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Sweet Teeth 世界微尘里 Episode 12 Recap

After bidding farewell to Deng Haoran and Ma Yiyi, Ai Jingchu sent Zeng Li home. Zeng Li stretched his waist and looked at the time and exclaimed that she would rush to Yancheng tomorrow morning. Ai Jingchu was curious. Zeng Li had never mentioned writing a novel and decided not to talk about it, but only to exchange books. Ai Jingchu remembered that a boy was jealous when Zeng Li was dancing just now. Zeng Li approached him and smelled a smile. Ai Jingchu wanted to confess again, but he almost ran into the car in front of him because of distraction.

The girl in the radio show was saying that the man’s confession was too casual, so Zeng Li complained a few words about her former blind date, but now people like it too casually. Ai Jingchu silently made up his mind to give Zeng Li a more formal confession. Deng Haoran’s girlfriend heard that he was again with his sister and girlfriend. Ma Yiyi thoughtfully asked him to go back to be with his girlfriend, but Deng Haoran didn’t want to go back and be nagged. In fact, Ma Yiyi understands his girlfriend very well. Similarly, Deng Haoran also understands Sheng Ming very well, but he is also afraid that Ma Yiyi will be deceived.

Liu Yucheng ran to the gym to look for Ai Jingchu to work out. The two talked about the relationship problems they encountered recently. Ai Jingchu only recently discovered that girls have different ways of thinking. Liu Yucheng persuaded him to plan a confession. Ai Jingchu openly admitted that Liu Yucheng was very touched. What he said meant that he was regarded as a brother.

After being moved, he decided to be Ai Jingchu’s wingman. When Ai Jingchu was worried about how to confess his confession, he thought of the anime story he told Zeng Li during the tooth extraction, so he looked around for the old-fashioned mobile phone. Ai Jingchu was in a good mood and patted the cloud and sent it to Zeng Li, who had just landed in Yancheng.

Seeing the crowds of readers downstairs, Zeng Li retreated. The editor had only sold 20 to 30 tickets, but Zeng Li’s popularity far exceeded expectations. Ai Jingchu didn’t know that Zeng Li came to sign for the sale. After hearing that she was nervous, she said that she had done 20 squats the first time she spoke. It was funny but it was really effective. With only ten minutes left before the start, Zeng Li chose to believe in Ai Jingchu, and after looking around, he did 20 squats to relieve the pressure. Zeng Li had a stiff smile and trembling legs, and was pushed onto the stage of the signing event.

Readers in the audience asked questions of Zeng Li, whose pen name is “Carol”, with great interest. “The Story of Yuer and Xiaoyuer” is the story of Zeng Li’s crush on Yi, but she did not expect that the prototype has been thoroughly picked up by the readers. Faced with the readers’ highly imaginative questions, Zeng Li embarrassedly denied that she hadn’t talked about it. Over love. However, the reader did not care about Zeng Li’s “this is just made up” explanation, and even encouraged her to bravely pursue Yuyi.

Wu Ying refused Liu Yucheng’s game invitation one after another, and even uninstalled the game. Zeng Li couldn’t get through, so Wu Ying said she was going to accompany Ma Yiyi through her broken love period, but she didn’t expect Ma Yiyi to be busy with work and she would never have time to accompany her. Doctor Jiang called and said that he was downstairs at Wu Ying’s house and wanted to take her to archery. Zeng Li, who ended the signing event, was very happy to have fun and did not forget to take a photo for Ai Jingchu who was preparing for the lesson.

Ai Jingchu rarely went to the snack street to eat cold noodles, but Zeng Li sent a dark photo. She was nesting in a hotel with the editor to watch a horror movie. The editor ran away after being taken aback. At this time, the lights in the room flickered. Zeng Li’s rich imagination scared herself into the quilt and gave Ai Jing Chuan. Message for help. Zeng Li wanted to know what happened next, so Ai Jingchu called and said to watch with her. For this reason, he sacrificed his flexible time twice a week.

Watching horror movies in the air, Ai Jingchu told Zeng Li over the phone a story, as if the ghosts were full of dog food and crawled back to the TV mechanism. At this moment, Zeng Li felt that Ai Jingchu was really by her side. After lying down, Ai Jingchu and Zeng Li said goodnight to each other and fell asleep. Ai Jingchu went to the library to borrow books the next day, but was told by Wu Wanxia that Zeng Li was sick and asked for leave, but didn’t Zeng Li said that he was sent to Yancheng on a business trip?

Ai Jingchu realized that he didn’t know so many things about Zeng Li when he saw the photos of Zeng Li’s signing event on Weibo. Ai Jingchu checked out the pink cover of “The Story of Yuer and Xiaoyuer” which was very inconsistent with his temperament. Opening the book, the story of Zeng Li slowly unfolded in front of Ai Jingchu. The extremely public personality of his parents created Zeng Li’s extremely quiet personality. They lived in a demolition house in the city, and the yard was rented to others for funerals. In the last year of the third year of junior high, Zeng Li studied alone and went home alone.

Every day Zeng Li prayed to his parents not to quarrel today when he came to the door of his house. But things are always counterproductive. The sound of parents quarreling attracted the attention of neighbors. Ai Jingchu seemed to see the helpless Zeng Li when he was a child, and felt distressed. Zeng Li, did you grow up like this?

With tears dripping on the paper, Ai Jingchu turned to the next chapter. His mother asked the neighbor’s children to help with homework, and Yu Yi walked into the world of Zeng Li.

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