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Trial Marriage 试婚99天 Episode 2 Recap

At the general meeting of shareholders of the Mirae Group, Ye Chengshu first cut and then announced the continuation of the redevelopment project of Mulin Town that had been suspended. It turned out that Mulin Town was the hometown of his father Ye Nanchuan, and it was his father’s last wish to transform Mulin Town. Ye Chengshu intended to transform Mulin Town into an intangible cultural heritage tourism town, but Jiang Wenbin opposed it.

Jiang Wenbin asked Ye Chengshu to pull the investment before the next board of directors, otherwise the project will be terminated. At this time, Gu Huaiheng ordered Gu Lingse to find the new type of human house drawings designed by Ye Nanchuan before his death, and threatened the safety of Lingse’s biological mother Mu Qiuhui. Gu Lingse could only temporarily agree. Ye Chengshu saw Gu Lingse’s situation in the Gu family at the Gu family banquet, and the troubles of her half-sister Gu Peiya. He felt compassion for the cold and hot Gu Lingse outside, so he defended Gu Lingse everywhere.

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