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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 23 Recap

Cheng Ruoyu rushed back in time to relieve Qi Yan, bringing news that Zhang Jiang had killed Chen Yintai. Qi Yan breathed a sigh of relief. The civil and military officials looked at each other. Qiu Ziliang didn’t believe it, so he had to personally test the truth. Qiu Ziliang confirmed that he was correct, and he was rude to Li Deyun. Li Deyun did not show any weakness, and sneered at him. Qiu Ziliang gritted his teeth with anger.

Cheng Ruoyu told Qi Yan about Xia Ziyuan’s being trapped in the shogi camp. Qi Yan firmly believed that Qiu Yanzhi would not kill Xia Ziyuan, so he promised to find a way to rescue him. Qi Yan publicly announced that Li Deyun should be appointed as his servant maid and assist him in administrative work. Qiu Ziliang pretended to reciprocate to Li Deyun. At the same time, Yan Xiu quietly called out Qiu Yanzhi and listed the people that Qiu Ziliang had met recently. Among them, an ordinary woman aroused Qiu Yanzhi’s curiosity, and Yan Xiu did not find out the details of the woman. , I just found out that Qiu Ziliang went to see her last night, and Yan Xiu found a cricket in her residence.

Qiu Ziliang called the Saddle King and forced Qi Yan to canonize him as the emperor’s brother. Li Deyun strongly protested, and Qiu Ziliang overturned the tea table in a fit of anger. Three thousand talented soldiers swarmed up and surrounded the palace, Qiu Yanzhi and Yan Xiuquan watched. Qiu Ziliang claimed that the canonization of the Saddle King as the emperor’s brother would allow Guotai and the people to live in peace, and he also used memorials to force Qi Yan to sign, and Qi Yan was forced to a dead end.

Cheng Ruoyu couldn’t stand it, she called out the girls in the Ziyi Bureau, Cheng Xi led people to arrive in time, and fought with the talented army. Qiu Ziliang forced Qiyan bitterly, Cheng Ruoyu refused this for Qi Yan, Qiu Ziliang had to leave in angrily, Saddle King Qi Yan glared at Qi Yan, Qi Yan named Saddle King on the spot as the emperor’s younger brother, Qiu Ziliang smiled triumphantly, and urged Saddle King to Qi Yan. Thanks, King Saddle had no choice but to do so.

Qiu Yanzhi learned that Qiu Ziliang used Saddle King to successfully win a round. She gritted her teeth with anger and Yan Xiu concluded that the woman had sent Saddle King back. Qiu Yanzhi was not reconciled and asked Yan Xiu to investigate Liu Misha’s whereabouts. Want to use Zhenwu’s power to give Qiu Ziliang another fatal blow.

When Qi Yan saw the Saddle King who recognized the thief as his father, he couldn’t help but think of his begging to take refuge in Qiu Ziliang. He wanted to use Zhenwu’s power to suppress Qiu Ziliang. He didn’t expect Saddle King to be captured back. Liu Misha must be in danger. Qi Yan can only do it again. Waiting for the opportunity to take revenge, Cheng Ruoyu advised him not to worry too much, and the Ziyi Bureau would protect his safety at any time.

That night, Cheng Ruoyu and Qi Yan sneaked into the Shogi Camp to look for Liu Misha’s whereabouts. They came to Qiu Yanzhi’s residence. When Cheng Ruoyu saw the painting on the wall, he suddenly remembered that he had seen this painting when he was a child. She couldn’t remember where she had seen it. Cheng Ruoyu suddenly felt a splitting headache. A guard passed by outside, so Qi Yan hurriedly pulled her away.

Qi Yan and Cheng Ruoyu went to find someone separately. Cheng Ruoyu saw Qiu Yanzhi coming to find Saddle King, and forced him to ask him how to return to the capital. Saddle King admitted that Cheng Xi sent him back. Cheng Ruoyu didn’t believe it. He hurriedly rushed out to question Saddle King, but he was so eloquent, Qiu Yanzhi persuaded Cheng Ruoyu to go back and ask Cheng Xi. After Cheng Ruoyu was gone, Saddle King revealed that Cheng Xi had used Cheng Ruoyu as a dagger to gouge Qi Yan’s heart.

Cheng Ruoyu eagerly returned to the Ziyi Bureau to find Cheng Xi, and Qi Yan hurriedly left. Cheng Xi came to the Ziyi Bureau and saw from the window that the rightist came to find Cheng Xi’s theory, complaining that Cheng Xi should not bring the Saddle King back to Beijing without authorization. Cheng Xi explained that this move was to force Youxiang to make up his mind, and Youxiang had been secretly for so many years. To help Qiu Ziliang is to take this opportunity to nurture his own strength.

Cheng Xi not only helped Youxiang rebuild the Ziyi Bureau, but also cultivated the dead of Yuzhenfang, and provoked the hatred of Qiu Ziliang and Qi Yan. Unexpectedly, Youxiang was too weak. He suddenly Change your mind to help Qi Yan. Cheng Xi knew that Li Deyun was recalled back to Beijing by the right minister, and he also wanted to use Zhenwu’s elite soldiers to deter Qiu Ziliang. Li Deyun seized the opportunity to seize the power to eradicate Qiu Ziliang’s gang, but after Qi Yan married Li Zening, Li Deyun would be loyal to Qi. Yan, the plan of the rightist to usurp the throne has all come to no avail.

Cheng Xi had long discovered that Cheng Ruoyu was hiding outside the door and called her in for questioning. Cheng Ruoyu was curious about the true identity of You Xiang. Cheng Xi admitted that You Xiang was her half-brother, and Cheng Ruoyu was shocked. Up. Cheng Xi admitted that she and You Xiangxiang had joined forces to achieve a great world, and asked Cheng Ruoyu to help her accomplish her great cause. Cheng Ruoyu flatly refused, Cheng Xi stabbed her in a fit of anger, and Cheng Ruoyu bid farewell to Cheng Xi to report to Qi Yan in tears. Cheng Xi scolded Cheng Ruoyu with anger and vowed to let Cheng Ruoyu and Qi Yan die together.

Cheng Ruoyu was in a dilemma. She couldn’t bear to report Cheng Xi’s conspiracy, nor could she watch Qi Yan be kept in the dark. Cheng Ruoyu hesitated for a long time outside Qi Yan’s bedroom, and finally left in a hurry. Cheng Huaizhi saw Cheng Ruoyu’s mind. With a heavy look, he hurriedly reported to Qi Yan. Cheng Ruoyu was upset, so she had to come to Qiu Yanzhi for help, revealing to her that You Xiang and Cheng Xi are brothers and sisters, and they told her about their conspiracy to usurp the throne. Qiu Yanzhi passed various signs. Analyzing that Cheng Xi and Qi Yan have a feud, Cheng Ruoyu asked Qiu Yanzhi to help find out the three things, and promised to help her with the three things, and the two hit it off.

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