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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2021) 天龙八部 Episode 19 Recap

With nowhere to hide during her busy schedule, Qiao Feng saw three Buddha statues side by side in the Bodhi Hall, and simply hid behind the Buddha statues. He happened to see several monks sitting down, one of whom was Zhiqing, who was pretending to be Azhu. Cham asks what a dream is like. However, the rest of the monks did not want to mention it, showing boredom. Upon seeing this, Azhu quickly tapped the other’s acupuncture points, and quickly pulled out a Yi Jin Jing from the bottom of the Buddha statue.

At this moment, seven or eight monks broke into the gate. Seeing that the monk in the temple fainted, he immediately went to report to the abbot. Ah Zhu wanted to escape, but was caught by Qiao Feng, put one hand on her neck, and looked out. Abbot Xuanci led the crowd to come. He thought that the thief should be Qiao Feng. However, after the monk recovered his consciousness, he identified Zhiqing as the murderer on the spot.

Since Zhiqing was with the abbot the whole time, there was no possibility that he would come to Bodhi Temple to steal the scriptures. Moreover, the martial arts of the culprits came from outside, and Xu Zhu knew what happened to the sun. The monks thought this matter was suspicious and needed to be cautious. . Seeing other people leaving one after another, A Zhu took the opportunity to escape. Qiao Feng risked a sneak attack in order to chase her. With one hand, he could resolve the abbot Xuanci’s exercises and at the same time cause the other party to suffer internal injuries.

It is a pity that Ah Zhu was not spared. He was affected and fell into a coma. Qiao Feng picked up A Zhu and fled to the hospital, just about to treat her injuries, when he saw a black robe man descending from the sky, his martial arts unpredictable. Because the other party covered his face and did not know his identity, Qiao Feng used all his strength to resist a few tricks.

This person was also dressed in a black robe, and his strength was comparable to that of that person. Xu Zhu stood by and witnessed the whole process, vaguely feeling a palm wind coming. Qiao Feng took out his palm in time, and Xu Zhu was safe and sound. Under the urging of the black robe man, he hugged Azhu and left Shaolin. Within one night, the monastery suddenly changed. The monks all pointed their fingers at Qiao Feng, but Xu Zhu had different opinions. He thought that if Qiao Feng killed Xuanku, how could he call people, and he wanted to kill him. Brothers from the Bodhi Academy, it’s easy.

However, Xuzhu’s remarks were light, his words failed to attract everyone’s attention, and he insisted that Qiao Feng had done a lot of evil. On the other hand, after escaping from Shaolin, Qiao Feng ran all the way along Shaoshi Mountain until he came to an open area by the lake, and he was completely out of danger. Just because A Zhu’s identity was exposed, Qiao Feng, in order to save her, did not care about male and female guards, and introduced true energy into her body for the time being to save her life.

Wang Yuyan and others ran into Murongfu in the city, and they finally met as they wished. It is known that he has recovered his reputation. During this period, Duan Yu was like a small and transparent, and was ignored from beginning to end. Murong went to an inn to arrange everyone to rest, and beat Duan Yu with words to ask him to resign by himself.

Perhaps it was because Murongfu’s words meant too hurtful, Wang Yuyansi and Duan Yu were kind to her, so they complained about Murongfu. However, Murong Fu’s jealousy soared, and he accidentally leaked the matter of pretending to be a Xixia Warrior. Wang Yuyan had already guessed the general idea, but he didn’t expect his cousin to care about her so much.

In order to make his cousin feel at ease and live up to the affection of the other party, Wang Yuyan said goodbye to Duan Yu euphemistically, sighing that Duan Yu didn’t know what was good or bad. Although he said he would leave, he still stayed in the courtyard, staring at the door infatuated. Abi mentioned this to Wang Yuyan, and the conversation between the two was heard again by Murong outside the door. At first, Murong Fu heard Wang Yuyan’s affection for him, and he was very happy in his heart, but when Wang Yuyan talked about Qiao Feng and Duan Yu’s martial arts, he was very embarrassed.

Since Qiao Feng and A Zhu met, he took her to a densely populated town to settle down, asked for a room, and hired a doctor, but A Zhu was too injured and unable to recover, unless he found the famous doctor Xue. Azhu realized that his life was not long, Qiao Feng patiently comforted him and stayed by the bedside to take care of him the whole time.

In the middle of the night, Al Zhu was sleepless, and wanted Qiao Feng to sing her to sleep. Qiao Feng is not good at singing, so he simply told her a story about the poor, and he was the little boy in the story. Although the man in the family could not afford to be seriously ill, the woman resolutely sold the hens and eggs and led the young Qiao Feng to seek a doctor in the town. She hated the doctor for bullying the poor and fearing the rich. Instead of going to the clinic, she sent the woman to the clinic instead. Kick to the ground.

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