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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 24 Recap

Li Zening came to the palace to play the piano for the Queen Mother to relieve her boredom. She took the opportunity to find Qi Yan to force her marriage. Qi Yan flatly refused. Li Zening thought he couldn’t let Cheng Ruoyu go. Qi Yan made it clear that he would not love anyone, and only usefulness and harmony in his heart There are two kinds of useless people. Li Zening reminded Qi Yan to beware of Cheng Xi and Cheng Ruoyu. He told Qiu Ziliang how he sent Cheng Xi back to Beijing with the saddle king. Qi Yan didn’t believe that Cheng Xi betrayed him, so Li Zening asked him to find him. Cheng Xi confronted.

Knowing that Cheng Xi had handed the Saddle King to Qiu Ziliang, Qiu Yanzhi had doubts about Cheng Xi’s life experience, so he went with Yan Xiu to find out about Cheng Xi’s details. Cheng Ruoyu came to see Qi Yan. Qi Yan couldn’t wait to know how King Saddle returned to Beijing. Cheng Ruoyu wanted to persuade Cheng Xi to change his mind and deliberately concealed the truth. Qi Yan was very distressed. He wanted Cheng Ruoyu to explain the truth. , Never angered her, never expected Cheng Ruoyu to lie to him.

Qiu Yanzhi came to Youxiang and asked three questions. Youxiang wrote the first answer on the paper with a pen, admitting that he is Cheng Xi’s half-brother, and that he wants the crown prince to replace Qi Yan, Qiu Yanzhi firmly believed that Qiu Ziliang would not agree to this matter. Then, Qiu Yanzhi asked about Cheng Ruoyu and Cheng Xi’s life experience to the right. On the other hand, Qiu Yanzhi asked who she was and where the emperor’s edict was. Qiu Yanzhi admitted that she was Wang Yang. Ruoqing’s grandson, the emperor’s edict is hidden in her sister’s shoes. She doesn’t know her sister’s whereabouts now, and Qiu Yanzhi has no choice but to leave.

Qi Yan was angry and didn’t eat or drink. Cheng Ruoyu was very anxious, so he rushed into the palace to visit and saw Qi Yan repeatedly wiping the bow that Li Zening gave him. Cheng Ruoyu felt very uncomfortable. Afterwards, Cheng Ruoyu delivered food to Qi Yan. Qi Yan condemned Cheng Ruoyu for betraying him. Cheng Ruoyu had to admit that Cheng Xi had handed the Saddle King to Qiu Ziliang. She wanted to find out the truth and then said that Qi Yan wanted to drive away Cheng in annoyance. Ruo Yu, she was determined not to go, Qi Yan bent her bow and set an arrow at her, Cheng Ruoyu had to kneel down and admit her mistake, Qi Yan ordered Cheng Huaizhi to take Cheng Ruoyu along.

Cheng Xi came to see Youxiang overnight and admitted that she had handed the Saddle King to Qiu Ziliang, just wanting Youxiang to make up his mind to continue their grand plan and launch a mutiny at the canonization ceremony of the emperor’s brother to completely overthrow Qi Yan, and You ignored her. Qi Yan was upset and could only practice archery over and over again. He couldn’t help but think of the past. He and Li Zening were happy, and they were about to get married in three days. The first emperor suddenly ordered Li Deyun to move south, and Qi Yan came to the first emperor to intercede. , The first emperor categorically refused, Li Zening had to follow Li Deyun to move south, and the two lovers will be on each side from this day.

Cheng Huaizhi brought Cheng Ruoyu to the Ziyi Bureau to look for Cheng Xi. Cheng Huaizhi gave Cheng Xi a severe lesson. Cheng Xi fell to his knees in fright and admitted that she was wrong. Cheng Huaizhi publicly accused her of not betraying Qi Yan, and she also engaged in countermeasures, Cheng Xi Want to explain clearly to him alone, Cheng Huaizhi didn’t listen at all. Cheng Xi was angry and asked Li Rong to chase Cheng Huaizhi away. Cheng Huaizhi had no face and went back to see Qi Yan. He was very disappointed with Cheng Xi, and then left the Ziyi Ju in tears. Cheng Xi guessed that Cheng Ruoyu had reported her to Qi Yan. Cheng Ruoyu suddenly rang the Ziyi Ju’s drum. The girls rushed to hear the news. Cheng Ruoyu gave them orders as a sword bearer, but they did not expect them to unanimously. The sword pointed at Cheng Ruoyu, and Cheng Ruoyu had to leave alone.

It was raining heavily, and Cheng Ruoyu walked in the rain, even though the cold rain hit her, she did not dodge, feeling helpless and lonely like never before. Cheng Ruoyu didn’t know where to go. Qiu Yanzhi came and called Cheng Ruoyu into the carriage. Qiu Yanzhi persuaded Cheng Ruoyu not to be sad. The girls in the Ziyi Bureau chose Cheng Xi who was kind to them at the last moment. This is understandable, Qiu Yanzhi persuades Cheng. If Yu returns to Qi Yan to help him calm the chaos, he can save Qi Yan’s heart and reveal that Li Zening exposes her in front of Qi Yan, and Qiu Yanzhi asks Cheng Ruoyu to take Liu Misha back to see Qi Yan. , Qi Yan will forgive her.

Cheng Ruoyu plucked up the courage to meet Qi Yan. Qi Yan spoke harshly to her and told her to get out of the way. Cheng Ruoyu picked up the Cuju ball on the table and threw it out, which symbolized that she had already rolled and Qi Yan didn’t buy it at all. Ruoyu promised to bring Liu Misha back for atonement.

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