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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 18 Recap

Wang Mingyu knew that Tianke Company wanted to participate in the bidding of the project, so he deliberately suggested to Liu Tiesheng that the relationship between Huang Lilin and He Shengli was a catch-up. Liu Tiesheng ordered his subordinates to investigate the situation and learned that the relationship between Xia Ming and He Yao was not a lover, so he knew it was worthless, and then terminated the cooperation negotiation.

Tianke’s wishful thinking fell to nothing, Huang Lilin was anxiously anxious, Su Xiao was not interested in their behind-the-scenes manipulation, and was too embarrassed to stay by, and simply got up and said goodbye. It was raining heavily outside, and Xia Ming took the initiative to drive her home. The two only discussed recent events. Even though Su Xiao knew that extraordinary methods were needed in extraordinary times, she was still quite repulsive from the bottom of her heart.

When the car stopped downstairs, Xia Ming saw that Su Xiao didn’t bring an umbrella, and held up her coat to protect her from the rain, and went all the way into the corridor. The two were in such close contact, Su Xiao was a little moved. He seriously considered what Xia Ming had said before that night, so he worked overtime to design the drawings, even if the process was difficult, he was willing to accompany him through the difficulties.

Even though Liu Tiesheng and Zhao Xiankun are about to reach a cooperation, Xia Ming is unwilling and intends to advance the completion date to win the project. After all, Liu Tiesheng is about to retire in one year. Whether he will stay in office is unknown, but he hopes to complete the project within the term of office. Presided over the completion ceremony.

Because Xia Ming’s proposal was very risky and was strongly opposed by Chen Simin and others, Wang Yang sought Su Xiao’s ideas, and at the same time seriously discussed with Huang Lilin, he still supported Xia Ming and Su Xiao’s decision and told them not to be a last resort. Never promise to advance the construction period.

The two found that Liu Tiesheng asked Zhao Xiankun to meet at the golf course. He Yao was commissioned by Huang Lilin to rush to the court in time, hoping to cooperate with Xia Ming to win the project. However, Xia Ming did not want to use He Yao again and did not accept her help, which made He Yao feel particularly disappointed.

At this time, Liu Tiesheng and others temporarily modified the itinerary and drove to a restaurant that only accepted reservations. It happened that He Yao’s friend was the restaurant manager, which was a great help. At the same time, Liu Tiesheng stated that he wanted to advance the construction schedule, but the main project of the Qunxing Plaza project is huge, and the year-end includes various international conferences, there is bound to be a stoppage phase, so Wang Mingyu is embarrassed and can only guarantee that it will be completed as soon as possible.

Wang Mingyu estimated that the time was at least 463 days. Liu Tiesheng could not wait that long. When the negotiation process was hindered, the waiter brought a bottle of wine to Liu Tiesheng. There was no signature on the attached card, only a number with “456” written on it. . Xia Ming and Su Xiao waited patiently in the private room next door, and did not leave until it was about to close. The two of them drooped their heads and suddenly saw a car parked in front of them. It was Liu Tiesheng who pulled down the window.

Because of the content of the card just received, Liu Tiesheng was willing to give the other party a chance, and Xia Ming and Su Xiao elaborated their concepts and promises to him in the shortest possible time. In the end, Liu Tiesheng agreed to talk in detail in the office at a time, and Xia Ming drove Su Xiao home happily.

When Zhao Peng learned that Tianke had won the project, he worried that the subsidiary would not be able to complete it, so that the risk would fall on the group. However, Wang Mingyu criticized Zhao Peng for his small vision. The Qunxing project was nothing more than an extra money for the general contracting company. Only Tianke would look at this opportunity like this. Winning is a strategic value, and losing is a self-destructive future.

The audit team of Tiancheng found out the problem of surplus and difference. Not only did the colleagues lose their bonuses, they were also busy with the project all night long. In the National Day holiday, Su Xiao went home to visit her parents. Originally Xia Ming called her to have dinner, but unfortunately she failed to achieve her wish.

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