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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 22 Recap

After hanging up the phone, Su Xiao gradually lost his anger and asked Du Juan to dress herself up for this date. As everyone knows, at this time, Lin Xiaomin approached Xia Ming to discuss the cooperation between the two companies, which caused Xia Ming to break the appointment. Su Xiao didn’t know about it.

Considering that the two companies are jointly competing for the Songjiang land, Lin Xiaomin was commissioned by Huang Lilin to advise Xia Ming that only by getting the relationship with He Yao’s father can he win the land, otherwise the hope is slim. He said from the experience of people who have passed by, that when he is young, he will find that love is everywhere in the world, but there is only one in Shanghai.

When He Yao returned home, she saw Huang Lilin talking with her father very happily, and Xia Ming sitting next to him playing the piano, which made her fall in love with him. Under Huang Lilin’s frustration, He Yao came to Xia Ming, and the two played four fingers together, and the picture was warm and beautiful. When the family banquet was over, He Yao sent Xia Ming downstairs and took the initiative to express his apologies, but Xia Ming hesitated many times, and this sloppy attitude made her feel disappointed.

That night, Su Xiao did not want to make her parents worry about herself. She lied that she was eating a big meal, but actually used two slices of bread sandwiched with vegetables to deal with a few bites. Xia Ming was in a dilemma between love and future, and he never found the perfect answer. He began to question his true value, lost his temper in the room, and smashed everything.

Su Yao went to the construction site to inspect the situation, and found that there were bubbles on the wall. The workers looked for reasons to explain, but unexpectedly saw her knock out a big hole with a hard hat. Near the handover of the project, Su Xiao personally went to Tianke, but Xia Ming deliberately avoided seeing him and asked someone to hold a meeting for him.

Although Su Xiao had noticed Xia Ming’s estrangement, she didn’t care about it at all. As Tiancheng’s performance soared, Wang Yang smiled and looked at the financial statements from ear to ear. On the other hand, Zhao Xiankun noticed that Tiancheng had made significant progress, and after inquiring about it, he realized that it was Su Xiao’s contribution.

In a blink of an eye, it was New Year’s Day. Wu Hongmei chose a restaurant and planned to invite Su Xiao to have a good meal. However, her boyfriend Zhang Xiaobei saved a bunch of coupons and it was useless, especially when I heard that a set meal cost more than 500, directly She had a temper on the spot, slammed the door, and didn’t give her girlfriend face at all. In the end, Su Xiaobai came to the dinner party, and Wu Hongmei’s boyfriend only cared about his own feelings, and even caressed about stingy to the holidays, especially in front of good girlfriends.

Zhang Xiaobei didn’t feel that he was wrong at all, and even refuted that Wu Hongmei was becoming more and more vain. These words broke Wu Hongmei’s heart and ran to the pool alone and wept bitterly. Su Xiao went home and simply ate some instant noodles, and sent a message to care about Wu Hongmei, for fear that she would quarrel with Zhang Xiaobei.

On this New Year’s Eve, Xia Ming accompanied He Yao to the Swan Lake musical, but he was not interested at all, and looked solemn from beginning to end. Until the end of the musical, He Yao was still reminiscing about the classics and talked happily about the influence of Swan Lake on her, but when Xia Ming’s mood was not high, the atmosphere plummeted, and the two of them lost their former ease and became even more relaxed. Cautious and awkward.

He Yao tried to lower her standards and blindly please Xia Ming, but she was too humble now. Xia Ming believes that He Yao should be who he is, instead of treating love as a life-saving straw to leave the swamp, and there is no love-related signal between the two of them.

From the beginning to the present, Xia Ming’s approach to He Yao has a purpose, not pure, and instead of sinking deeper and deeper in the end, it is better to speak completely. Even if he knew that these words would hurt He Yao a lot, Xia Ming didn’t want to deceive himself anymore, because the current relationship made him feel very uncomfortable.

Yinghai Group held a meeting to discuss the annual meeting planning plan. Everyone has their own opinions, mainly for the differences of opinion on the annual meeting budget. Zhao Xiankun agreed with Lin Xiaomin’s proposal to increase the budget by 20% on the basis of the original annual meeting, so Maria specially prepared an opening dance at the annual meeting, and the personnel of the personnel department stepped up training, including Wu Hongmei.

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