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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 19 Recap

Su Xiao, who has not returned home for a long time, is now accompanied by his parents and spent his twenty-ninth birthday. Not only is he enjoying the care and care of his relatives, but he is also urged to find someone. Su Xiao took the initiative to call Xia Ming, and it happened that Xia Ming tactfully refused He Yao’s confession, because he has gradually liked Su Xiao through these few cooperations.

On the other hand, He Yao was born with a superior background and both talents and appearance, but Xia Ming’s contact with her was all utilitarian. So when He Yao noticed Xia Ming’s attitude, she was very disappointed in her heart. I used to think that Xia Ming was different from other people, but now it seemed that he was a raccoon dog. He had never considered his feelings, so he drove him away.

When Xia Ming discovered that he had missed the call and was about to call back, Su Xiao suddenly received a call from Wang Yang and learned that Liu Tiesheng had been in custody and the project had been suspended. Now that the Qunxing Group is in chaos, Li Xue and Liu Tiesheng have benefited from the transfer, and the investigation has been stopped, and even the Yinghai Group has almost fallen into it.

The new Yao is always the third-in-command of the previous superior unit. He took over the position of Liu Tiesheng, and at the same time was responsible for solving the project in his hand, and decided to continue to develop and build the building. Su Xiao followed Xia Ming to see Mr. Yao. Unexpectedly, the other party had a car accident and was sent to the intensive care unit. Therefore, there were rumors within the group that there was a problem with Feng Shui in the Qunxing Square, which mainly originated from the artillery school opposite, and the nine cannons were facing the square. Center, thereby producing evil spirits.

Although such specious remarks belong to feudal superstition, it happens that everyone believes it is true and is easy to be deceived. Therefore, the most urgent task is to find a way to change the Feng Shui of the square and resolve the rumors. Now the situation of President Yao is not optimistic, the group has sent President Shen to come forward, and Xia Ming asked him to meet and negotiate next week.

Since the Qunxing project has taken up too much capital flow of Tiancheng, it has seriously affected the settlement of several other projects, and the wages of employees cannot be paid. Colleagues have been discussing this. On the surface, Chen Simin pretended to be distressed, but in fact he kept putting pressure on Su Xiao and criticizing Sang Huai.

In fact, the balance on Tiancheng’s account is indeed not much. Su Xiao knew this well. When facing Chen Simin’s complaints, she remained silent and went to Xia Ming to discuss countermeasures in private. The two came to the artillery school, hoping that the school could move the position of the cannon, but they were rejected.

Tiancheng Company still has a shortfall of nearly 20 million yuan. Wang Yang has no choice but to find the general contracting company to borrow money, but Wang Mingyu did not want to help him at all, repeatedly stressing that the group is tight. At the same time, Xia Ming traveled to various places to find ways to build relationships, and Su Xiao delved into the number of Zhouyi in his office, hoping to make a breakthrough.

At first, my colleagues complained about Su Xiao. It can be seen that she was locked in the office all day, doing nothing, and even more indignant. Only Lu Zhengming and Yu Can helped Su Xiao to relieve the siege. On the way home, Su Xiao was inadvertently inspired to write a planning book overnight, and took Xia Ming to see President Shen to explain the idea to the other party. He planned to modify the top floor design and adopt aqua blue glass curtain wall to achieve the defensive effect.

The plan was approved by President Shen, and everyone finally solved the crisis. Wang Yang praised Su Xiao publicly, and Chen Simin’s expression was extremely bad. Xu Feng and Lin Xiaomin proposed to develop the property department, but unfortunately they could not get approval. Wu Hongmei failed to deal with the sample draft, but was blamed by Wang Mingyu. Marita hated her for iron and steel, which inevitably criticized her. Xu Feng saw Wu Hongmei in depression in the elevator, and simply comforted her with the experience of the people who passed by. Wu Hongmei was also reflecting on why he was so stupid, and everything was inferior to Su Xiao.

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