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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 22 Recap

Qiu Yanzhi was dismantled from the right to reveal her true identity. She couldn’t help but think of the past, with mixed feelings in her heart. When Cheng Ruoyu saw that Qi Yan was injured, he repeatedly apologized to him, regretting that his rescue was late, insisting on staying with him, worrying that an assassin might attack him, Qi Yan was already prepared to deal with the danger, and he didn’t want to hurt Cheng Ruo. Fish.

Qi Yan wants to go to court, not allowing Cheng Ruoyu to follow him. Cheng Ruoyu untied Xia Ziyuan and told her in detail the truth about the change of Chaolu. Qi Yan rescued Han Yue from the chaotic grave and sent him to Baizhang Temple. Xia Ziyuan didn’t believe it at all, and Cheng Ruoyu asked her to find Han Ding for confirmation. Xia Ziyuan clearly remembered that Qi Yan had stolen the Han family. She hated Qi Yan. Cheng Ruoyu condemned her for being bullying and fearful of hardship, and she didn’t dare to seek revenge from the powerful Qi Yan.

Cheng Ruoyu found out that Xia Ziyuan had old injuries. Xia Ziyuan had to admit that she was tortured by the eunuch Wang Lin in Xingzilin. She also counted this account on Qi Yan. Cheng Ruoyu saw that she was so unreasonable that she was no longer angry. Take care of her. Qi Yan had to face the next life and death situation alone, and he persuaded Qi Chen to leave the palace as soon as possible.

When Qi Chen went out to see Cheng Ruoyu and Li Zening negotiating, he left silently. Li Zening demonstrating to Cheng Ruoyu, repeatedly claimed that her father Li Deyun was discussing with Qi Yan about the important issue of sending troops to Lucong, and warned Cheng Ruoyu not to be arrogant and she was not fit to lead troops to attack Lucong. Cheng Ruoyu did not want to talk with her, so she had to go ahead. Leave. Qiu Yanzhi and Yan Xiu passed by. Seeing this scene from a distance, Qiu Yanzhi and Li Zening passed by. Li Zening learned from the maid that she was the righteous daughter of Qiu Ziliang and sneered at her.

Qi Yan and Li Deyun discussed the candidates to lead the troops to Lucong. Cheng Ruoyu suddenly broke in and asked to quell Lucong’s rebellion. Qi Yan resolutely refused to agree. Cheng Ruoyu asked Li Deyun to support her, and Li Deyun let Qi Yan. Call the shots, and then left silently. Cheng Ruoyu insisted on helping Qi Yan quell the Lucong rebellion, Qi Yan worried that she was in danger, but Cheng Ruoyu was determined.

Cheng Ruoyu wanted to take Xia Ziyuan to Lucong with him. Qiu Yanzhi came to Cheng Ruoyu to remind her not to climb Qi Yan. Cheng Ruoyu made it clear that he had handed in Taoyao bracelets. Xia Ziyuan yelled at Qiu Yanzhi. Qiu Yanzhi knocked her out in anger and asked Cheng Ruoyu to kill Xia Ziyuan. Cheng Ruoyu flatly refused. When Qiu Yanzhi learned that Cheng Ruoyu was going to Lucong, he quietly took her. He Xia Ziyuan went out of the palace.

Qiu Yanzhi sent Cheng Ruoyu and Xia Ziyuan to the suburbs and gave them a horse. Yan Xiu worried that Qiu Yanzhi would be held accountable, and drew his sword and stabbed Qiu Yanzhi in the arm. Qiu Yanzhi came back to revive Qiu Ziliang, lied that she was held by Cheng Ruoyu, and lied that Cheng Ruoyu went to Zhaoyi to find Liu Congjian’s nephew Liu Zhi. Qiu Ziliang didn’t believe it, so Yan Xiu gave him the intercepted memorial. It is stated that Liu Congjian is dead, and Liu Zhi wants to take over as Jiedu, and Qiu Ziliang scolds Liu Zhi for not being exalted.

Cheng Ruoyu and Xia Ziyuan traveled day and night, rushing to Lucong with a whip. Cheng Ruoyu saw the city dilapidated, the people’s livelihood was suffering, the town was restless, and the foreign renters looked at it. Xia Ziyuan insisted that this was Qi Yan’s incompetent fault, Cheng Ruo. Yu thinks it is because of the eunuch’s usurpation of power, Qi Yankong has ambitions and has nowhere to display it.

Qi Yan dreamed that Cheng Ruoyu was assassinated by Chen Yintai. He was frightened in a cold sweat, took out the Taoyao bracelet under the pillow and pressed it tightly to his chest, pinning his love for Cheng Ruoyu. Han Ding reported Cheng Ruoyu’s situation to Qi Yan in time. Qi Yan learned that Cheng Ruoyu had arrived at Lucong, and that someone secretly protected Cheng Ruoyu, and Qi Yan was slightly relieved.

Qiu Ziliang listened to Qiu Yanzhi’s lie and sent someone to watch Liu Zhi. Qiu Yanzhi wanted him to focus on Liu Zhi and buy time for Cheng Ruoyu. Cheng Ruoyu brought Xia Ziyuan to see Lu Cong’s guard, Chen Yintai. Chen Yintai and his generals greeted the wine, and Cheng Ruoyu explained her intentions in public. She was ordered to investigate the cause of death of Ning and Shi Quanzhong, the husband of the county lord. , The generals turned their faces on the spot, Chen Yintai hurriedly stopped them, persuading Cheng Ruoyu and Xia Ziyuan to return to the camp to rest first.

Cheng Ruoyu concluded that Chen Yintai did not dare to kill her, but she couldn’t rush to the army to contact the cronies of the county lord Ninghe, so she had to explain her intentions and let those people take the initiative to come to her. As expected, Cheng Ruoyu was sent a list of Shi Quanzhong and Ninghe princess cronies to Cheng Ruoyu that night, and asked her to meet at the Sifang Station. Chen Yintai suddenly sent someone to invite Cheng Ruoyu. Cheng Ruoyu beat them away. The masked guard took Cheng Ruoyu and Xia Ziyuan away. Cheng Ruoyu gave the name list to Xia Ziyuan so that she could meet those cronies at her station. , Cheng Ruoyu wants to return to the camp to find out the truth of what happened tonight.

When Cheng Ruoyu hurried back to the camp, he learned that Chen Yintai was killed by Zhang Jiang, and Lu Cong’s rebellion was put down. Qiu Ziliang heard that Chen Yintai had received Cheng Ruoyu. He was furious and severely taught Qiu Yanzhi, Yan Xiu and Wang Lin, accusing them of incorrect intelligence. Cheng Ruoyu and Xia Ziyuan rushed back home with meals and sleepless nights, avoiding the secret guards of the Shogi camp along the way. When they arrived at the gate of Heng’an City, the two-month deadline had expired. The secret path enters the shogi camp to escape Qiu Ziliang’s chase.

Qi Yan went to court on time. The civil and military officials unanimously demanded that Li Deyun be held accountable. Qi Yan never said a word. Qiu Ziliang forced Qi Yan to fulfill his promise and dismissed Li Deyun. Qi Yan wanted to punish himself and take responsibility for Li Deyun. Qiu Ziliang strongly opposed it, on the pretext that this would disrupt the law of Daxing. Qi Yan claimed that he was the law.

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