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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2021) 天龙八部 Episode 20 Recap

The night was dark and the story was still going on. The boy saw his mother being humiliated and started to get angry. So he stole a sharp knife from the iron shop, stabbed the doctor to death with a knife in the dead of night, and then crawled along the dog hole. Since the front and rear doors were closed tightly and there were no signs of prying open by outsiders, the Yamen arrested the family members to torture and interrogate them, and the case could not be solved for several years.

At first, Ah Zhu couldn’t believe that young children were so vicious and vicious, but after Qiao Feng declared himself his identity, it suddenly became clear that he thought that even if he murdered, he was justified. But now, within one day, Qiao Feng suffered three strange injustices. Except for Azhu, no one believed him. Even the “enemy of the king” Xue, the heroic post of the heroic doctor, was all over the country and the same people came to Juxianzhuang. It is nothing more than to discuss how to deal with Qiao Feng.

Just because Qiao Feng was so despised and despised, A Zhu felt a lot of feelings in his heart, both pampered and moved. The man in front of her was rugged and bold. He was supposed to be respected by friends and feared by enemies, but now he is homeless. Going home, but also guarding such a burdensome self, promised to seek good healing. Thinking of this, Azhu couldn’t help reaching out and attaching the back of Qiao Feng’s hand, holding it gently, hoping to give him a little comfort.

Since Duan Yu bid farewell to Wang Yuyan, he did not leave the inn. Murong Fu was extremely upset about this, and Wang Yuyan was quite embarrassed. At this time, the four guards led everyone to show up, and wanted to bring Duan Yu back to Dali immediately.

Before leaving, Wang Yuyan euphemistically rejected Duan Yu’s confession. Having said goodbye, the mountains and rivers have never been involved since then. Wang Yuyan and others left with Murongfu. On the way, Shan Zheng and his five sons went to Juxian Villa. They hoped that Murongfu would participate in it, eradicate Qiao Feng together, and hold justice for the martial arts.

Wang Yuyan and Fengbo missed Qiao Feng’s kindness, and did not want to be that unscrupulous villain, but Murong Fu, under Bao Di’s instigation, thought that Qiao Feng had already retired as a helper. Moreover, he had a Khitan bloodline and was deeply involved in many wrongs. , If you take the opportunity to condemn Qiao Feng with the Central Plains Wulin, you can just build your prestige and attract people’s hearts.

Because this hero banquet was jointly invited by the two heroes of Juxian Zhuangyou and Xue Shenyi, in addition to the warriors in the city, the famous heroes who went north and south received the message, and they all came to the party, and the number of people was really large. As for the doctor Xue, he belongs to the first sage among the world’s medical doctors. Not only does he have a godly teaching, but also martial arts is very important. Whenever he cures a person, he always asks him for advice.

Qiao Feng had heard of this person, and in order to be able to save A Zhu, he decided to commit a risk with his own body, holding the sedan chair to see Yu for medical treatment. Sitting in the sedan chair, A Zhu was already weak. The doctor Xue gave a pulse and knew that she had applied the elixir of Taihang Mountain Tan Gong’s wounds before, and Qiao Feng’s internal strength would continue her life, otherwise she would have died under the palm of Dali King Kong a long time ago.

Hearing that, all the heroes looked at each other, but a few Shaolin monks argued and forced the crime to be placed on Qiao Feng. The genius doctor Xue refused to help, Qiao Feng knelt down and begged to no avail, and angrily accused everyone of being dignified men. Looking around, I saw many martial arts masters at a glance. Most of them were acquainted with the masters of great art. Qiao Feng ordered people to bring the wine jug and wine glass, claiming that anyone who wanted to kill him would drink a bowl first. The kindness is completely wiped out, no matter who dies or lives, it is not considered ungrateful.

For a while, there was no sound. Before everyone could respond, Kang Min walked out first and drank a drink in public. Others followed suit when they saw it, but no one was Qiao Feng’s opponent. Seeing that he was more drunk, he increased his mental strength. The grievances he suffered in the past few days, depressed and difficult to regain, they all put aside at this moment.

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