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The Bond 乔家的儿女 Episode 3 Recap

Qiao Zuwang said that guests were coming to the house, and he told them not to come out unless they were called. When a couple came to the house, Qiao Zuwang asked Qiao Sanli and Qiao Simei to take a look. Qiao Erqiang didn’t understand, but Qiao Yicheng already had the answer in his heart. A few days later, Uncle Shen and Aunt Fu came again. They bought a few children’s books and candy, and smiled and asked Qiao Simei if they would let them braid her.

Qiao Simei is always sweet, and also likes the gentle uncles and aunts in front of him. Qiao Zuwang announced that he could not raise so many children in his family, and that Uncle Shen and Aunt Fu had no children, so he took a fancy to Qiao Simei. Qiao Yicheng didn’t expect that they liked Qiao Simei, and Qiao Erqiang was very sad, and only Qiao Simei was happy because he wanted to live a better life in the future.

Qiao Yicheng was unwilling to go to the guest house where Uncle Shen and Aunt Fu stayed temporarily and begged them to adopt him. He is a member of the team and can do everything well! Qiao Yicheng just wanted a better environment to study, but was rejected because Qiao Simei looks like their former daughter.

Qiao Yicheng left the guest house with stubbornness and the cake they sent, and returned to the home where the end could not be seen at a glance. Qiao Yicheng made a nameless fire. Qiao Simei was taken away soon. Qiao Zuwang waved his hand and said that she had gone to live a good life. Qiao Erqiang was crying heartbreakingly outside. He was willing to give her all the sugar and oil residues, and only hoped that Qiao Si Beauty don’t go.

Qi Ziqiang heard that Qiao Zuwang had sent Qiao Simei away, and felt that he was not a man by paying his daughter back. Qiao Zuwang took the money to invest and lost money. After a fight, he returned home cursingly, only to see that Wei Shufang had come with Qiao Qiqi. Qiao Qiqi suffered a severe leg injury and needed long-term treatment in the Children’s Hospital, and was born with polio. This is Qiao Zuwang’s biological son, and he can’t leave it alone.

Wei Shufang left Qiao Qiqi aside and was about to leave, Qiao Qiqi yelled his second aunt tenderly, but Wei Shufang was really helpless. Qi Weimin went home from school and did not find Qiao Qiqi in the house. Wei Shufang said that he had been sent back to Qiao’s house. She was really too busy to bring so many children alone. Besides, if the polio was not cured, they were also worried. Not responsible.

Qi Weimin has always liked Qiao Qiqi, and Qiao Qiqi is also very dependent on him, and can’t even eat after leaving. Qi Weimin went to visit Qiao Qiqi. Qiao Yicheng was washing clothes in the yard, and the words facing Weimin were a bit yin and yang. Qi Weimin was concerned about Qiao Qiqi’s illness, and ignored Qiao Yicheng, and went to the hospital with Qiao Qiqi on his back. Qiao Yicheng was hard-hearted and gave the money he saved to Qi Weimin.

Classmates said that Dr. Wei treated this disease very well, and Qi Weimin waited for a long, long time. Dr. Wei said that Qiao Qiqi did not get polio. The child is very healthy. Don’t be afraid of falling. You will grow up when you run. Qiao Qiqi did not suffer from polio, and Wei Shufang also said to take him back. Qiao Zuwang’s mouth crooked with joy.

Qiao Simei, who was picked up by his adoptive parents from Suzhou, went to the train station alone and wanted to go back to Nanjing. Because he had no money, he secretly followed the adult in front to get on the train. Qiao Simei wore beautiful braids and wore a beautiful little skirt, squatting for a long time at the train junction. The kind flight attendant gave her something to eat and escorted her all the way to Nanjing. People from the police station sent Qiao Simei home, and Qiao Yicheng, Qiao Erqiang, and Qiao Sanli couldn’t hide their joy when they saw their long-lost sister.

Wei Shufang complained that Qiao Zuwang caused her to make trouble. Fortunately, the Shen family are scholars and do not intend to pursue them. Qiao Zuwang complained in turn that all four children had to go to school to spend money, and one by one would drank blood on him. Wei Shufang happily left, showing off Qi Weimin’s achievements, and Qiao Yicheng was very uncomfortable.

The director of the factory gave Qiao Zuwang a mess that was bought in the cafeteria, but he didn’t expect that he would just sell coolies. Qiao Zuwang was not happy anymore, chasing after the director to ask for an explanation, but Qiao Zuwang usually looks sloppy and everyone sees it. There are so many good things. Qiao Erqiang followed Niu Ye all day long and walked the streets and alleys. When he returned home, he enviously said that they had bought a new refrigerator. Qiao Zuwang threw down the leftover bowls and chopsticks and took the rope to the factory director’s house.

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