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One and Only 周生如故 Episode 8 Recap

Zhou Shengchen and Shi Yi returned to the temple. Zhou Shengchen recalled the past. In addition to Liu Hui, the first emperor had an eldest son who was not born to a queen. He died at the age of three. He angered Queen Gao in order to track down this matter. It was Liu. Yuan pleaded to protect him, and the relationship between him and Liu Yuan had always been good. Listening to this, Shi Yi asked Gao Huaiyang euphemistically, but Zhou Shengchen did not understand Shiyi’s meaning. Shi Yi learned that Zhou Shengchen did not mean Gao Huaiyang for men or women, and he was even more relieved.

The next day, Liu Zixing asked for the right time. Shi Yi was unwilling to see Liu Zixing. He only pushed and dragged him with his uncomfortable body. Zhou Shengchen saw the time when he was cautious, but still pampered with the time, with the wish of the time. When Liu Zixing asked to see Yiyi, he was restless in the palace. Fortunately, Hua knew the reason for Liu Zixing’s restlessness, and did not have a half-favor for Shiyi’s behavior of hanging Liu Zixing.

People from the palace of Luofu enter the palace to see the queen mother, who knows that the queen mother will not pass on one of the princes to Liu Zixing, and wants to revoke Shiyi’s marriage contract with Liu Zixing and ask for Xinghua for Tongfeng. The royal family owed the Luo family a debt, and now Gong Gong has done meritorious service again. Even if the queen mother is unwilling to let Xinghua marry Tong Feng, she can’t insult Tong Gong’s face, so she has to deal with this matter. Shi Yi and Liu Zixing’s marriage contract was annulled. Liu Zixing was anxious. He chased Shi Yi and refused to let the marriage contract be annulled. Zhou Shengchen rushed to stop Liu Zixing in time.

Xinghua cried and refused to marry Jiaofeng, but the queen mother could not tolerate Xinghua’s mischief. She gave the princess Xinghua the honor, either to marry Jiaofeng, or to make a relationship outside the Great Wall. Xinghua had to choose one by herself. In Tuo Mansion, Gong Gong knew that the family was no longer in the court. He asked Wen Jun to ignore the three-year period of filial piety. The princess must enter the mansion as soon as possible. Tu Feng was unwilling to marry the princess. Hit until the wind nodded. Luo Guang is already dying. Luo Wenjun mentioned her sacrifice ten years ago. Back then, she wrote and left the book for the Luo family, and sent away her husband.

No one in the family needs to sacrifice for the family. Listening to this, Tong Feng also knew that he had a heavy responsibility, so he could only accept this marriage and let him die without regret. Luo Guang’s death caused Shi Yi to cry, and Shi Yi was crying badly in front of Zhou Shengchen. She hugged Zhou Shengchen tightly, and only cried that she wanted to go back to Xizhou and did not want to stay here.

Shiyi stayed with Zhou Shengchen. Luo Wenjun and Luo Wenji came to meet Shiyi. Zhou Shengchen only hoped that the two would give Shiyi some more time. Luo Wenjun knew that Shiyi was incomprehensible, so she asked Zhou Shengchen to ask Shiyi. Explain what happened ten years ago. Luo Wenji had some past with Zhou Shengchen’s uncle Nanchen Wang. Zhou Shengchen mentioned the incident between the two in the main hall of Luo Guang on that day, which made him accept the time as a disciple, and also wanted to resolve the grievances between the two families.

When he saw Luo Wenji today, he knew that Luo Wenji was still alive in the past and could not let go. These words were heard by Shiyi, and Shiyi ran out crying. Zhou Shengchen hurried to catch up. He knew Shiyi had misunderstood, so he had to explain clearly to Shiyi. The relationship between him and the family was very delicate. Accepted as a disciple, but now it is his disciple, he will only have this one.

Zhou Shengchen coaxed Shiyi, Shiyi finally laughed, but Gao Huaiyang came to see Zhou Shengchen, Shiyi was very curious about the conversation between the two, Zhou Shengchen spoiled Shiyi, and only let Shiyi listen behind the screen. Gao Huaiyang came to see Zhou Shengchen. She mentioned that the Queen Mother had let her be the bedside of Zhou Shengchen. Only when she followed Zhou Shengchen to Xizhou could she save her life and leave the palace.

Zhou Shengchen had no intention of Gao Huaiyang, and he was naturally unwilling to promise Gao Huaiyang, but he kindly mentioned King Ping Qin and asked Gao Huaiyang to leave with him. He could send Gao Huaiyang to King Ping Qin to save his life. Gao Huaiyang was grateful for Zhou’s birthday, and at the same time she saw Shiyi’s figure behind the screen. Gao owed a debt to Li’s Qilang back then, and she officially apologized to Shiyi today. Until this life, Shiyi knew all the past events of his father and mother.

The funeral was held in Tuo Mansion. When Tuo Feng and Xiao Yu met again, they were no longer as harmonious as before. After a lot of effort, Tu Feng finally met Xiao Yu alone. As soon as the two met, Xiaoyu mentioned her affection for Tuofeng, she respected and admired Tufeng, and Tuofeng also handed over the good news about Xiaoyu he had collected over the years to Xiaoyu, and he also loved Xiaoyu. He has been in love for many years, but he has never been in love. Now that the two of them are separated, there is no future, and they can only hide that love in their hearts.

Xiao Yan came to see Liu Hui. Liu Hui wanted to give Xiao Yan a title, but Xiao Yan refused. But in the end, for revenge, he promised to take the title and request to return to Xizhou with King Nanchen. Later, Liu Hui made a request with Zhou Shengchen, and he hoped that Xie Chong would stay in Zhongzhou to assist him.

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