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Crime Crackdown 扫黑风暴 Episode 19 Recap

Dong Yao took the cash from the office and hurried out after changing his clothes in the underground parking lot. Xing Fan accidentally lost him, so he told Li Chengyang of the incident. Li Chengyang and Da Jiang drove to Tiger Street, passing by Dong Yao without knowing it. A friend of Li Chengyang’s Xiaowu was working in Tiger Street.

With his help, he found the contact information of Hua Zi, the taxi driver Dong Yao took, and asked Xiao Zhuang to act as if he didn’t know anything, and let the taxi in Tiger Street take charge. Yuan Laosan contacted the driver Huazi. Huazi received the call, but he didn’t reveal any clues, but the vigilant Dong Yao still didn’t get to the end, but got out of the car at Zhangzhuang intersection halfway.

Zhangzhuang is an abandoned wharf, but there are often smuggling boats there. Li Chengyang guessed that Dong Yao might want to escape by water, and immediately rushed to Zhangzhuang wharf with Da Jiang and Xing Fan, and the three searched separately. Li Chengyang searched for no results, suddenly bursts of fireworks burst into the sky, and through the faint light of the fireworks, Li Chengyang found a figure resembling Dong Yao.

Then, Li Chengyang caught Dong Yao before he boarded the boat. He forced him to ask Dong Yao about the secret behind Ma Shuai’s death and what the matter had to do with Gao Mingyuan. Dong Yao still didn’t say it, he let him Li Chengyang asked Gao Mingyuan himself. Li Chengyang was pressing Dong Yao, but suddenly he was put in a sack on his head, and the other party even stunned him. Da Jiang and Xing Fan couldn’t contact Li Chengyang, but they found Li Chengyang fainted on the ground and Dong Yao had disappeared.

After investigation, it was discovered that Zhang Tongsheng, a chef who had worked for three years in the detention center, immediately went through the resignation procedures after Ma Shuai died and left the detention center. The problem really appeared inside, and Luo Shanhe asked Zhao Ligen to hand over the task of arresting Zhang Tongsheng to He Yong.

He Yong specially called Pei Wei to go with him. With the help of the staff sent by the Municipal Bureau, Zhang Tongsheng was caught. After coming back, He Yong’s two men were anxious to interrogate Zhang Tongsheng, but he didn’t expect this Zhang Tong to be very arrogant, and He Yong had already expected it. He urged his two subordinates that if they encounter this situation in the future, don’t worry about the trial, but leave him alone. When he understands a little bit, they will go to interrogate. Then is the best time for them to interrogate the prisoner.

Ma Shuai’s series of actions on Dong Yao completely disturbed the lake that had already been undercurrent by the green vine. Luo Shanhe felt that the protective umbrella covering the black and evil forces had loosened at this time. In order to tear the veil of the manipulator after the opening, Luo Shanhe instructed He Yong to find Li Chengyang again. He Yong showed the series of documents to Li Chengyang. He said that the death report of Ma Shuai and the accidental death report of Lin Han that year were both signed by the forensic doctor Song Tao.

Song Tao is He Yun’s. In addition, the person who signed Li Chengyang’s resignation report happened to be He Yun. If He Yun is really corrupt, then this matter is no small matter. He Yong needs Li Chengyang to cooperate with him.

Now the organization is going through the process and it is determined that Li Chengyang has been wronged. Although he cannot be put on a police uniform right away, I believe that he will regain his status as a police officer shortly afterwards. Da Jiang found someone to kidnap Chen Jianbo and lied to him that Dong Yao asked them to kill Chen Jianbo. Chen Jianbo was frightened and killed Ma Shuai and Dong Yao, and told himself the secret of burying the bodies.

Li Chengyang learned that Da Jiang had kidnapped Chen Jianbo, he rebuked Da Jiang for a few words, and then went to do Chen Jianbo’s ideological work, persuading him to take the initiative to surrender. Chen Jianbo was persuaded and told all the secrets. He also said that the person who called him was Gao Mingyuan.

At the same time, Gao Mingyuan learned that Chen Jianbo was missing, and immediately asked Zheng Yihong to find Lao Ning, to find Chen Jianbo at all costs, and to let him never appear in front of him again. Li Chengyang and Da Jiang are at the Wonton Store. The burial site that Chen Jianbo said is in Yihe New Village. Li Chengyang arranged for Da Jiang to dig the corpse tomorrow morning. Then the boss’ daughter Jingjing was preparing to talk to Li Chengyang about something. Two people who claimed to be the Zhongjiang Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision approached Li Chengyang and asked him to go back to cooperate in some investigations.

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