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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 21 Recap

Su Xiao went to work in Tianke Company. The scene of her and Xia Ming being alone was seen by Huang Lilin, knowing that their feelings were gradually coming in, and she was extremely dissatisfied with this, so she deliberately invited Su Xiao to have dinner. After arriving at the Japanese food store, Huang Lilin deliberately separated from Xia Ming and took the initiative to sit next to Su Xiao. On the surface, he praised her non-stop. In fact, there was something in the words, claiming that there are not many young girls who are worthy of Xia Ming. Family history, family history and appearance, if both are both, only one person makes him particularly satisfied.

As soon as the voice fell, He Yao suddenly came in from the door. Su Xiao saw her sitting next to Xia Ming naturally, and suddenly realized that it was Huang Lilin who specially arranged the feast. The atmosphere on the dining table was extremely embarrassing. Xia Ming and He Yao had a very happy conversation. Huang Lilin wanted Su Xiao to retreat, making her look out of place.

Because of this, Su Xiao found an excuse to leave the table early, and Huang Lilin pretended to get up to see him off. He did not know that Su Xiao had already seen clearly and reminded him of his poor acting skills. On the other hand, He Yao apologized to Xia Ming for her previous impulsive behavior, but Su Xiao was the only one in the other party’s heart. She could not accept this alienation attitude, so she turned and left.

In the days that followed, Su Xiao refused to answer Xia Ming’s call and deliberately avoided him. At the company meeting, Su Xiao advocated the overall budget management process, and Wang Yang gave his support to inform everyone to cooperate with Su Xiao from now on. Due to the vacancy of the manager of the Commerce Department, many things fell on Su Xiao, who was busy every day.

Originally, Wang Yang suggested that Su Xiao recruit talents as soon as possible, but Su Xiao wanted to observe for a few more days. Not long after, Lu Zhengming took the initiative to come to the company to find Su Xiao. Because she was in a meeting upstairs at this time, Dong Lin wanted to win over the manager, so she deliberately left Dong Lin with her and concealed something from Su Xiao.

Fortunately, Dong Lin appeared in time, and Su Xiao was pleasantly surprised. He was promoted to the manager of the business contract department as promised. Dong Lin was jealous and found an excuse to pretend not to come to work. After the project matching, Su Xiao asked Lu Zhengming to go to Tianke Company for her. At first, Xia Ming was still dressing up just to see Su Xiao, but when he saw Lu Zhengming’s appearance, it was unavoidable to feel a little disappointed.

Lu Zhengming handed over the historical data of various departments to Su Xiao, except that she lacked the financial department’s bills, Mei Sister was unwilling to cooperate with the work and falsely claimed that the department was short of staff. Su Xiao saw that Sister Mei was targeting herself for Chen Simin’s affairs, and also worried that if this situation continued, sooner or later it would delay the progress of subsequent work.

In order to resolve the conflict, Su Xiao asked Lu Zhengming to notify Lao Cai to settle the matter with the company. This trick has been tried and tested to intensify the contradiction. She stood in front of the office window and watched Mei sister and Lao Cai have a dispute over the money until Wang Yang came forward to mediate. Su Xiao took the initiative to explain the situation to Wang Yang, and even argued with Sister Mei in front of him.

After the incident, Wang Yang teased that Su Xiao was very much like Zhao Xiankun. Both of them had a heart, an ambition to climb to the top. Seeing Su Xiao’s ambitions, Wang Yang was caught in a dilemma. He hoped that Su Xiao could postpone the overall budget management, but Su Xiao found that Tiancheng’s ledger management was poor and caused a lot of unnecessary expenses.

Sister Mei relied on being an old man in the company and pretending to be sick to play mahjong at home, thus slowing down the progress of the project settlement. Since Sister Mei’s husband is a government official, Wang Yang didn’t want to make the matter worse. He suggested that Su Xiao take Sister Mei to the next level. Su Xiao had no choice but to apologize and visit with gifts. Sister Mei won the battle and returned to work the next day.

In the following days, the employees implemented the AB angle rotation system according to Su Xiao’s request. They were exhausted all day and made everyone angry. Wang Yang wants Su Xiao to stop the overall budget work, but Su Xiao’s explanation of the company’s bad debts is just like Zhao Xiankun.

After repeated consideration, Wang Yang still supported Su Xiao’s decision, but Mei Jie refused to implement it and was eventually expelled from the company. Colleagues talked behind the scenes that Su Xiao was the Su Daji who caused harm to the country and the people, and Du Juan was fighting injustice for Su Xiao. Xia Ming persistently dialed Su Xiao’s phone number, and it was finally successfully connected. Before Su Xiao’s response, he directly informed her to meet at the old place at 7 o’clock tonight.

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