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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2021) 天龙八部 Episode 21 Recap

When the wine bowl fell to the ground, everyone responded and dozens of people besieged Qiao Feng. The situation was like a wheel battle, but Qiao Feng was beaten to the ground. But seeing Qiao Feng’s martial arts outstanding, Xue’s doctor was greatly amazed, and suddenly realized why he could come and go freely in Shaolin without being controlled by the monks.

Xuan Nan and Xuan Ji are two enemies and one enemy, with more cover and less offense. Even if Shan Zheng and his son, Tan Jia and his wife fought back and forth, Qiao Feng still easily dealt with it.

The so-called shield is there, and the shield is dead. Today, the brothers of the You brothers suffered from this humiliation. Upon seeing this, his son exclaimed, not wanting to live in pain. After Qiao Feng killed a person, he shot wildly.

Murong flew back, regardless of Azhu’s life and death, publicly condemning Qiao Feng for his many evils. It’s a pity that he was a villain and was frustrated in martial arts. Even with various tricks, he was still not Qiao Feng’s opponent, and he was defeated horribly. This group of hypocrites couldn’t beat Qiao Feng, but became angry and turned their heads to kill A Zhu.

Upon seeing this, Qiao Feng rose to power and severely wounded more than a few people. He rescued Ah Zhu in time, but was attacked by a shameless person, with a knife in his abdomen. The disciples of Juxianzhuang took the opportunity to besiege. At the moment of the moment, the black robe man threw a long rope to take Qiao Feng away.

Inside the cliff cave, the black-robed man saw that Qiao Feng was almost dying for the woman, and his heart was anxious, but he knew that he was serious about his love and righteousness, so he simply left half a month of food, and told him to feel at ease here to heal his wounds. On the other hand, Elder Bai, entrusted by Qiao Feng, is willing to exchange medicine with Wu, and implore God Xue to heal Azhu.

After a period of time, Ah Zhu’s injury gradually healed, so he designed the acupuncture points of God Doctor Xue, and escaped from the villa like him. In order to repay Qiao Feng’s kindness, A Zhu made a special farewell to Murong Fu, showing that she belonged to her and hoped that the son-in-law would let him go. Moreover, the Murong clan has stipulated that if the maid at home meets the sweetheart, she can leave with her husband. Therefore, before leaving, Azhu sincerely hopes that Murong will not be burdened by the restoration of the country and can put aside everything and find the life he wants to live.

In order to find out his life experience, Qiao Feng went out of the cave and went straight to Yanmen Pass. Unfortunately, there was no writing on the stone wall, and it seemed that someone had deliberately cut it off. Fortunately, Al-Zhu had already been waiting here, and the two were able to meet again, telling each other their experiences after separation. When Qiao Feng learned that Azhu had pretended to be himself, he immediately remembered that when he went to rescue the beggars to help the brothers, he happened to see that person from the back.

At first, it could be regarded as A Zhu’s kindness, but Qiao Feng remembered the murder of Master Xuan Ku, his expression became more serious, and he questioned A Zhu angrily. Seeing Qiao Feng’s murderous face, A Zhu quickly denied that she was definitely not a mysterious opponent with her skill. Qiao Feng was relieved when he heard this, and at the same time regretted that he was too impulsive, that he was indeed wrong to blame A Zhu.

Even so, Azhu still won’t blame Qiao Feng, but even more distressed that he was misunderstood. At this moment, I heard the faint sound of horseshoes in the northeast corner. Qiao Feng walked around the hillside and looked down the mountain. He vaguely saw a group of Song Dynasty officers and soldiers looting the Liao people. Among these Liao people, most of them were Old and weak women and children, as well as many officers and men groping and pinching on the women, they were obscene and ugly, and the elderly were brutally beaten and beaten.

Facing this sudden massacre, Aju was shocked and indignant. Seeing the officers and soldiers of the Song Dynasty grabbing the babies from the women’s arms and holding them high, Qiao Feng went down the mountain to snatch the children, beat the officers and soldiers of the Song Dynasty in twos and threes, and confirmed that he was undoubtedly a Liao by the werewolf tattoo on the chest of the Khitan man.

Now that the truth is revealed, Qiao Feng is deeply in painful memories and even wants to drive Azhu away. However, Azhu is unwilling to leave and threatens to stay with Qiao Feng forever. Because of her deep affection and sincere speech, Qiao Feng was moved. At the request of Wang Jiantong, Qiao Feng promised to be a member of the Song Dynasty forever. But now he has seen this group of mobs, and he is no longer ashamed of the Khitan and no longer proud of the Song Dynasty. He only regards the common people of the world as his own worry. In order to avenge his parents, he is bound to find the leader.

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