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Sweet Teeth 世界微尘里 Episode 11 Recap

Wu Wanxia took care of herself and complained about Li Qian, and after leaving with her husband, only Ai Jingchu and Zeng Li were left. Zeng Li has been hiding from Ai Jingchu today. Ai Jingchu asked, but Zeng Li kept staring at his mouth, incoherently not knowing what to say. Ai Jingchu looked up at the sky to relieve the embarrassment and said that the weather was good, and invited Zeng Li to take a walk on the beach. Zeng Mu said that people like Zeng Li are lazy, and may not have the face to go to classmates in a few years, but Zeng Li is such a person.

When she is fine, she eats and drinks and fights with her friends. She is quite comfortable with the status quo. . Zeng Li was worried that such self-disciplined Ai Jingchu would look down on her, but Ai Jingchu often took his time to work out and read books to accompany Zeng Li for a walk. Zeng Li chose a job he likes without being influenced by the world. Ai Jingchu is actually very Admire her. Zeng Li was comforting her when Ai Jingchu, if she really didn’t care, she wouldn’t be so sad just now. Choice often represents his own attitude.

For example, Ai Jingchu chose a path that seemed successful to outsiders, but he forgot what he originally wanted to do. Zeng Li was curious about what he wanted to do, but he didn’t expect to be a cartoonist. This is seriously inconsistent with his personality, but it is also much approachable. Ai Jingchu used his own experience to encourage Zeng Li to do what he liked. After the topic was over, Ai Jingchu glanced at Zeng Li’s mouth and said, in fact, your mouth is also very beautiful.

Wu Ying seems to be very busy recently. It was not until Liu Yucheng found out that she had read her record last night and found that the profile picture of a double-row roommate was Xia Xiahou did not understand that Wu Ying was jealous. Wu Ying’s father was injured and had an operation. The surgeon was Dr. Jiang. He obviously had a good impression of Wu Ying. When I asked her to spend the weekend, Xiao Wang also said that Dr. Jiang had been asking about Wu Ying’s hobbies recently.

In Xiao Wang’s view, Jiang The doctor is a more suitable choice for Wu Ying than that little kid Liu Yucheng. Zeng Li announced that she decided to participate in the signing event because of the phrase Ai Jingchu said last night, “It is an enviable and lucky thing to choose the life you want.” Wu Ying and Ma Yiyi didn’t listen to the words behind her at all, they only heard the three words Ai Jingchu and ridiculed them. The couple at the table next door were feeding sweetly.

Ma Yiyi rolled his eyes and complained about the love between sister and brother. Wu Ying has been connoted, but she still insisted that she didn’t like Liu Yucheng. The problem of sibling love became a hindrance in Wu Ying’s heart. The reality told her that she was not young anymore. The sudden age anxiety of Ma Yiyi and Wu Ying quickly passed away, and several people toasted together to congratulate Zeng Li for taking a step toward his dream.

The soldier’s subsidy was only 30%. Zhou Wen quietly told Zeng Li that the rest was posted by Ai Jingchu himself. Zeng Li looked at Ai Jingchu with a little more admiration in his eyes. Ai Jingchu said that cleft lip puts more tests on patients than doctors, and the two agreed to go back to the orphanage together to visit the soldier and cheer him up. Xiaobing had no parents since he was a child, and the cleft lip would be a little bit psychologically traumatic.

Zeng Li understood that Ai Jingchu wanted to do his best to heal Xiaobing. After all, both of them were orphans. He wanted to do his best to give Xiaobing a better environment. Become a better person in the future. Zeng Li looked at Ai Jingchu’s back after cleaning his braces. She really liked this person everywhere.

Sheng Ming and Ma Yiyi watched the movie together and showed him their comments on Weibo. Some netizens said that Sheng Ming was his boyfriend, and Ma Yiyi was just a netizen who was fooling around. Sheng Ming became nervous and called the entangled ex-girlfriend under the pretext of going to the bathroom, but the ex-girlfriend threatened him to make it clear with Ma Yiyi, otherwise he would go to Weibo to make trouble.

Sheng Ming and Ma Yiyi confessed this matter. After he liked Ma Yiyi, he broke up with his girlfriend. After Sheng Ming didn’t know what to do, Ma Yiyi was disappointed and left. Ma Yiyi walked down the road in despair and received a bad tone urging her to move the car. Ma Yiyi couldn’t help but squat on the street crying bitterly anymore.

Wu Ying and Deng Haoran fight for Ma Yiyi, but Ma Yiyi is still wondering whether to break up with Shengming. In order to accompany the broken-hearted Ma Yiyi, Deng Haoran refused his girlfriend’s date and took the three sisters to go to the beach. The men and women in the bar vent their emotions wantonly. Zeng Li and Wu Ying leaned on their waists and slumped on the sofa. Seeing Ma Yiyi and Deng Haoran jumping in it, they took pictures and sent them to Moments.

Zeng Li didn’t reply to news for three hours. Ai Jingchu’s reading efficiency has dropped. When he saw Wu Yingfa’s circle of friends, the alarm bell masterpiece and Liu Yucheng rushed to the bar at the same time. Deng Haoran drove away the peach blossoms for Zeng Li, and the three sisters had to point out Pokémon, so Deng Haoran could only use his money ability to find a DJ to change the song.

Ai Jingchu and Liu Yucheng met in a long queue. As soon as Liu Yucheng entered, she sat next to Wu Ying. Wu Ying couldn’t help but throbbed, and suddenly remembered Xiao Wang’s words and left here quickly. Liu Yucheng came up to explain that Xia Xia was a roommate who played the game together. Wu Ying refused to say that they really couldn’t be together because they were six years apart. Seeing Wu Ying getting into the taxi alone, Liu Yucheng was a little disappointed. Ai Jingchu was out of touch with the atmosphere of the entire nightclub, looking for Zeng Li’s figure in the noise, until Zeng Li also saw him walking towards him.

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