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The Bond 乔家的儿女 Episode 2 Recap

Aunt Wu’s son had a wedding, and the next door was very lively and the fragrance was overflowing. Qiao Erqiang eagerly smelled the scent floating through the wall, and couldn’t help but ran to steal it. When Aunt Wu found out, she was very disgusted. The neighbors advised her not to care about the children, but they were not without fathers, and Qiao Zuwang didn’t make money. He only knew that he would drink all day when he had money. Qiao Erqiang, Qiao Sanli, and Qiao Simei were scolded pitifully, but Aunt Wu still gave them sweets.

After Qiao Yicheng found out, he took his younger brother and sister back home and scolded harshly. . Compared to his younger brothers and sisters, Qiao Yicheng is already at a sensible age, carrying this family with a thin body. But in the face of Qiao Sanli’s fever, Qiao Yicheng didn’t know what to do, so he had to go to Qiao Zuwang at the gaming table. Hearing that Qiao Sanli had a fever and went to the health clinic and needed money to buy medicine, Qiao Zuwang pounced on the gambling table without paying attention to Qiao Yicheng’s words.

The food at home was stolen, and Qiao Yicheng’s little heart collapsed again, and eventually ran to the Public Security Bureau to report Qiao Zuwang’s gambling. The four of them have always been very careful, believing that the family members reported the matter. In the face of punishment, Qiao Zuwang moved out that he was a disabled person again, crying and crying that many children at home could not be separated from adults. The police did not listen to his excuses and either paid a fine or detained him for fifteen days before leaving. Before leaving, the police looked at Qiao Zuwang fiercely and said, “Evil bamboo shoots out good shoots.”

Qiao Erqiang thought that Qiao Zuwang’s baby kombucha was sour plum soup, and could not help stealing it for a long time. The result was unpleasant and accidentally knocked over. The four children looked at a loss. After Qiao Zuwang went home, Qiao Yicheng waited for him to take a shower and eat, and then he was locked up in the room and beaten up. Qiao Yicheng’s self-esteem made him break free and ran out, and Qiao Erqiang, Qiao Sanli and Qiao Simei followed him.

The children wondered why Qiao Zuwang would beat Qiao Yicheng? Qi Ziqiang heard that Qiao Zuwang beat Qiao Yicheng, and it was even more distressed to see him carrying his wounds without saying a word. Under Qi Ziqiang’s comfort, Qiao Yicheng finally burst into tears. On this gloomy but sunny afternoon when Qi Ziqiang took a few children home, Qiao Yicheng met the girl who would never forget her life.

Qiao Zuwang was drinking wine in the room, and Qiao Yicheng mustered up the courage to put forward those unreasonable but unspeakable demands, to give him more living expenses, to buy a new chimney pipe, and a pair of new white sneakers. Under Qiao Yicheng’s care, the four children of Qiao’s family have grown up a bit.

Qiao Zuwang still looks like only having fun. He said that he would go to the bathhouse and refused to hold a parent meeting for Qiao Erqiang. Go for him after class. However, Qiao Erqiang’s grades were not only unsatisfactory, but the teacher responded that he suddenly had more fashionable and expensive clothes. It happened that at this time the classmates lost the money to buy materials.

When Uncle Li came to the house, seeing that only Qiao Sanli and Qiao Simei were there, he asked Qiao Simei to buy tofu and invite them to eat. Qiao Sanli blinked. Qiao Yicheng dragged Qiao Erqiang, who was watching TV at Niu Yejia home, and prepared to talk. He didn’t expect to hear Qiao Sanli’s screams as soon as he got home. Uncle Li who bullied Qiao Sanli in the room was beaten up by Qiao Yicheng and Qiao Erqiang. Uncle Li ran away in a hurry and knocked over the tofu waterlog he had just bought. Qiao Yicheng said that he saw Uncle Li bullying Qiao Sanli with his own eyes. Qiao Zuwang showed an inconsistent appearance, and ran to Uncle Li’s house with a knife. Qiao Yicheng thought Qiao Zuwang would seek justice for Qiao Sanli.

Qiao Zuwang took Qiao Sanli out, and Qiao Yicheng pulled Qiao Erqiang in front of his mother and asked him where the money for the Hong Kong shirt came from. Qiao Yicheng misunderstood Qiao Erqiang. He stubbornly refused to eat or ride in the car. He simply wanted to have a Hong Kong shirt. Qiao Zuwang ordered two cages of steamed buns. After getting permission, Qiao Sanli ate his head and did not forget to bring a cage for her elder brother.

The children were worried that Qiao Zuwang would send Qiao Sanli out. Qiao Yicheng waited for them to go home at the door, but saw Qiao Zuwang taking Qiao Sanli home. The children ate the buns they had just bought. Only Qiao Yicheng knew how the money came. He scolded Qiao Zuwang for being Qiao Sanli’s father and not worthy of being their father!

Qiao Yicheng took the sheet soiled by Aunt Wu’s pigeons and went to the next room to reason. Qiao Sanli hit the pigeon cage with a rock. Qiao Yicheng smashed the window of Uncle Li’s house as if venting his anger, but in the end he sued him, and Uncle Li was sentenced to three years in jail for indecent assault. Qiao Yicheng explained to Qiao Erqiang that he did not steal money and hoped that the teacher could help explain it in the class, but the teacher did not seem to believe it.

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