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Crime Crackdown 扫黑风暴 Episode 21 Recap

Lin Hao was reprimanded by He Yun in the police station. Lin Hao accepted her reprimand. He said he was going to bring Sun Xing over now. He Yun stopped him and said that he had been suspended. On the other side, Sun Xing and many local gangsters spent time and drink, gloating over Lin Hao’s fate. Da Jiang pretended to be a driver, and heard that Sun Xing’s people drank and confided the truth, and learned that the deaths of Xu Xiaoshan and Xu Yingzi were caused by Sun Xing.

Today, he just wanted to talk to Sun Xing about the Xiaoyu Wonton Store’s collection of protection fees, but he learned that Sun Xing is such an out-and-out scum, Da Jiang couldn’t help but cruel him when Sun Xing went to the bathroom. There was a heavy beating.

Later, when he was held by another friend, Da Jiang stopped. Before leaving, he said that Sun Xing would dare to trouble Xiaoyu Wonton shop in the future, and Da Jiang let him break into scum. He Yun went to find Gao Mingyuan, she was Sun Xing’s mother, and Gao Mingyuan was Sun Xing’s father, and Sun Xing was their illegitimate son. He Yun asked him what happened to Xu Xiaoshan. Just after calling his sister, he committed suicide for no reason.

The nasty things they did, such as gang rape, murder, and forgery of the scene, could not be wiped out. Gao Mingyuan disagrees, he feels that these things can be erased as long as he wants to erase them. He Yun finally said that if Gao Mingyuan couldn’t control Sun Xing, she would take care of him, and she could just kill Sun Xing and hand him over.

Hearing that, Gao Mingyuan put away his smile, he repeatedly said that he would take care of Sun Xing. Soon after this, Gao Mingyuan took a large group of people to Sun Xing, and he slapped Sun Xing severely. In order to prevent Sun Xing from causing trouble, Gao Mingyuan asked Lao Ning to take him out of Luteng City and settle with another person. Dong Yao reported to the police that the person involved was Li Chengyang.

He Yong and Luo Shanhe both found it strange that Dong Yao did this, and it is not ruled out that someone deliberately instigated him. Luo Shanhe said that after investigations by various parties, it has now been confirmed that nearly 30 incidents of violations of regulations, approvals, and disciplines in Luteng City and even Zhongjiang Province in recent years point to Longteng Capital, headed by Gao Mingyuan, who violated regulations and constructions. The centralized representative is Batong Building.

Gao Mingyuan was eager for success in the Yihe New Village project, completely showing his feet. He Yong believes that the initiative has always been in their hands, and there is no need to rush now. Hearing Luo Shanhe said that Li Chengyang wanted to see him, He Yong guessed that Li Chengyang might have some important news to tell him. Afterwards, He Yong went to a hotel to see Li Chengyang. After a fierce ideological struggle, Li Chengyang decided to take a gamble.

He told the secret that Ma Shuai and Dong Yao had killed people. Li Chengyang knew who they killed, the motive of the murder, and where the body was buried. He Yong told Dong Yao’s report on him. Dong Yao reported that Li Chengyang had bribed himself to give him a certificate of qualification, and even threatened him with a large photo of Ma Shuai and the lives of his wife and children.

Li Chengyang couldn’t understand why Dong Yao wanted to report himself at this time, and it didn’t matter to Li Chengyang to do so. Sun Xing was taken to a money vault, which was filled with a lot of money. Zheng Yihong reminded him not to engage in naked loans and beautiful loans anymore. He took the money here as long as he shut down these broken transactions. While talking, Sun Xing opened a piece of cloth, and it was a large sum of money piled up on his chest.

In the end, Sun Xing took a one hundred yuan and left. Zheng Yihong was immediately very angry when he knew that he hadn’t listened to what he was saying. Lin Hao went to the Phoenix Nightclub again, only to find that it was closed. Sun Xing was missing, even his colleagues could not contact Sun Xing, and even Sun Xing’s people were not seen.

A policeman from the Hu Xiaowei detention center called Lin Hao and asked Lin Hao to come to his store. He said that he had reported Hu Xiaowei anonymously, but it was all over. Lin Hao asked him what was wrong with Hu Xiaowei.

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