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One and Only 周生如故 Episode 10 Recap

Shi Yizheng is moving the books from the academy and plans to move all the books to the library in Xizhou. On the other side, Zhou Shengchen and Xiao Yan had a banquet, and they were also happy to learn that Shiyi was about to return to Xizhou. Too Feng was about to leave for Shouyang due to state affairs. He couldn’t send the time, only let the time be careful. It is time to see that the increasingly thin Jiaofeng also feels distressed.

It turns out that the queen mother has been urging Princess Hua to give birth to a child, but fortunately Hua is unwilling, so she has been arguing with Jiaofeng to accept Qi’s daughter as a concubine. In Xizhou, Zhou Shengchen met with Liu Changshan, and now Liu Changshan was defeated by him. He only sent Liu Changshan back to the palace and was dealt with by Liu Hui.

Shi Yi left for Xizhou. She stayed at Qinglong Temple. She couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night and only came out to pray for the Buddha and bless Zhou Shengchen to return in triumph. At this time, a soldier came desperately to meet Shiyi. He knew Shiyi was Zhou Shengchen’s apprentice. He only pleaded for Shiyi to save Yongcheng. Yongcheng was besieged. The King of Beihai refused to send troops. Zhou Shengchen was not in the fief, and Shiyi was with him. After three thousand soldiers, she did not hesitate to take these three thousand soldiers to Yongcheng, and let Xiyang stay in the temple to wait for Zhou’s birthday.

Shi Yi and General rushed to Yongcheng, and unexpectedly discovered that Yongcheng was rescued, and the rescuer was a man named General Gan. General Gan and Shi Yi climbed the city wall together, only to see the enemy army rushing to attack the city densely, Shi Yi and General Gan’s soldiers lost to each other, and a bloody battle broke out. On the other side, Zhou Shengchen learned that Yongcheng was trapped and Shi Yi was also there, so he quickly arranged for support and led the cavalry forward.

In Yongcheng, the three brothers of the times brought troops to come for reinforcements, but they still struggled against the enemy. His leg was injured in the battle, and General Gan also died in his country. Standing on the wall of the city, Shi Yi watched General Gan’s martyrdom. Her eyes were red. Fortunately, Zhou Shengchen arrived in time with the cavalry. Zhou Shengchen killed the enemy with one enemy and one hundred and saved Yongcheng.

Yongcheng was rescued. Shi Yi and Zhou Shengchen saw each other two years later. Shi Yi only cried and threw herself into Zhou Shengchen’s arms. She was sad because of General Gan’s death, but Zhou Shengchen stroked Shi Yi’s back lightly. She had already done a lot. Well, he was late. In the past two years, Zhou Shengchen has kept the army seal for the time, and it is not until today that Shiyi knew how difficult it was to drop the seal. Yongcheng was rescued, and Zhou Shengchen planned to leave 20,000 troops here to assist Yang Shao, but Yang Shao was heartbroken to Beichen, and he was going to leave here, where his own Wang Jun stood by. Zhou Shengchen had an extra defense against Yang Shao, and ordered people to stare at Yang Shao to see who he would take refuge in.

Xie Yun escaped from the battlefield, but it was difficult to get on the horse again. It was time to come to deliver Xie Yun food. Xie Yun mentioned Xiao Yan who was following Zhou Shengchen. He still didn’t trust Xiao Yan much. Choosing to believe in Xiao Yan was Zhou Shengchen’s decision. Shi Yi didn’t mention it too much. He was only a little guilty that he didn’t open the city gate today. Xie Yun only said that today’s things should be done right now. As soon as the city gate opens, this city It broke. Afterwards, Zhou Shengchen came to see Xie Yun. He avoided the time and told him that Xie Yun could no longer get on the horse. Both of them felt heavy in their hearts.

Zhou Shengchen guarded the city for three days, but Xie Yun did not see him for three days. Shi Yi kept worrying about the two in his heart. Unexpectedly, a wave of unrest occurred again. Yang Shao held Feng Qiao under her head. Shi Yi regretted saving Yang Shao but was held hostage by him. Yang Shao asked Feng Qiao and his party to surrender Liu Changshan and prepare a carriage for Yang Shao.

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