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Crime Crackdown 扫黑风暴 Episode 18 Recap

Gao Mingyuan was about to ignite the fuse, and Chen Jianbo was so scared that he hurriedly said Li Lijuan’s name. He said that Dong Yao made him do this, saying that it was for Gao Mingyuan’s good. In the end, Gao Mingyuan didn’t hit him cruelly. Instead, he reminded him to hide here in the hotel during this period, so that he could escape the limelight and make his fortune-telling. Dong Yao on the other side was not so lucky.

Li Chengyang called him frequently, but Dong Yao naturally didn’t dare to pick him up. Li Chengyang let Da Jiang drive towards the district government. Both Xing Fan and Xing Fei were staring at Dong Yao outside the district government. Xing Fei told Li Chengyang that Dong Yao had been hiding in this building for the past few days and turned off the lights at ten o’clock every day. He didn’t know whether he was asleep or not. .

As for Chen Jianbo, Xing Fei investigated that 14 years ago Dong Yao was the section chief of the construction committee, and all the basic projects in Ma Shuai’s hand were done for Chen Jianbo. The relationship between the three makes Li Chengyang feel that it is not simple. Li Chengyang saw the large advertising screen opposite the district government, and suddenly thought of a way.

Dong Yao has indeed been hiding in the district government building and slept in the office at night. The next morning, Li Chengyang bought the right to use the advertising screen, put Ma Shuai’s photo on it, and then used a far laser to penetrate the curtains of Dong Yao’s office. Dong Yao woke up, opened the curtains, and saw Ma Shuai’s black and white. The photo, with words such as rainy night 14 years ago written on it, scared Dong Yao to call Li Chengyang quickly.

Dong Yao asked why he wanted to hold on to him, Li Chengyang just laughed, but didn’t reply. Later, Li Chengyang asked the media to send a press release, and Ma Shuai took a large picture of the news that appeared on the advertising screen. Gao Mingyuan watched the news on the Internet and decided to make things worse, no matter what Dong Yao’s situation might be, because Dong Yaoyu had no value for him. Gao Mingyuan asked Zheng Yihong to make an appointment with Li Chengyang tomorrow, and he would invite Li Chengyang to “drink tea.”

Suodong took a few comrades from the task force to find a citizen named Peng Xiaoqian, and asked him about the demolitions of his house and the occupation of his homestead by evil forces many years ago. Peng Xiaoqian thought it was useless at first, but after persuading him, he said that there was a saying in Luteng City that the Batong Building would not fall, and Luteng was nothing good.

Batong Building is an unfinished building in the city center. It was a project that was built first and approved later. It was suspended after halfway through its construction. Suodong wanted to take a picture of this unfinished building, but suddenly a few fierce hooligans appeared inside and shouted at them to leave. Li Chengyang went to see Gao Mingyuan, and Gao Mingyuan threw out the idea of ​​cooperating with him, and Li Chengyang offered whatever the conditions were.

Li Chengyang said that he doesn’t care about Yihe New Village. What he cares about is the death of Ma Shuai. If Gao Mingyuan can help him figure out the death of Ma Shuai, he can not need any penny of the Yihe New Village project. However, Gao Mingyuan said that Ma Shuai’s memorial service has ended, and the story has been turned over.

Li Chengyang did not want to turn the article, he said that Marshal was poisoned to death in the detention center. The person who killed Ma Shuai might have killed Tucai. The money in his hands was the Yihe New Village project, and Gao Mingyuan wanted this project the most. Gao Mingyuan changed his face immediately, and the two of them tore their faces completely.

Gao Mingyuan said that it doesn’t matter how Marshal died, what is important is how Li Chengyang will live in the future. These words sounded a threat to anyone, but Li Chengyang was not afraid, he was going to fight Gao Ming. Dong Yao called his wife, asked her to bring her children and all the cash, and book the earliest air ticket to Xishuangbanna, after which he would meet them in Yunnan.

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