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One and Only 周生如故 Episode 9 Recap

Zhou Shengchen was embarrassed by Xie Chong’s affairs. Xie Chong was like a master to him, and he was not at ease leaving Xie Chong alone in the capital. Xie Chong didn’t want to make Zhou Shengchen embarrassed. He took the initiative to ask Zhou Shengchen that he wanted to stay, but he hoped that he could be buried in Xizhou after death. Staying in this place of the pinnacle of power, Xie Chong got a fierce hexagram. He didn’t even know it, but he didn’t want to worry Zhou Shengchen, so he kept the hexagram.

Zhou Shengchen is about to set off for Xizhou. Due to the Queen Mother’s will, Tong Feng and Xinghua are about to get married and must stay in Qinghe County at the time. Therefore, she promised Zhou Shengchen that she would return to Xizhou within two years. Xiao Yan came to see Zhou Shengchen, but was stopped by Feng Qiao.

Feng Qiao asked Xiao Yan not to disturb Shi Yi and Zhou Shengchen. The two had a parting today, and it would take two years to see each other. Zhou Shengchen took Shiyi out of the palace, and the two came to the White Horse Temple. Zhou Shengchen had never burned incense in his life. He walked all over the place where blood flowed into rivers, and he was unwilling to pollute the Buddha. Shi Yi said that she would replace Zhou Shengchen from now on. Burning incense with the brothers and sisters, bless them all.

Zhou Shengchen and Shi Yi came to Luofu. After the two sang incense for Luoguang, Zhou Shengchen said a few words to Luo Wenji alone. He apologized for his uncle Nanchen King’s resignation that year, and Nanchen King’s resignation was The persecution in the palace was also the regret of King Nan Chen’s life. He hoped that Luo Wenji could let go of his knot.

The next day, the army set off. Zhou Shengchen said goodbye to the military commander and his entourage. When he was looking forward to seeing each other again, the military commander knew from the bottom of his heart that I was afraid that there would be no more meeting today. When Zhou Shengchen left, he met General Qi Hu Renjin. General Jin came to see Liu Zixing. They mentioned the current situation in the imperial court and killed Zhao Teng and Liu Yuan, but now there is a Qin Yan Xie Chong who is a powerful army. In the hands of Qin Yan in the Nanchen Palace, and General Jin’s daughter Jin Bian was not favored in the palace, Liu Zixing only said that he would take care of Jin Bian for General Jin, and General Jin also promised the Taiyuan army to be dispatched by Liu Zixing.

The three-year filial piety period in Tuofu was not over. Xinghua and Tongfeng did not hold a big wedding. Only Liu Zixing sent Xinghua into the mansion. The etiquette of the two was simple. On the day when the wind became a kiss, Xiaoyu was crying while burning the military newspaper. The love in her heart could only be buried in her heart. Due to the marriage of Feng Feng, Liu Zixing also met Shiyi in the mansion. He asked Shiyi if he was willing to leave with him. If he wanted to, he wanted to ask for a fief away from the palace, or Shiyi still wanted to be a princess and queen, but Shiyi refused. Liu Zixing, she never thought of entering the palace, and hoped that Liu Zixing could forget the daughter of the Tong family. Her heart was not on Liu Zixing.

After Liu Zixing returned to the palace, she was drunk. Kim Lai came to see Liu Zixing. The two of them were unwilling to be favored. Kim wanted to support Liu Zixing as the emperor, but Liu Zixing had to promise her a post.

In Qinghe County, all the house owners used condolences as the reason. After learning that the house owner of Jiao Wenjun, he became the owner of the house of Wushui, and he wanted to marry him of the house of Wushui. He knew that he was a six-bedroom house owner. , This group of people came to snatch the position of the family and the suzerain. She did not let Luo Zheng succeed. After so many things, Shi Yi also understood that the involuntary Luo Wenjun was involuntary, and she also forgave him that year. The matter of peace with Shichiro.

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