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The Bond 乔家的儿女 Episode 1 Recap

The eldest brother of the Qiao family, Qiao Yicheng, lay in the earthquake-proof shed and looked at the sky, and three younger brothers and sisters came over and shouted that they were hungry. Several children ran back home. Second aunt Wei Shufang came to look for Qiao Zuwang and learned that he was gambling money at Uncle Li’s house. Wei Shufang killed him aggressively. Qiao Zuwang was boasting at the gambling table that he was not much worse than a movie star when he was young.

Wei Shufang hurried over and said that her sister was about to give birth in the hospital. She was thirty-four-five-year-old and she was the most prone to problems for older women! Qiao Zuwang didn’t care, saying which woman would not have children. Wei Shufang was so anxious that he finally dragged Qiao Zuwang out on a tricycle to the health clinic. Qiao Zuwang was talking about Dashan all the way, and almost fell asleep when he arrived.

Wei Shuying gave birth to a boy who was four catties and eight ounces, and Wei Shufang was worried when he heard this. Qiao Zuwang was happy, and said that this year is 77 years, so he named the child Qiao Qiqi, and Wei Shufang complained about it. Qiao Yicheng was learning to cook in front of the pot and stove, while the three younger siblings gathered around waiting to eat.

Suddenly, Qiao Yicheng accidentally cut his hand. The doctors and nurses suddenly became anxious, Wei Shufang began to be afraid, after all, Wei Shuying hadn’t come out yet. Qiao Zuwang was still indifferent. Aunt Wu couldn’t see it and said a few words. Wei Shuying had a big belly and had to take care of him inside and out. Even in order to save money, he went so far to have a child. He still talked to him all day long. Like a waste, Qiao Zuwang happened to talk about his sadness again.

The neighbor hurried home and took the four children to the hospital to see their mother. They said it was too late. After arriving at the hospital, the children saw Qiao Zuwangzheng tore with the doctor and gave birth to a child. How could the adults say that if they didn’t, they didn’t! The younger siblings are still ignorant, but Qiao Yicheng knows that his mother is gone. Qiao Zuwang simply made Zhang’s portrait, and Wei Shufang started crying again when he saw it. Poor sister, he hadn’t even taken a good picture in his entire life.

The neighbor asked the children to kowtow to their mother and cry a few times. The children cried so much that the room was full of tears, but Joe Yicheng did not say a word, and the neighbor said that he was hard-hearted. Uncle Qi Ziqiang brought his child Qi Weimin here. The neighbors discussed that he was originally a soldier, and then he changed his job to a well-paid car factory. Wei Shuying used to visit him often when he was there. Talking neighbors said Qi Ziqiang had any thoughts, Qiao Yicheng ran to push her when he heard it, and then burst into tears.

Wei Shufang asked Qiao Yicheng to put Wei Shuying’s portrait in the house. Qi Ziqiang took care of the newborn children. Wei Shufang asked Qiao Zuwang to take care of the family. Qiao Zuwang said that his life is hard. People from inside and outside these days are not Few people paid less, and Wei Shufang was irritated by the weird yin and yang. They were busy following these days, and they also had a lot of money. Wei Shufang asked for a tent, saying it was a thought. Wei Shuying will be cremated tomorrow, and Qi Ziqiang and Wei Shufang are thinking of adding a few dollars to make their own noodles, but Qiao Zuwang said that when people die, what urns are needed.

The next day, the health center asked Qiao Zuwang to pick up Qiao Qiqi back. Qiao Zuwang took three children to bring Qiao Yicheng out of class, saying that it was because there were too many people who were arguing. Qiao Zuwang didn’t want to pay the money, and asked them to deduct Qiao Qiqi to pay off the debt. The nurse yelled at him for being a rogue. The children cried loudly, and Qiaozu kicked him when he saw Qiao Yicheng not crying.

Qi Ziqiang and Wei Shufang rushed to pay the money and took the children back home. Wei Shufang made Qiao Zu think about returning the money to them. This was lent to him! In the evening, Wei Shufang scolded Qiao Zuwang for not being a thing, and took the children to pretend to be silly and silly. He only bought the cheapest urn with the money they posted to him. The card table, and they spent money to buy a fishy suit.

Qiao Qiqi was born without a mother, and even had a father like this, and the neighbors felt distressed. Qiao Zuwang refused to buy milk powder and milk, and asked Qiao Yicheng to put some sugar in the rice soup and feed Qiao Qiqi. The younger brothers and sisters looked around in front of the stove. After Qiao Yicheng cooked the rice soup, he carefully fed it to Qiao Qiqi, who was still in the swaddling clothes, and the younger brothers and sisters licked the soup spoon.

At night, Qiao Qiqi cried, Qiao Yicheng coaxed him, and Qiao Zuwang seemed to be unable to hear him. Early in the morning, Qiao Yicheng and Qiao Erqiang were going to school. Qiao Sanli and Qiao Simei did not sleep well, so he took Qiao Qiqi to Qiao Zuwang. Qiao Yicheng was not at ease, seeing Qiao Zuwang holding Qiao Qiqi and begging his neighbor Aunt Wu to watch for a few days before leaving. Qiao Zuwang smiled before the others, and then scolded again.

Qiao Zuwang buckled and searched the land to return a few dollars, and also said that he was worried that Qiao Qiqi would not live long and wanted Wei Shufang to support him, otherwise he would only have a dead end. But Wei Shufang’s situation is not very good either. There are also three children in their family. Qiao Zuwang finally agreed to give her seven dollars a month, and Wei Shufang took Qiao Qiqi away and said that he would find him an innocent family.

Aunt Wu said that she would make a small belly for Qiao Qiqi, and Qiao Yicheng said that he was taken to Wei Shufang’s house. The reed chicken laid an egg, and Qiao Zuwang asked Qiao Yicheng to steam it, then gave the children a little bit, and ate the rest by himself.

Qiao Erqiang said that he wanted to turn the eggs into peach crisps, so he sold the eggs, but no one came to buy them for a long time. The security officer of the neighborhood committee found him and took someone to the door to take the chicken away.

Aunt Wu took pity on them, but she made them promise to kill the chicken, drink the chicken soup and eat the meat. Qiao Zuwang was pulling the pot to find the chicken gizzards, but he didn’t know that he had been eaten by the children a long time ago. Qiao Zuwang thought it was Aunt Wu and went to quarrel with others. Qiao Yicheng, Qiao Sanli and Qiao Simei ate the chicken gorgingly, but Qiao Erqiang sat on the roof alone and cried.

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