edge and died in love.

Seeing this tragic situation, Qiao Feng felt sorry for him. Although the Tan family and Zhao Qiansun were not killed by him, they died for him in the end. Returning to the inn in a hurry, Qiao Feng explained the situation to Azhu. What happened that night was a fire in Shanfu. The whole family, men, women and children, as well as letters between Shan Zheng and the leader, were all buried in the fire cave.

Repeatedly, the people behind the scenes will always start faster than them. Qiao Feng mocked himself as a hero, but he was still applauded by the other party. After leaving Tai’an, Qiao Feng took Azhu Zongma to travel south, and suddenly received a mysterious letter. When he answered the appointment, five men in strong costumes and hats stood by the lake.

Qiao Feng didn’t know that these five people were Shaolin monks in disguise, and the first to speak was Master Xuan Ci. They were here to verify the truth of recent murders and had to try their tricks. After five rounds, with Qiao Feng Yunjin’s approach, it really didn’t look like a murderer. Xuan Ci sent a message to Qiao Feng on behalf of the leading brother, claiming that he was willing to bear the grievances with all his strength. If Qiao Feng wanted to come home for revenge, he was determined to stand up and take the slaughter, and would never escape.

Master Zhiguang appointed a monk to the inn to invite Azhu and Qiao Feng to the temple to meet. At this time, Qiao Feng returned from the outside and accepted the invitation. Just now, he had a stand with the five people and almost died. Even if he thinks about it afterwards, he still has lingering fears. If he really is not alive, how should he take care of Azhu. Hearing Qiao Feng’s emotions, A Zhu was deeply moved, so he hugged him behind his back and smiled happily.

In the afternoon, Qiao Feng and Azhu went to the monastery with him. They saw Master Zhiguang. He took the rubbings of the remains of the stone wall from him and learned what happened that year. According to the content of the translation, it is known that Qiao Feng’s father, whose surname is Xiao Ming Yuanshan, worshiped as a teacher under the Han family in the Southern Dynasties. He once vowed not to kill the Han people. However, he saw his wife and children died tragically. Absolutely.

After this incident, everyone explored the source of the information and found out why Xiao Yuanshan was accidentally injured. They did not expect that a delusional person deliberately teased the leader. Even if everyone wanted to find him severely punished, but the delusion had already escaped without a trace, and it would be gone. After more than 30 years, Qiao Feng understood the cause and effect, and wanted to ask the identity of the leader, Master Zhiguang did not say any more, but invited him and Azhu into the monastery.

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