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The Bond 乔家的儿女 Episode 7 Recap

Qiao Yicheng and Qiao Simei passed by on the road in Beijing, and Qiao Yicheng hurriedly went to find someone and ran away. Qiao Simei returned home after chasing the stars, and was ordered by Qiao Sanli to honestly wait for her eldest brother to return. Wei Shufang called Qiao Yicheng, saying that Qiao Simei had returned, and told him not to stay in Beijing. The family was not happy for a birthday, and Qiao Erqiang didn’t remember that it was his birthday today, but Ma Suqin always remembered and gave him a Walkman as a gift.

Qiao Yicheng bought some fruits at the roadside fruit stand and went to the address of Wenju’s home. Wen Juan’s attitude is somewhat interesting. Although the two have always remembered each other in the past few years, they have not contacted each other. Wen Juan said that he had an appointment with a teacher and he helped himself a lot. Qiao Yicheng understood a little, and hurriedly said not to disturb her. Wen Juan suddenly took his arm and asked him to meet at night.

Qiao Erqiang plugged his earphones to listen to music. Qiao Simei disliked him for singing badly. When she saw the scarf on her neck, Qiao Erqiang’s eyes lit up and asked her to help buy one. He hurriedly explained that he wanted to thank the master in the factory. . Qiao Simei asked what she looked like, Qiao Erqiang replied with two words, like a mother. Qiao Sanli went to a textile school. Girls at this age liked to listen to the radio, but the radio was broken this day. Qiao Sanli volunteered to find Wang Yiding from the auto repair class to fix it. The broadcast was repaired, but Wang Yiding accidentally broke her foot. Qiao Sanli felt very embarrassed, pushing the bicycle and saying that he was going to take him home. That’s how the two met.

Qiao Yicheng returned to Nanjing from Beijing. When he came back, he lay down on the bed. Qiao Simei, knowing he had made a mistake, kept her head down and did not dare to breathe. There was a brand new scarf in Ma Suqin’s bag. Knowing that it was Qiao Erqiang who would not accept it, Qiao Erqiang ran away. Qiao Sanli’s bicycle was modified by Wang Yiding. Wang Yiding said that it was taken from the school modification room. Qiao Sanli was impatient. Wang Yiding explained that he had bought it, not from the school.

Qiao ignored Qiao Simei and Qi Weimin for 12 months, and was angry when he saw Fei Xiang. The two ran into Chang Xingyu while helping Qiao Qiqi learn to bike. Qiao Simei praised her for her beauty. Chang Xingyu quickly taught Qiao Simei a bicycle, and Qiao Qiqi ran to Qi Weimin to complain that she would not ride a bicycle for herself. Chang Xingyu glanced at Qiao Qiqi’s cuffs. Qiao Qiqi said that Qi Weimin sews them. He still sews skirts. The look in Chang Xingyu’s eyes towards Qi Weimin was a little complicated, he was really good.

As soon as Qiao Simei heard that Qiao Yicheng came back, she hid in the quilt and pretended to be uncomfortable. Qiao knew she was pretending at a glance, and went to eat by herself. Seeing that Qiao Simei couldn’t do anything, she ran to cling to Qiao Yicheng to plead. A new ice skating rink was opened in the factory. Qiao Erqiang found it fun, so he went with Ma Suqin. The colleagues met and teased the teacher and apprentice as the young couple.

Wang Yiding’s feet are healed, but after school he will still wait for Qiao Sanli at the door. It is very destined that the two are assigned to the same factory. Wang Yiding sent Qiao Sanli back home and left reluctantly. Sparrow confessed to Qiao Sanli with his eyes blocked at the door of the house. He has always liked Qiao Sanli for so many years. He confessed that he failed and rushed to hug her. Qiao San was frightened.

Li cried out for help. Wang Yiding came back and shot away the sparrow eyes. Qiao Sanli squatted on the ground when she was frightened, and refused to let him come close. Wang Yiding said that he had specifically inquired about Qiao Sanli’s distribution and tried his best to get her together. He wanted to go home with Qiao Sanli from get off work in the future. Qiao Sanli nodded and picked up the candy Wang Yiding had left on the seat.

It is rare for Qiao Zuwang to go home for a meal, and now Qiao Sanli is also at work. Qiao Zuwang feels that the days are getting better now. By the way, he looked back at how sad he was when he pulled the four children by himself. If you don’t work, the children don’t care at all. Qiao Zuwang intends to buy a color TV for his family, threatening to make a big head, and the remaining few children will be flat. Qiao Erqiang and Qiao Sanli said two hundred, and Qiao Zuwang glanced at Qiao Yicheng again. He knew that Qiao Yicheng had gone to write manuscripts for others, and he was thinking about the money all day long. Qiao Yicheng ignored him, and Qiao Zuwang chased him selfishly. Ghost.

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