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The Bond 乔家的儿女 Episode 5 Recap

When eating breakfast, Qiao Sanli paid special attention to her side, and she realized that Sparrow Eye was going to put fruit on her bicycle. Qiao Sanli sternly rejected the other party, and left without even having breakfast, pulling Qiao Simei. Qiao Simei thinks Sparrow Eyes are very dedicated, but the unbearable childhood memories make Qiao Sanli full of vigilance. They are not dedicated, but have ulterior motives. They are worse than anyone else! Qiao Yicheng, who hadn’t been home for a long time, returned home rarely.

Qiao Erqiang’s food was very similar to Wei Shufen’s, but it still tasted differently. Qiao Zuwang cocked his tail and said that he had found a job for Qiao Erqiang, but Qiao Yicheng ignored him and asked Qiao Erqiang to work hard. Qiao Zu Wang went to gamble after eating halfway. Qiao Yicheng then asked Qiao Sanli and Qiao Simei about the recent situation. Qiao Simei has reached the age of beauty, and Qiao Erqiang has dressed much cleaner than before since he went to work.

Qiao Yicheng was called over by Qiao Simei’s class teacher, saying that she had a close relationship with a little boy who had stayed two grades at school, and she also read some romance novels. Qiao Simei timidly followed Qiao Yicheng home, and the love poems in her bag were criticized by Qiao Yicheng. In order to prevent Qiao Simei’s premature love, Qiao Yicheng decided to apply for a day school to watch her 24 hours a day and send it personally.

When she was going to school, she met the little boy who was waiting to send flowers, and Qiao Yicheng pulled Qiao Simei away. Seeing Qiao Simei sadly buried the reed in the soil, Qi Weimin sighed with emotion about his withered and withered love. But Qiao Simei was very happy when he heard that Qi Weimin was going to send her the latest card.

Because of Qiao Simei’s affairs, Qiao Yicheng sighed all day long, Wen Juan thought he was in love. Qiao Yicheng explained that his youngest sister had a tendency to fall in love with each other early, worried about leaving a bad impression on her classmates and teachers, and worried that she would suffer in the future. Wen Juan is puzzled about this, love is love, and there is no difference between sooner and later if you like someone. Tomorrow is Wen Juan’s birthday, and she sent an invitation to Qiao Yicheng, hoping that he would come to eat with her at home tomorrow.

During class, Qiao Simei called Chen Wei out of the class regardless of his strange eyes. Chen Wei said that his mother would not allow them to continue their relationship, otherwise they would be transferred away. Qiao Yicheng was very angry when he heard that Qiao Simei went to Chen Wei again. On the contrary, Qiao Simei didn’t like Chen Wei anymore, saying that he had no masculinity. In the future, he must find someone who is both good-looking and masculine. Contrary to Qiao Simei, Qiao Sanli is very resistant to love matters, and Qiao Erqiang blushes when asked.

Teacher Wen and Qiao Yicheng came to the house to celebrate Wen Juan’s birthday. Wen Juan started crying instead. Wen’s mother explained that she was sad that she did not meet the expected results in one subject. Qiao Yicheng took out a gift, which is a new set of excellent essay selections. Mother Wen asked someone to buy Italian chocolates from Hong Kong for Wen Juan, but she was a little bit reluctant.

When Mother Wen proposed to blow the candles, she stubbornly said that there was still one person missing. The mother and daughter quarreled, Wen Juan resisted the control of Wen’s mother for a long time. She is a living person, not her doll! Even though Wen’s mother gave Wen Ju’an good living conditions, she would never get what she wanted most.

After work, Qiao Erqiang followed everyone to the bathhouse to take a bath. A few people surreptitiously, out of curiosity, Qiao Erqiang followed. Those few people were lying on the ladder watching something, Qiao Erqiang made a noise and scared them away. Wen Juan found out that Qiao Yicheng was working at the school’s newspaper booth to find him. Qiao Yicheng was still working, and Wen Juan was sitting outside waiting for her. The handsome appearance attracted the boys to start a conversation, and Qiao Yicheng looked at the outside from time to time, feeling restless, and even took the wrong newspapers. Qiao Erqiang had some different feelings for Ma Suqin, just when she was combing her semi-damp hair and looking through the sunlight outside the window.

Qiao Yicheng promised Wen Ju’an to accompany her on the road, intentionally or unintentionally reminding her to concentrate on studying even in college and not to fall in love. Qiao Yicheng accompanied Wen Ju’an to a remote alley carrying big bags and small bags. Wen Juan refused Qiao Yicheng’s proposal to go in together and went in alone.

Qiao Yicheng heard Wen Juan’s screams and rushed in. He saw a man holding her and slapped the man subconsciously. Wen Juan slapped him anxiously and said that it was her kiss. Dad! Wen Juan walked stubbornly on the road. Qiao Yicheng was worried behind him. Wen Juan explained that her parents were divorcing, but she didn’t want her father to leave because the family should be together.

Qiao Yicheng returned home at a loss, and Qiao Erqiang said that he would give him wontons. Qiao Simei sighs that she has two older brothers, but unfortunately they are not very good-looking. Qiao Sanli retorted that Qiao Yicheng was actually very good-looking, but Qiao Simei secretly said that in fact, there is a boy in the family who is the best-looking, and he is Qiao Qiqi. Qiao Qiqi is already in elementary school, but his grades are not very good.

After school, Mr. Chang was taken home to make up lessons. Qi Weimin brought fruits to visit, and it was Teacher Chang’s sister Chang Xingyu who opened the door. Chang Xingyu mistakenly thought he was Qiao Qiqi’s father, and Qi Weimin embarrassedly explained that he was his cousin. Chang Xingyu said Teacher Chang would not accept gifts, but before leaving, he took a fruit and smiled brightly and said to Weimin that this was given to her. After class, I thought of Qingli’s female voice, Wen Juan came, and she wanted Qiao Yicheng to accompany her.

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