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Crime Crackdown 扫黑风暴 Episode 20 Recap

Two people claiming to be the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision approached Li Chengyang and asked him to go back to work with them. Da Jiang seemed to want to stop him, but was stopped by Li Chengyang. Li Chengyang reminded him in his ear that tomorrow, he will not move and take good care of the place, and wait for him to come back. That night, Li Chengyang was taken to a hotel in Luteng City.

The Commission for Discipline Inspection asked him if he knew Dong Yao and the specific time he knew Dong Yao. Li Chengyang told the truth. The other party asked him if the new handsome group had held a project appreciation meeting. Li Chengyang admitted and said that Dong Yao was there on behalf of the district government to participate. The new handsome group sent tea to each VIP. Gift. The other party asked him if he had put two gold bars in the tea box, and she took out a photo for Li Chengyang to identify.

Li Chengyang denied it, and then asked about the delivery of American ginseng. Li Chengyang still said that the box contained American ginseng and there was no US dollar stuffed. In a recent meeting, Li Chengyang brought a leather bag to Dong Yao’s office to find him. Li Chengyang admitted that this fact existed, but he declared that he had only given Dong Yao a photo at the time. The people of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision felt that he had sent a painting worth more than one million yuan to Dong Yao, Li Chengyang denied.

After the question was asked, Li Chengyang also asked a question. Of course, he was not so stupid as to ask the Commission for Discipline Inspection whether he suspected that he was bribing Dong Yao, but whether he had discovered something wrong with Dong Yao, or if he admitted it himself. People from the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision came to him for verification.

The person from the Disciplinary Inspection Commission did not answer his question, and Li Chengyang signed the transcript afterwards. Xing Fan knows a little about the scars left on Da Jiang’s face. In 15 years, Da Jiang reported to the police because a man named Spider Brother was selling drugs. He was retaliated by Spider Brother. The scar on his face was left at that time. Down. Over the years, she also knew about things like Spider Brother. He didn’t care less about it. The reason why he avoided him was because he was worried that he would hurt him.

At this time, the most important task for the two of them is to protect the witness Chen Jianbo. Qi Xiaoyan was the accompaniment girl who helped Huang Xi to plead with Sister Li last time. She was in danger due to debt collection by her creditor. Later, Huang Xi came forward to repay her 20,000 interest, which allowed Qi Xiaoyan to escape from the devil’s hand.

Huang Xi saw that Qi Xiaoyan was forced to wear the green card helplessly, so she went to inquire. Qi Xiaoyan uses the pseudonym Sisi here, and Huang Xi has always called her Sisi. Qi Xiaoyan cried, she was instigated to make a naked loan when she was in college. Under the pressure of high interest, Qi Xiaoyan couldn’t repay the money, and the other party continued to encourage her to revolve the loan. In this way, Ligunli, she was burdened.

Loan usury is increasing. Huang Xi revealed his identity to her and said that he could help her. In the end, Qi Xiaoyan agreed to be with Huang Xi. Soon after this, Qi Xiaoyan put on Huang Xi’s watch and went to Sister Li and said that she didn’t want to engage in prostitution for the time being. All the conversations between her and Sister Li were recorded by the recording watch.

During the conversation, Qi Xiaoyan was too nervous and kept touching the watch on her wrist. Sister Li said that she had confiscated her watch first. Upon seeing this, Huang Xi changed the subject and successfully attracted Sister Li’s attention, and then Huang Xi signaled Qi Xiaoyan behind him to leave quickly. Then, Qi Xiaoyan returned the watch to Huang Xi. She said that after the incident was over, she wanted to live again and open a restaurant in her hometown.

In the parking lot, Sun Xing appeared behind He Yun, called her mother, He Yun turned around, said nothing, slapped him and left. Due to the mother-son relationship between herself and Sun Xing, He Yun always evaded her duties as a policeman, and eventually became a hypocrite of the Municipal Public Security Bureau and became an umbrella for evil forces.

At this moment, what was rising in her heart was not only pain, but also deep regret. She took one step wrong, and now she took the wrong step. When she raised her head, she could no longer see the way forward. Huang Xi played the recording to Lin Hao, and Qi Xiaoyan also revealed that Xu Yingzi had been gang-raped in Phoenix Nightclub. It happened that Sun Xing showed up here with his people. Lin Hao asked Sun Xing’s people who were the first to rape Xu Yingzi.

He never thought that Sun Xing was used to being domineering in the green vines, and he would not be afraid of being like Lin Hao. Such a little detective. Lin Hao furiously punched Sun Xing. Sun Xing got up and suddenly plunged into his own stomach with a broken wine bottle. There was even a smile on his face, which looked very penetrating. Later the next day, Lin Hao was scolded by He Yun for provoking and provoking things in the street.

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