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The Bond 乔家的儿女 Episode 4 Recap

Qiao Yicheng was taking care of his family while preparing for the college entrance examination. Qiao Zuwang sneered at this. It was only when his ancestor’s grave was smoked when he went to college. Qiao Yicheng was so in vain that it was better to find a job earlier to share the burden for him. Despite this, Qiao Yicheng still chose to take the college entrance examination with doubts. The heartwarming thing is that Qiao Sanli will give him walnuts, Qi Ziqiang will send him and Qi Weimin into the examination room together, and bring his younger siblings to the examination room after the exam.

Pick him up. Qiao Erqiang’s face was bruised and he hugged the kitten, saying that his classmate Wang Jun was bullying the kitten, and it was also Wang Jun who slandered themselves for stealing money to buy Hong Kong shirts. With blood, Qiao Yicheng directly rushed over to fight with others to give Qiao Erqiang a sigh of relief. At the moment Qiao Yicheng received the postman’s letter, he was really pleased!

Qiao Yicheng has become a rare college student in this poor alley and ruined house. The neighbors are envious. They even have a light on Qiao Zuwang’s face. They have a better attitude towards Qiao Yicheng, and even specially serve him a bowl of noodles in the evening. Qiao Yicheng’s university is a teacher training, because he does not have to pay tuition, Qiao Zuwang is even more relieved. Qiao Zuwang smiled and took out the watch bought by the auction house and asked Qiao Yicheng to wear it carefully.

Qi Weimin also lived up to expectations and was admitted to the university as a Nanjing liberal arts champion. Wei Shufang’s battle was so great that he had taken out the coffin for a treat. Qiao Yicheng came to give Qiao Qiqi’s living expenses coincided with the big scene of their banquet, and his heart was a little unbalanced. When he left, Qi Weimin gave Qiao Yicheng some food and asked him to take it back to Qiao Erqiang and the others. Congratulations were also from the heart.

Qiao Yicheng’s mood gradually improved as he sang. The children grew up, but Qi Ziqiang’s body was not very good. Qiao Yicheng came to visit with the soup made by Qiao Erqiang, and happened to meet Qi Weimin sweeping the street. Wei Shufang said that Qi Ziqiang had been tossing all night last night, and he had just fallen asleep right now.

Speaking of Qiao Erqiang, he was really not what he was studying. He stayed for three back to school. Qiao Zuwang hadn’t let him drop out without permission, and now he is hanging around outside all day long. When Wei Shufang heard that Qi Weimin was sweeping the street outside, she was anxious. She didn’t let him sweep the street for her son to go to college. The newspaper reporter wanted to promote Qi Weimin’s spirit, but Wei Shufang panicked and drove them away furiously.

Qiao Yicheng dragged Qiao Erqiang, who was watching TV at Niu Ye’s home, back home, and asked him to stay at home and don’t fool around every day. Qiao Erqiang agreed very reluctantly. Qiao Sanli and Qiao Simei are gradually growing up. The two girls are always inconvenient to live with the boy. Qiao Yicheng wants Qiao Sanli and Qiao Simei to move to Qiao Zuwang’s house and let him go with Qiao Erqiang. Live. Qiao Zu looked like a miser and threatened to carry him out of this room even if he died. Qiao Erqiang was still ignorant and didn’t understand why Qiao Yi became so persistent that he moved to the main room to sleep, but he was also very obedient.

Wen Qinghua asked Qiao Yicheng for help, saying that Wen Juan, the daughter of her sister’s family, needed a tutor. Wen Ju An’s family is in very good condition. He lives in a small bungalow, but he is a bit rebellious, and he doesn’t care when he sees Qiao Yicheng. Qiao Yicheng patiently took out the book from his bag and saw that the sweet potato in his bag took a bite and said it was delicious. Instead, he dumped all the fruits brought by Mrs. Wen into the trash can. Qiao Yicheng had some Accident. After some conversation, Wen Juan accepted him with a much more friendly attitude.

Qiao Erqiang ran to the black lantern dance held by Niu Ye but was kicked out. Qiao Yicheng had come to make a fuss a long time ago, and Niu Ye didn’t dare to let Qiao Erqiang stay. As soon as Qiao Erqiang was about to leave, he saw that the men and women in the Lantern Party were taken away by the police, and Qiao Erqiang, who had escaped a disaster, had weak legs when he returned home. Qiao Zuwang said cheerfully that he had found a job for Qiao Erqiang, but reported his age by a few years.

Qiao Simei had been eyeing Qiao Erqiang’s salary a long time ago, thinking about eating delicious food and making small skirts. Qiao Sanli told her not to ripped off, the apprentice’s salary is very poor, where there is spare money to eat delicious food. Qiao Yicheng, who lives on campus, hasn’t been home for a long time, and Qiao Sanli and Qiao Simei also think of him. The scene of Niu Ye being captured by the police is still Qiao Erqiang’s nightmare. He went to the factory to report and met a female teacher Ma Suqin. Qiao Yicheng concentrated on giving lectures, but Wen Juan was very curious about his family background.

He was puzzled when he heard that he had to make money in his spare time. Although there is no tuition fee, Qiao Yicheng needs to earn living expenses, and the rest has to subsidize his family. Wen’s mother brought grapes, and Wen Juan saw that Qiao Yicheng didn’t eat it and wanted to throw it away. Qiao Yicheng hurriedly fed it into his mouth. After class, Wen Juan took the initiative to send Qiao Yicheng and asked him where he was working and studying.

After Qiao Sanli and Qiao Simei had their breakfast, they saw some apples hanging on their bicycles and a love poem for Qiao Sanli. Qiao Sanli only felt sick and threw away the apple and the bottle. Ma Suqin was very good to Qiao Erqiang. He broke into trouble and helped to explain. Seeing that he was coaxed to eat cigarettes by other masters, he told him not to have these stinky problems.

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