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Trial Marriage 试婚99天 Episode 1 Recap

At the real estate industry summit, Gu Lingse, the current president of Dingzhuang Group, officially announced that it would start a comprehensive acquisition plan to expand its commercial territory. After receiving the news, the acting chairman of the Mirae Group, Jiang Wenbin, urgently summoned Ye Chengshu, the son of the founder of the Group, Ye Nanchuan, to return to China. Gu Lingse used this to reach an agreement with Jiang Wenbin-99 days of engagement with Ye Chengshu to achieve their business goals.

Gu Lingse’s suitor, Quan Zimo, was shocked when he heard the news, and he spoke impulsively, which affected the share prices of the two groups. In order to prove their love, Gu Lingse took the initiative to live in Ye Chengshu’s home. Ye Chengshu was nervous to “cohabit” with a woman who had only seen two sides, and called Jiang Han’s son Jiang Han for help. Gu Lingse overheard the conversation and felt that Ye Chengshu was simple and funny, deliberately teasing, but accidentally fell into the bath with Ye Chengshu, and accidentally kissed each other.

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