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The Bond 乔家的儿女 Episode 6 Recap

Qiao Yicheng and Wen Juan went to the city wall where he and his siblings always went when they were young. Wen Juan spent his childhood in the countryside. Qiao Yicheng’s shoes broke, so Wen Juan took off her shoes. The two looked at the sunset to discuss literature, Wen Juan carefully put his head on Qiao Yicheng’s arm, and then asked Qiao Yicheng what he wanted to do in the future. Qiao Yicheng hadn’t thought about what to do in the future, listen. Wen Juan said that he wanted to be unfettered, then he would be a tree.

The feelings of the young girl were dull but vigorous, and Qiao Yicheng and Wen Juan couldn’t help but kiss each other. But Wen Juan was about to leave Nanjing because of Wen’s mother’s job. She leaned on Qiao Yicheng’s back and cried very sadly.

Qiao Erqiang, Qiao Sanli and Qiao Simei lay on the bed discussing idols, Qiao Yicheng silently wiped away tears and changed his shoes. Qiao Erqiang still likes small animals, secretly feeds the kittens in the factory, and pastes up the windows of the peeping girls’ bathhouse, only to remember that Ma Suqin is always confused. Wen Juan’s mother and daughter have already left for Beijing. Teacher Wen came to give Qiao Yicheng the final remuneration for supplementary lessons and gave him Wen Juan’s address in Beijing. The feelings of young people are the purest. Teacher Wen encourages Qiao Yicheng to think about where he will go in the future. Maybe after many years, looking back, the obstacles now are nothing.

Qi Ziqiang was thinking about Xiaoya Xiaoyi in the hospital bed, Wei Shufang complained that they seemed to have only one son, Qi Weimin, and the other children always had no face. On such a noon, Qi Ziqiang passed away in the hospital bed. Hearing about this incident, Qiao Zu was humming a little song without any sadness.

Qiao Yicheng shed tears to comfort Qi Weimin. He was a little angry when he heard his voice, but he also understood that it was just a futile effort. Faced with such a situation, Qi Weimin decided to obey the distribution and go to the magazine, and Qiao Yicheng decided to live for himself first and take the postgraduate exam. Qiao Zuwang would naturally not agree. Qiao Yicheng had a rare resistance. He didn’t spend Qiao Zuwang’s money when he studied at the Normal School. In terms of selfishness, who would dare to call Qiao Zuwang the first?

Seeing that Qiao Yicheng was writing to Wen Juan, Qiao Sanli knew that he must have someone he liked, and said with a smile that Qiao Erqiang’s recent state is very similar to him. Qiao Yicheng wasn’t worried, Qiao Erqiang would definitely tell him if he fell in love. Qiao Sanli is unwilling to fall in love, Qiao Yicheng persuaded her that there are many boys. Qiao Simei grabbed Qiao Sanli and asked for help, but she failed the make-up exam. But in the face of Qiao Yicheng, Qiao Sanli did not dare to lie. Qiao Yicheng snapped and scolded Qiao Simei, and then went to the principal with a broken heart, hoping to give her another chance to make up the exam.

Behind the curtain, Ma Suqin had just finished taking a shower. Qiao Erqiang’s heart was agitated and he couldn’t help but stepped forward. The wind blew open the curtain, Ma Suqin half exposed his shoulders, and Qiao Erqiang was startled. As soon as Ma Suqin was about to get off work, the ineffective husband ran to her for money, and even grabbed her by the neck. No one in the factory dared to help, only Qiao Erqiang rushed up without hesitation, and was beaten to the ground by him instead. Ma Suqin’s husband picked up the money from the ground, and seemed to cry a few times in regret, and then hugged her and said that he would make a lot of money this time, so that Ma Suqin and his son would live a good life.

Ma Suqin has long been numb, and the people in the factory are all used to this scene. After everyone dispersed, Ma Suqin wiped her tears to medicine Qiao Erqiang’s injury, but Qiao Erqiang started crying. He felt that Ma Suqin should not have such a life. Facing Qiao Erqiang’s confession, Ma Suqin shook off his hand. Qiao Erqiang left lonely, and Ma Suqin suddenly stopped him, saying that he should not talk stupid things in the future, don’t do stupid things, the master is still your master!

Qiao Yicheng was admitted to graduate school as he wished, and Qiao Simei also got a junior high school diploma, and ran to Wei Shufang’s newly opened canteen and Qi Weimin to announce the good news. Qiao Yicheng fulfilled her promise and returned her novels to Qiao Simei, who also learned to draw her eyebrows. Qiao Sanli and Qiao Simei have grown to a slim age.

What still troubles Qiao Yicheng is Qiao Simei’s problem. She borrowed money from Qiao Erqiang and Qi Weimin, and went to Beijing with her friends to watch Fei Xiang’s concert. When Qiao Yicheng realized that it was too late, Qi Weimin felt relieved, saying that Qiao Simei was still going with two adults, but seeing that Qiao Yicheng was so angry, he still gave him the address of Qiao Simei Guest House.

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