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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 20 Recap

Not long after, a poster was posted at the entrance of Tiancheng Company, which stated that Su Xiao had conquered the Stars Square and turned the tide with a new plan to become a win-sea history. Chen Simin made the wrong calculation, and the conspiracy was completely unsuccessful. Not only did he fail to drive Su Xiao away, but instead planted himself in. It coincided with today’s birthday, and there were no employees around me, and the office looked extremely lonely. Only Lu Zhengming, who missed his old feelings, personally offered a gift.

Looking at Su Xiao’s special issue, Wang Yang was pleased and proud. After a little thought, he decided to transfer Su Xiao to the position of chief economist. After all, her business ability is stronger than Chen Simin. After get off work, Wang Yang settled a restaurant, and the dinner table hinted that Chen Simin had moved away. However, as far as Chen Simin is concerned, he and Wang Yang have known each other since they were young and have worked together for more than 20 years.

Even though Wang Yang has arranged for Chen Simin to arrange follow-ups, he still does not appreciate it and is unacceptable, insisting that he will never give way unless the group’s human resources department issues a letter of dismissal. The two quarreled and broke up. Wang Yang left indignantly, but when he reached the overpass, he recovered his calm, and finally returned helplessly.

Tiancheng Company will hold a monthly business analysis meeting on the 5th of every month. However, Chen Simin was unable to get through the phone because there was no director present and the meeting was temporarily suspended. Wang Yang announced that Chen Simin had taken sick leave, and talked to Su Xiao privately, so that she could select a suitable candidate as the business manager as soon as possible.

Su Xiao was flattered, and she lived up to Wang Yang’s expectations. Her main recommended Lu Zhengming. Even though the other party was under Chen Simin’s hands, she had completed the bid for the Jingshui River project together before and passed the break-in period, so she was willing to give Lu Zhengming. Contend for opportunities and develop more potentials of this person.

Because of Chen Simin, colleagues talked about this, some were indignant and some were waiting for opportunities. For example, Donglin, who once despised Su Xiao, now heard the slightest sound of wind and immediately changed his direction and hugged his thigh. That night, Chen Simin went back to the company to pack up things, and happened to ran into Su Xiao, so he mocked her for winning the game, and she should be very proud.

In fact, Su Xiao admitted that she had a clear conscience, and she also sincerely thanked Chen Simin for the opportunity to work for her. Even if all kinds of unhappiness happened later, she still could not forget the sadness of desperation. Su Xiao formally invited Lu Zhengming to take over as the manager, but he did not expect that he would tactfully refuse, and accepted the bright future that Chen Simin had fabricated for him.

Since then, Su Xiao has become the youngest chief economist of Yinghai Group, but most of Tiancheng employees believe that she deliberately run away from Chen Simin, especially the financial sister Mei, who has a good relationship with Chen Simin. When Wang Yang heard the rumors coming from the company, he yelled in front of Sister Mei, just to clarify for Su Xiao. Unexpectedly, the more clarified, the more real people’s guesses, all dared to be angry and dare not speak.

Wang Yang asked Su Xiao to learn how to win people’s hearts, and asked her to arrange a farewell banquet for Chen Simin. But after the farewell banquet was over, Lu Zhengming also resolutely resigned. Wang Yang thinks that such people are short-sighted and cannot stay even if they want to return to the company in the future. On the contrary, Su Xiao is willing to be more tolerant and has promised Lu Zhengming for half a month. , Still reserve the position of manager for him.

Wu Hongmei learned that Su Xiao had been promoted several levels in a short period of time, and his inner state gradually changed. Not only was he feeling that a good girlfriend was excellent, but he also wondered why he was in charge after four years of work, and where he was inferior to others. . Because of this, Wu Hongmei felt the huge gap, and she curled up in her boyfriend’s arms and wept bitterly.

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